ZERØGRAND Outerwear: Mountain Hardwear X Cole Haan’s Collaboration

Text by: Marie-Christine Lessard

Mountain Hardwear. ZERØGRAND Outerwear: Mountain Hardwear X Cole Haan’s Collaboration

Two giants from the industry – Mountain Hardwear and Cole Haan – united their expertise and came up with a fall collection combining both brands knowledge: technical clothing and urban fashion. One thing is for sure: we – at Altitude Sports – were particularly excited about this collab, since it represents exactly the vision we have about our future projects and the blending between city and nature.
The ZERØGRAND Outerwear Collection is crafted to resist the weather and elements on the mountain, but is truly made to face Canadian and American cities winters. In other words; you can wear the jacket in Mont-Tremblant, but it will be even better while exploring New York City in the middle of January.

The collaboration was the perfect occasion for both companies. On one side, Mountain Hardwear got the chance to showcase its products great technical capacities to a larger public – while Cole Haan was able to stand out from its competitors with offering urban clothing that were resistant to the elements.
A unique collection that will satisfy the needs of urban explorers – who wants to stay stylish and classy, without compromising on comfort and performance.

ZERØGRAND Outerwear offers a great selection of jackets, bags, shoes and accessories that represents the combination of Mountain Hardwear and Cole Haan’s expertise. By using high performance technologies developed my Mountain Hardwear – like the Dry Q. fabric and the Q. Shield or Thermal Q. Elite insulation materials – and the urban design brought by Cole Haan, you really get the best of both worlds.

Altitude-sports.com went crazy for the jackets – but you can see the rest of the collection right here.

And by the way, Altitude-sports.com is the only place where you can buy items from ZERØGRAND Outerwear online, in Canada.

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