If you’re like me, you cannot function properly without your daily dose of caffeine so having a good insulated cup is vital. After all, what’s better than sipping hot coffee to start the day off right?

Isothermal mugs are also commonly known as “thermos.” Their double-wall design allows you to insulate your liquids, hot or cold, to maintain the initial temperature as long as possible. No more drinking a cold Americano once you arrive at the office or in class: the models presented here will keep your beverages hot until your coffee break.

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YETI Rambler 30oz Tumbler w/ Mag Slider

Made of impact-resistant stainless steel, the YETI Rambler is both practical and rugged. Those who drive to work or spend a lot of time on the road will be happy to see that the Rambler slips easily into the cup holder. It has the distinction of having a MagSlider lid equipped with magnets to prevent unexpected liquid leaks. A last little plus? It is dishwasher friendly!


Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug 2.0 16oz

Renowned for its versatile and exceptionally durable thermoses, the Stanley brand offers an insulated thermos specifically designed for coffee or tea. The One Hand can keep your drinks hot for 7 hours and much more when it comes to cold drinks. Its design makes it easy to use with one hand: a blessing for those who tend to carry many things at once. Made of stainless steel, this mug also goes in the dishwasher and disassembles completely for deep cleanings.


Hydro Flask Hydro Flask 16 oz Wide Mouth – Flip Lid Bottle

In the morning, do you prefer black coffee or a fruit smoothie? No matter what you choose, the 16-ounce Hydro Flask bottle will hold your beverage’s temperature for awhile! The liquids will stay warm for 6 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Its size also makes it compatible with most coffee machines, and is the perfect size to hold your hot beverage and reduce your consumption of disposable cups. Available in a variety of bright colors, this insulated mug will add a little perky touch to your gray mornings (and not just because of the coffee it contains!).


GSI Outdoor Americano Mug – 20oz

Espresso, cappuccino, macchiato … no matter what kind of coffee you’re having in the morning, keep it warm during your workday with GSI Outdoor’s Americano Travel Cooler Mug. With its hermetic lid and its compact shockproof size, it is an ideal companion to avoid spilling any drop during your travels.


Mizu V5 – 15 oz Insulated Wide Mouth Bottle Coffee Lid

Small, compact and extremely practical! The Mizu V5 is a small insulated bottle that, once filled with your favorite beverage, slips easily from your bag to your desk in the classroom or the office. Do not panic! It is leak proof and keeps your liquids hot or cold for hours.