YETI Tundra 65 Cooler Reviewed

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When the weekend hits and the weather is looking good, it’s hard to say no to a weekend of camping and luckily this time around we have the YETI Tundra 65 to put to the test. With the Tundra 65, space is never an issue so we are free to load up on our camp favourites and still have a little extra space for the important items: fresh beers and breakfast sausages. 

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Our review of this product

The pros are:

  • Ice remained intact for over 24 hours 
  • 4 Bearfoot™ non-slip feet on the bottom 
  • Easy to use locking system
  • The additional basket inside 
  • Vortex™ drain system 
  • Grizzly-bear proof

The cons are:

  • Heavy once full (but what do you expect from a 65)
  • Easy to clean although white can become dirty quick and can be tricky to wipe away

The first impression of the YETI Tundra 65 was “wow, it’s big…” I found it was a little bit bigger than I expected it to be but, to be honest, the added space is always convenient because there is nothing worse than a cooler that won’t stay closed. Unsurprisingly it was quite heavy even while empty but this was a sure sign that you knew this thing was quality made. 

If you are looking for a cooler and the 65 is far too large or too small, the Tundra is available in multiple colours and sizes including a 35, a 45, a 50, a 75 and a 105.

While we often opt to camp at spots that are accessed by a short hike, a few weekends of glamping are necessary every now and again and the Tundra 65 is the perfect companion. After a quick grocery shop, we headed to the car to load up the cooler with the weekend’s supplies. Usually, cooler Tetris can be a long process but thanks to the size and depth of the cooler, this Tetris field was no match for us. 

I was thankful for the basket which can be removed if needed and was incredibly convenient. There’s nothing worse than losing your bag of spices in the cooler only to find it a few hours later fully waterlogged. This basket was the perfect spot to keep spices, butter and other small items that were needed regularly.

When you’re camping in the woods, the risk of wildlife encounters is always heightened so knowing that the Tundra 65 is IGBC Certified Bear Resistant is a relief especially if you are headed into grizzly territory. With that said, it is important to still follow backcountry camping protocols and set up your camp accordingly so you don’t end up with any unwanted visitors in the night. 

As I said, there’s nothing worse than a cooler that won’t stay shut so the T-Rex™ lid latches are a saviour. We didn’t have any problems with over packing but if you are one to overshop at the grocery store or are set on keeping the entire 6-pack in the cooler, these handles are great. Pair these latches with the Interlock™ lid system and you have yourself a durable cooler and lid duo that is sure to accompany you on many adventures in the future. These hinges are also no match for kids or someone who is in and out of the cooler constantly.

Most coolers have plastic handles that are often very thin and inconvenient to carry. When you’re carrying the cooler for a long distance, they can really start to hurt your hands as well. YETI makes their Tundra collection with Lipgrip™ handles as well as YETI’s Doublehaul™ handles. Having the option is great and makes carrying the cooler solo or with a second set of hands even easier.  Thanks to the military-grade polyester rope, there’s no need to worry about the handle ripping.

Highlights of this cooler include and the fact that after nearly 48 hours, we still had two full bags of ice with minimal draining to be done (less than a cup). Even with multiple in and outs into the cooler throughout the weekend our food and drinks stayed fresh for the entire trip. Tundra bonus: if you’re ever short on camp chairs, it makes a great seat for surprise guests or a stool for tying up tarps when the rains come. 

If you’re still thinking to yourself “damn, that cooler is burly but so is that price tag,” it’s an investment worth making.  If you’re an outdoor fanatic with a growing bucket list and a need for a durable cooler as tough as your adventures, look no further than the YETI Tundra 65.


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