Very Special Delivery: Part I Mont-Tremblant

What’s the craziest delivery story you’ve heard? Imagine yourself having placed an order on our website thinking that your package will be delivered by a busy UPS driver 5 days later. That’s the way it usualy goes right? Now imagine that UPS driver actually being one of our great staff at delivering that very same package directly on your door-step! That could never happen…or could it? Well, my wonderful friends, that is exactly what you are about to witness!

My name is Amy de Bruyne, and I am a part of the Special Delivery Team at in Mont-Tremblant, QC.  Anywhere you are, you choose Special Delivery and I’ll go personally deliver your order to you. No, no, no! That’s not quite the way it works. On April 23rd I was doing my routine shipping for the website as I came across an order going to Smithers, B.C., which is one of the most beautiful places in B.C. to live, may I add. I grew up in Smithers, and my mother still lives there. So I thought to myself, why not make a special delivery all the way across the country to Northern B.C.? Over the weekend I pondered over this idea and made a decision. I decided to hitch-hike 4,636 km across Canada to deliver this order (which ironically is a tent! How practical.)

So today, April 28th, I taped up the box, and hit the road. I went onto highway 117 passing through Mont-Tremblant and tried out my hitch-hiking skills.

I must say I was quite disappointed. No one would pick me up! So now I’ve purchased 3 plane tickets and I’m hauling my husband and 2 small kids across this massive country we call home to deliver this tent to Mr. Coldwell in beautiful Smithers B.C. Of course we will take advantage of the fact that we’re there and stay a while and visit. So thank you Mr. Coldwell. for being a dedicated customer of ours. In return I will make the journey across Canada and hand deliver your beautiful tent right to your door!

Stay tuned for the rest of the journey….

Link of Map from Mon-Tremblant QC to Smithers B.C.

Amy Altitude

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