Whether you’re headed to the ski hill for a day of skiing, you’re taking the dog for a walk or you’re at the park making snow balls and snowmen, a warm and durable pair of gloves is essential. Something that will protect your fingers from the icy bite of the snow and will also remain dry so you can finish your snowman without being interrupted by soggy gloves.

Kombi Men’s The Timeless GTX Gloves are the perfect fit for anyone looking for a warm, durable and waterproof pair of gloves. They are insulated with PrimaLoft® lightweight which incorporates a breathable microfiber providing optimal warmth on even the coldest days.

The gloves are weather proofed with GORE-TEX® which protects your hands from all the elements but is also breathable so your hands stay fresh. +Gore warm technology is also implemented into the gloves offering you the most from your winter glove experiences.
*Photo Credit: Little Miss Mama

If you’re worried about clammy hands do not worry! The Timeless GTX Gloves are designed with a naturally wicking, antimicrobial wool blend liner which not only provides exceptional insulation, but also regulates your body heat. This liner will keep your hands from sweating and catching a chill as any moisture that may become present is easily wicked away.

For those chilly days where no matter how hard you try, a runny nose cannot be avoided, the gloves are equipment with a nose wipe too. This is handy for those moments when a piece of tissue is nowhere to be seen and your nose feels like it’s leaking like a tap.
Other convenient features on the gloves include a tightening toggle on the top of the sleeves as well as a strap at the wrist. The tightening toggle at the top of the sleeve allows you to tighten the glove to keep snow from entering inside. A tightening strap at the wrist enables a secure fit so the glove stays in place and won’t slip off when you throw a snowball.

There is also a clip on each glove which makes it easier to keep them together. As we all know, losing a glove or sock can be a real pain.

The Timeless GTX Gloves are warm and durable but also offer a classy look. This versatility makes them ideal for a variety of winter activities and even look good paired with a nice winter coat for a stroll through town on a winter night.

*Cover Photo Credit: Little Miss Mama