A Weekend Trip to Parc de la Mauricie

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Travel. A Weekend Trip to Parc de la Mauricie

A few weeks ago, Armando ventured to Parc de la Mauricie with is wife, his son Luca and Louis and his wife and son. The two families spent two nights at the park and stayed in one of the Chalets which is located right at the side of Lac à la Pêche. The lake views are very serene and are the perfect weekend escape to tranquility for the family.


They arrived on a Friday night and enjoyed a fresh 3km walk along a small dirt road along the side of the lake. There were a few small hills along the way and pushing a three and a half year old in a stroller made the last hill a little painful.

There are three ways to access the chalet, one being to walk, two being to take a canoe if you have your own and three being to take the chalet van. Unfortunately they arrived a little too late and missed the chalet van so walking it was!

Upon arriving at the Chalet they met Mark who is the caretaker of the chalet. Mark keeps the fire going inside to keep the cozy atmosphere of the chalet and answers any questions the guests may have. That first night, Armando and his family along with Louis and his, enjoyed a peaceful evening inside the cozy chalet next to the fire.


Saturday morning the crew woke up to a calm and picturesque lake view and headed out for a walk along the lake to enjoy the fresh air and nature. About 400m from the chalet is a small sandy beach so the families ended up there and played with the little ones.


After a quick lunch back at the chalet of sausage roasted over the fire, they headed out for a day in the canoes. They spent around 3 to 4 hours out on the water and enjoyed the lake serenity.


Sunday morning was another beautiful morning in nature and Armando set out for a trail run to check out some of the surrounding trails. He ventured up a portage path from Lac à La Pêche and made his way along a small creek which led to another smaller lake.


After another tranquil day in nature, the families enjoyed the lake view one last time. While watching the lake from the chalet deck, they even caught a glimpse of a canoe full of tourists making their way around the lake.


For a peaceful break from the chaos of city life, take your family for a weekend retreat to Parc de la Mauricie. Almost a two hour drive from Montreal if you beat the rush hour traffic, you can breathe in fresh air lake side in no time!

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