Seeing Down Insulation Through Fabrics

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Jackets, Sleeping Bags. Seeing Down Insulation Through Fabrics

Down insulation is becoming an insulation staple in a range of products from sleeping bags and duvets to jackets and vests. With its impressive warmth to weight ratio, it’s no surprise that down insulated products are more and more popular among minimalist outdoor adventurers and rank high on expedition packing lists.

While down products are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts, they are just as popular among city dwellers. No matter what your hobbies and interests are, everyone loves a warm, light down coat on a frigid day.


Visible Insulation

Like anything, there are different ways to design down products and there are different fabrics that can be used. Some down products are made with thinner or lighter coloured materials compared to others and in these cases, it is possible to see the down insulation through the fabric.

This by no means is a sign that the particular garment is of a lesser quality, but that the fabric being used may be slightly thinner compared to other fabrics or is just a lighter colour.

If you really do not want the down insulation of your product being visible through the fabric, it may be recommended to shop for darker fabrics like navy or black. In most cases, the down insulation is less likely to be visible through the darker fabrics so you shouldn’t have any problems. In saying this, it is still possible that you can shop for a lightly coloured product with down insulation and not have the insulation be visible through the fabric.

At the end of the day, it is normal that the down insulation is visible on some products. As mentioned above, it is not a sign of a lesser quality product so do not worry that you have just received a cheaply made item. Who knows, maybe transparent, down insulated coats will become a fashion trend in a few years.


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