YETI Panga Submersible Duffel 50 Reviewed

Text by: Raphaëlle Rousseau

YETI. YETI Panga Submersible Duffel 50 Reviewed

We took advantage of the longest days of the year to stay in the Poisson Blanc Regional Park, a breathtaking territory where you can wander in the huge reservoir of over 85km2 which offers individual island camping sites accessible by canoe.

Since I never leave without my camera, I needed 100% waterproof luggage to enjoy this weekend on the water without worrying too much. I took the opportunity to test my new YETI Panga 50 submersible bag, perfect for lugging my camping and photography gear.


Our review of this product

The pros are:

  • Submersible (for real)
  • Extremely robust
  • Padded loops
  • Ideal travel format
  • Beautiful technical and refined look

The cons are:

  • Not the most comfortable when used as a backpack
  • Lack of sections inside

The Yeti Panga Duffle Bag 50 has a volume of 50 liters as the name suggests. I chose it as it is the only one in the Panga series to be able to enter the overhead compartment in an airplane. I was worried that it would not contain a lot of material and I was surprised to realize that there was still a lot of room inside when I had packed clothes for all kinds of temperatures, my toiletry and first aid kits and my photo equipment. This bag contains a lot, but like any duffle, it does not have many interior compartments, making objects more difficult to access. On the other hand, there are two inside pockets on the sides that provide quick access to everyday essentials such as keys, wallet or swimsuit to celebrate our arrival at base camp!

THE thing you feel when you take this bag in your hands is how sturdy and resistant it is, without being heavy. The laminated nylon of which it is composed seems indestructible and impossible to scratch. I have the impression that it would take several fangs of wolves to get through it, but by chance, we did not cross any.

My favorite feature, however, is officially the waterproofness of this bag, which keeps laundry and electronics completely dry, a reason that motivates you to travel lighter as you do not need to pack up a bunch of spare equipment. Speaking of lightness and impermeability, the geniuses behind this product have thought of everything: an impenetrable zip with a hole at the end (called U-Dock) that allows you to take out all the air in the bag to make it 100% airtight. By weighing on the Panga so as to compact all of its content, all the air inside comes out of the U-Dock. Then when the zipper is sealed, no drop can penetrate it, as tiny as it is.

The downside of this bag is the lack of comfort on the back as only the loops are padded and no reinforcement is present in the back. In addition, as I am a bit small (5 feet 4 inches), the bag reaches my buttocks even when the loops are tight on the shoulders, which makes it less stable on the back when you walk with it. On the other hand, the numerous straps present everywhere on the bag allow different catches to be able to move it efficiently and comfortably. So just take this bag for what it offers: the best tote for amphibian expeditions and not a hiking backpack!

Finally, this is duffle with a technical and refined look, a real head turner. With its robust aesthetic, it impresses and for a good reason: is it a piece of beautiful, practical and indestructible luggage that assures you to keep your equipment dry whatever the wild destination you’re planning to reach. Thank you YETI, the Panga will definitely travel the world under my arm!


Author: Raphaëlle Rousseau

Raphaëlle Rousseau is a storyteller based in Montreal who craves outdoor adventures and travels to keep inspired. She cofounded the content agency Content Content where she creates photo, video and written content and web strategies for a living. Her spirit animal is the otter and the smell of balsam makes her go nuts. She believes in durable goods, leaving a campsite better than when you arrive, and caring about humans as well as the environment. Follow her adventures online → @raphrouss

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