Vibram® Furoshiki Running Shoe Review

Text by: Léa Saint-Laurent

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Whether you’re a barefoot enthusiast or not, Vibram has come back once more with a new elaborate unisex design created by Masaya Hashimoto. I assure you that you will come to love the Vibram FiveFingers Furoshiki shoe for more than their snazzy appearance once you let your feet slip inside.

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Our review of this product
8.8 / 10

The pros are:

No movement restriction

Compact & lightweight

Easy maintenance

The cons are:

Low breathability

Gradual transition from non-minimalist shoes a must

Coming from the concept of the traditional Japanese packaging wrap, Furoshiki, the shoe ties itself around the top of your foot with little or no pressure at all. Wrap & go! They are very lightweight and can be rolled up into their little carrying case to be brought anywhere, on any journey.


With a sole of only 5mm thick, you’ll feel every nook & crannies on your walkabout. This can either be a good or a bad thing, depending on the experience you want to encounter with a shoe.

They come in a few of funky tones, as well as black or a denim print. For their upkeep, throw them in the wash (cold or tepid water) & hang dry. Bam! You’re good to go! Wish you could freshen up all of your shoes, don’t you?

Furoshiki Comfort & Fit

If you have not previously been convinced about going barefoot, I’m sure you’d be gladly owning a pair of these babies knowing that if you tend to have inflamed feet or if you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience a mild foot injury – they’ll still feel great on! It’s like barely wearing anything at all.

They are conceived to have an anatomical fit on any foot type & its sole comes to envelopes around the entire foot technically speaking. They allow natural movement without restraint for every stride you make, while also having a comparable comfort to being tucked in a soft/stretchy blanket. It’s like mini hammocks for your feet. At least from my perspective. They have become my everyday shoe from the moment I tried them on. If my feet could talk, they’d say that it was meant to be!


Shoe sizing works by XS / S / M / L / XL. To select the right size you will have to measure the actual size of your foot in centimetres and add a centimetre to that. Take into account that if you prefer something a bit loose compared to your actual size once you do the comparison, you’ll maybe want to go a size up.

Furoshiki Size Unisex EURO Foot Length
XS 36-37 21.5-22.5cm
SM 38-39 23.0-24.0cm
M 40-41 24.5-25.5cm
L 42-43 26.0-27.0cm
XL 44-45 27.5cm

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Furoshiki for Activities?

Vibram describes the shoe being for everywhere you go and everything you do. I’ve tried going on long walks, bike rides & even running with them and, as expected, I am more than content with the result. I do believe, as any other barefoot user, that these would still be great for hiking.

Running in the Furoshiki

Barefoot runners, hear me out! I wasn’t sure if I’d feel good running with these rubbery cloth foot wraps because I usually run in FiveFingers. They are both minimalist shoe, but there is a crucial difference. You get more of a grip from every single toe with the FiveFingers, whereas I felt like with the Furoshiki missed that dynamic for running. I felt like the absence slowed me down a bit with them. It might just be a question of getting used to the difference though. I would still use the Furoshiki alternatively for running.

Negative Points

I can’t really think of any negative points to the Furoshiki other than they’re a bit less breathable than I had anticipated. By that, I mean that they take a bit longer to dry when damp or wet. Otherwise, I feel like they are something you get used to and that makes you feel better – just like kale.

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There is 48 thoughts on this article titled “Vibram® Furoshiki Running Shoe Review”.

  1. What about for elderly, semi-mobile woman whose feet are chronically swollen and can’t keep “regular” shoes on? She almost always wears socks which can be thick or slightly thinner if necessary.

    1. Hi Shannon, the Furoshiki shoes are meant to be worn without socks and are ideal for those type of people who like minimalist shoes. If the person in question often has swollen feet and prefers to be barefooted, the shoes could be a good idea just be sure to choose the appropriate size so you don’t end up with a shoe that is too tight and restricting. The sizes are done in small, medium and large so you need to know your foot length in order to find the correct size.

    1. Hi Angel, a size 13 US is equivalent to the XXL which we do not stock unfortunately. You may be best off shopping from Vibram online.

  2. hi im still in school and was wondering if they would be good for things like that cause i ride i’m also going on a camp soon with mountain biking and rock climbing etc . would they be good for that to

    1. Hey Jacko, I wouldn’t suggest the Furoshiki for moutnain biking as you generally want a shoe with a stiff sole so that your foot isn’t folding over the pedal. The Furoshiki shoes are like being barefoot so casual riding around town may be okay if you like to have that feeling although it may not be recommended. As for rock climbing, they will be a close fit like a regular climbing shoe although the sole is not be as durable or supportive as a regular rock climbing shoe. For this, they wouldn’t be recommended for technical climbs as they are designed to give the feeling of being barefoot.

  3. I bought a pair in Hawaii for use at beach and hiking. Beach was a disaster. Water and sand and the Velcro came undone. Took on hike to use in water crossing. In middle of stream with very little current strap came totally undone. I give this shoe about a 2. Probably only good on a long flight on plane walking to and from restroom

  4. Hello, I am planning to buy furoshiki , I like it’s design very much and I want to wear during water festival in myanmar.
    Kindly advice me it’s still convience in water or not?Thanks.

    1. Hello there, the shoes can been worn in the water although they do take some time to try. If you do decide to wear them, make sure you hang dry them long enough that they are fully dry inside. Wearing the shoes if they are still a little damp may create a unpleasant, damp odor.

    1. Hey Ethan, one of our staff has a pair and has washed hers a couple of times since purchasing them. We recommend washing them by hand or on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. It is very important that you let them dry very well so that they don’t retain any humidity and start to smell funky. I hope this helps!

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