Women’s Norrøna Wool Base Layers Reviewed

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Norrona, Ski & Snowboard. Women’s Norrøna Wool Base Layers Reviewed


Finding the perfect pair of base layers that fit just right and are as comfortable as they are warm is a bonus and with the Norrøna wool base layer set, I was pretty impressed.  I first tested these base layers during a weekend of ski touring at High Camp Turtagrø and they quickly became my go-to set of base layers.

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Our review of this product
9.75 / 10

The pros are:

  • Odour resistant
  • Comfortable material – soft next to skin
  • Warm & breathable

The cons are:

  • Waist can be slightly loose – I usually wear a women’s small and find the bottoms can slide down, although this is only an issue after skiing. I haven’t had issues while wearing under my snow pants but could be a good point to try a size down.

First Thoughts

For me the most important thing about a set of base layers in the fit. You want something that fits snug so you can layer easily but not so tight that you can barely bend over to do up your ski boots. It’s also a plus if they are somewhat stylish so you aren’t embarrassed to show them off at the après ski festivities. 

My wool base layer set is purple and I love the colour. I used to have black ski pants but this year I have an olive green and the purple still fits just perfect. Of course, this is the least of worries for some people but if you are worried about looks, Norrøna has a great selection of colours to choose from for the women’s and men’s model.

Fit & Style

The fit and style are simple and can be comfortably worn under layers without chafing or bunching. I like how Norrøna has chosen a wide elastic waistband for the bottoms which is comfortable around the waist. There’s nothing worse than a thin or too tight waistband that digs into your sides underneath the waistband of your ski pants.

The sleeves on the top as well as the legs also have very long cuffs which I also really like. Although there are no thumb holes for the top, the length is long enough to keep your wrists protected and covered while your hands are inside your gloves or mittens. And for the bottoms, the snug fit of the ankle keep the pants legs from bunching inside your socks or boots.


I have worn these base layers now in a variety of conditions and temperatures from Blue Bird day in Norway to windy, snowstorms in Quebec and I have zero complaints about the performance. During my stay in Norway, I wore these same base layers for each day of skiing (without washing in between) and without surprise, they were odour-free thanks to the wool materials used. I put this material to the test on another weekend away while skiing in the Chic Chocs without washing and again, no problems with odour. If you are going on a multi-day trip with no means of cleaning your gear, wool is definitely the way to go.

As for warmth, I’m quite a warm person when it comes to outdoor activities and tend to overlayer with the fear of being too cold. With these wool base layers.  I can easily enjoy a day of touring or evening of snowboarding with minimal layers.

When it comes to moisture control as well, these base layer sdo a great job at keeping me comfortable and dry. Having been a skier all my life, I have decided to learn to snowboard this season and as beginners will know, it can become very hot and frustrating really quickly. On an evening at Bromont when temperatures were +7 and I was on my first day of snowboarding, even after working up a sweat trying to get up and figure out th emagic of snowboarding, by the time I reached the bottom, my body temperature was regulated and I didn’t feel damp and cold or too hot.

Overall Opinion

Overall, it’s no surprise that merino wool is becoming the favourite material for base layers. Norrøna’s wool base layer set keeps you warm and comfortable whether you’re out for a day of ski touring in the backcountry or enjoying a night at the mountain for laps after work.

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