Weekends Are For Beer Tasting in Montreal

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Montreal is a bustling city with plenty going on 24/7 whether it be a festival, a parade, a special one-day event, concerts and even spontaneous unorganized, organized events such as Tam-tams. With all these happenings it’s hard to get bored in Montreal and yet, sometimes we do! Making plans that suit all your friends can sometimes be more of a headache than a good time but don’t fret, with a little imagination, Montreal can be your oyster!

Discoveries To Be Made

Have you ever noticed all the craft beer bottles in the deppaneurs? Yah, there’s a lot of them! That’s a lot of microbreweries within Quebec and you haven’t checked out any!

We forget how much there is to discover and may not venture out of our own neighbourhoods. In the last month you may have been to the same bar every week and drank the same pint of beer. That’s all fun and casual but what about if you’re missing an unreal pint just one block over?!

This weekend, gather some friends, map out a route and plan a safe means of transportation. The forecast is calling for sun and more sun so if you’re up for it, you can do a walking tour; work for that beer! Other options are ubers or taxis, a designated driver (although who wants to drive around and look for parking every hour or so…) or by bike. If you choose to go by bike, remember: safety first. Take a helmet and remember, drinking while biking is just as bad as drinking while driving so be wary of your limit.


Here is our suggested Labour Day weekend brewery tour for you and your mates:


  • Station Host

    located @ 1494 Rue Ontario Est


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    Start in the Village at this little rustic pub. With their brewery located in Lanaudière, Station Host was establish 7 years ago so that the Montrealers could enjoy the brews too.

    Try one from their wide selection of Hopfenstarks; Belgium-inspired beers like the Boson de Higgs or an English beer like the Kamarad. For the sweeter ones, try La Framboise for a fruity pint. If you’ve been dragged on this brewery tour but aren’t a beer fan, no problem! Station Host also has a selection of wines and ciders so you can get the palette wet as well. Should the crew wish to mix it up for the first stop, why not dive into the whisky menu! While you’re here tasting a few bubbles, keep the tummy happy and don’t forget to try their house hummus or the Flammekueche.


  • Saint-Houblon

    located @ 1567 Rue Saint-Denis

    Next stop on the list is over to Saint-Denis. Settle down in this cozy pub and drool over their extensive beer menu. If you’re not sure where to start, ask one of their helpful staff who will happily navigate you through the beer menu.

    They’ve got everything from light beers like the Berliner Melon at 3.7% to strong beers like the Oxy at 9.3%. You’ll have no problem finding a little something to satisfy everyone’s beer tongue! Once again, for the non-beer drinker or maybe you just want to mix it up a little, check out their wine menu or take a peak at their cocktail menu too. When the hunger hits, or maybe you’re really not that hungry but you’ve heard about it and can’t leave without trying it, get the poutine. Eat it to yourself or share with your buds, you can’t leave without trying it!


  • Le Saint Bock

    located @ 1749 Rue Saint-Denis


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    Making your way up Saint-Denis, you can’t miss this stop and their bible of beer. Settle in and flip through through the bible until you find a winner!

    Start small with the 77 Lager from Scotland and work your way up to the stronger beers such as the Abt 12 and the 10 from Belgium. Travel the world by beer with brews from Scotland, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark and more! You’ll have to come back weekend after weekend until you’ve sipped the bible from cover to cover. While you’re trying new things, why not have a little bite of the beer-fried pickles or a bowl of beer-fried olives served hot. Beer, beer everywhere!


  • Réservoir

    located @ 9 Avenue Duluth Est


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    Onwards to the next stop! Rue Duluth is a mega funky street so wander off the busy streets and venture along for the full Duluth experience. You’ll be soaking up some rays on their rooftop patio while sampling some beers in no time.

    This quaint, little pub offers a wide selection of beers and is also vegetarian friendly! With tasty artisanal beers and snacks to choose from, it is the perfect addition to your brewery tour. Sip on L’ Hercule de Charlevoix while nibbling through their cheese plate and finish with the cream ale churros. Sweet, salty and bubbly, mmmm!

  • Benelux Brew Pub

    located @ 245 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest


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    Last but not least, finish your tour with some dim lighting surrounded by the aromas of beer. Once you’re finished with your tasting you can venture around downtown Montreal and even head to the Old Port for a look at the Fleuve!

    Finish your tour with a selection of beers ranging from 4.3% to 8%. Their microbrews are regularly rotated so come back again and again for some new flavours. Introduce your palette to the Benelux brews with the Oblblique and work your way up to the Sabotage and the Périskop. While you’re there, you won’t want to miss the Benelux EuroDogs so order a few and try them out too!


What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t let the long weekend pass you by without any exciting adventures. Who knows, you may stumble upon your new favourite, neighbourhood microbrewery! Get out and explore but remember to be smart and explore safely. There are oodles of microbreweries to be discovered in Montreal so pick a neighbourhood and go!

Banner photo by alexgmoney @ J. Wakefield Brewing

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