Volcom Jeans & Chinos: Good For More Than Just Skateboarding

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Volcom. Volcom Jeans & Chinos: Good For More Than Just Skateboarding

Volcom is more than just a surf, skateboard or snowboard brand; it is all three and then some under one name! The company strives to produce apparel, outerwear, footwear and accessories that are not only comfortable and look great, but enhance one’s experiences in life. Volcom is about living the lifestyle and enjoying the journeys that come along with the board sports we choose to love.


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One of Volcom’s assets is their understanding and dedication to producing products that work. Products that are reliable and won’t fall apart no matter how much wear-and-tear it gets and Volcom’s Fall 2016 denim and chinos collection is no exception.

Volcom’s main focus when producing their denim is producing a product that is as durable and reliable as the denim that was worn in the old days by miners. These guys worked hard and their denim jeans did too!

Although Volcom isn’t necessarily producing denim jeans for miners, they are producing denim jeans and chinos too for skateboarders who shred hard and needs pants that can take a beating. These products are slammed into the hard cement of the skatepark, the road and even encounter some rain and yet, they hold up.

Volcom has been producing denim jeans and chinos for over 20 years now and continue to offer the same high-quality, comfortable yet durable products. Their time spent on the road with the Volcom Stone Skate Team has had a large impact on the development and production of the jeans and chinos because they see first hand the beating that these products are taking.




What Makes Volcom Denim Jeans and Chinos So Great?

Not only do they look and feel great, there is a lot of thought put into their design and production.

Water Resistance: Not every day is going to be blue skies and singing birds so Volcom has ensured that their pants whether they be their denim or their pants, all are water resistant. The journey doesn’t stop when the rains come.

Superior Stretch: Skateboarding involves a lot of moving and lack of mobility poses a huge problem and can be risky. For this reason, Volcom uses several technologies to ensure superior stretch to enable wearers to move freely and comfortably.

Anti-Microbial: There isn’t always a chance to do laundry every day after every shred and you can’t always smell likes roses and rainbows so the anti-microbial is a must! These technologies inhibit bacteria from forming and growing so the stench stays away so go ahead and wear your favourite jeans all week long!

Durability: Skateboarders shred hard and when mistakes happen, they hit hard too. Volcom’s denim jeans and pants are made with technologies weaved into the fibers. These technologies produce durable products that can handle all the wear-and-tear that is thrown their way.

More Than Just a Pair of Pants

Volcom creates their denim and pants with skateboarding in mind but you don’t have to be a skateboarder to wear them and love them. Shop Volcom if you’re looking for denim and pants that work and are tough enough for your lifestyle. 

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