A Finely Polished Jewel: Arc’teryx Epsilon SV Hoody tested by Véro


What is up outdoor people!

My name is Véro, and I have recently started working at Altitude-sports.com in the awesome marketing department. As my favorite mug portrays, I am a sports junky; I have played soccer since I am a kid, flag football, and competitive volleyball, done cross country running and skiing, to name a few.

Although I love outdoor sports, all my life, I have despised the feeling of being cold. I often blame this on my half-asian warm blood, but having just entered the wonderful world of outdoor apparel, I have discovered that the culprit is none other than my ill-advised outfits. Pouncing around with my midriff half exposed as a consequence of my stylish garments, wearing cotton base layers and faux suede winter boots (that can hardly be qualified as boots), I am the nightmare of any outdoor enthusiast. Fortunately, working in an outdoor company has allowed me to discover the magical benefits of technical wear, especially when I am outside in Fall playing my favourite sport: ultimate frisbee. For this review, I will be testing out the Arcteryx Epsilon SV Hoody in the cold, rain and wind.

If you are like me and wondering what in the world is a softshell anyways?! Here is a quick explanation: when a shell (like a rain jacket for example) makes love to a fleece (you know the super soft breathable cozy material), tada! You have yourself a softshell, which combines the neat attributes of resisting to water from the outside, all the while allowing you to evacuate the humidity created from your body.

Here are the criterions I will test out for you guys:

1)      Resistance to the elements
2)      Breathability
3)      Insulation
4)      Fit and build
5)      Key attributes

My ratings

1)      Resistance to the elements (rain and wind) 7/10
2)      Breathability 8/10
3)      Insulation 6/10
4)      Fit and build (stitching, wear and tear) 9/10
5)      Key attributes (hoody, pockets, softness) 9/10

OVERALL 7.8/10

– Véro

Véro has been working in the marketing team since the summer of 2010. She is a sport fanatic and put lots of energy in all of her projects. She has an Art Toy collection, which is displayed on her desk, and has found to be awesome brainstorming partners (they never criticise a crazy idea). To stay on top of all the new trends, Véro loves to read blogs and videos, but what she really prefers is watching an awesome ultimate frisbee highlight video!

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