Adorable Canadian Brands for Your Kids

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Looking for cute and sturdy clothes or shoes for your kids? Being close to Canada Day, it seems like the perfect time to choose Canadian brands and celebrate the home-grown companies that bring us fun, high-quality apparel. Buying local also usually means reducing our carbon footprint, which is a considerable plus!

Check out some Canadian-made spring and summer styles below, but don’t hesitate to check out the brands’ winter gear as well. It’s always a good idea to stock up for winter in advance before next year’s collection comes out.

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Little Yogi: Soft and Environmentally-Friendly for Baby

Romper - Little Yogi

Romper for Infants & Toddlers

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Harem Pant - Little Yogi

Harem Pant for Infants & Toddlers

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Kimono - Little Yogi


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Little Yogi was founded by a mother-daughter team. They pour their imagination and invention into creating amazing products for kids. Discover their soft rompers, pants that grow with your child and the bamboo kimono gown that keeps baby warm and makes changing diapers easy. 

Little Yogi only chooses High-Quality Materials. Their clothes are extremely soft to the touch, durable, and 100 % organic. They use renewable materials, like organic cotton, bamboo fibre, and non-toxic water-based ink. They also create unisex clothing lines, preferring to “let kids be kids”, without stereotypes. From conception to production, all Little Yogi products are made locally in Quebec. Even the illustrations and designs on their clothes are hand-drawn locally!

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Kind and Sustainable Native Shoes

Jefferson Shoes - Native

Jefferson Shoes

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Charley Sandals - Native

Charley Sandals

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Vancouver-based Native creates environmentally-friendly lightweight shoes. The very popular Jefferson Shoes are a must for many families during warm months. Light and breathable, they can be worn anywhere from the sidewalks to the playgrounds and the pool. The cute Charley sandals ensure your child’s feet are comfortable and well supported with state-of-the-art cushioning. All their shoes are easy to wash, which we love.  

Native believes in a world where all living beings are treated with kindness, “from the furry to the scaly”, and are committed to creating animal-free footwear. They also believe in protecting nature and making sure used Native shoes don’t end up in landfills. You can mail in used pairs which will be ground up and reused to build playgrounds!

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Get Ready to Bike With Garneau 

Piccolo Cycling Helmet - Garneau

Piccolo Cycling Helmet

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Ride Cycling Gloves

Ride Cycling Gloves

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Lemmon 2 Jersey - Garneau

Lemmon 2 Jersey

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Founded by Olympic cyclist Louis Garneau, Garneau creates everything your family could need for cycling. The Piccolo Helmet provides protection, ventilation and is equipped with tiny nets to keep small critters from getting into your child’s hair. Bonus: it’s available in cute designs for girls and boys. The Ride Gloves protect small hands with breathable fabric and the Lemmon jersey offers sun protection and great air circulation.

Whoever loves cycling has probably already heard of Garneau. Based in Quebec, the family-owned brand creates technical clothing, gear, and everything your child needs for those family outings on the bike paths. 

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Happy Feet With Kamik

Fishside Rain Boots - Kamik


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Lovely Rain Boot - Kamik


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Glitzy Rain Boot


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Kamik is well-known for making quality shoes, as well as rain and winter boots. For those rainy days or just for the love of jumping in muddy puddles, the Fishride and Lovely Rain Boots pull on quickly with their side handles so you can let the splish-splashing begin! Add a little sparkle to your child’s rainy days with the Glitzy Rain Boots.

“Every pair of Kamik comes with over 120 years of history and expertise.” Kamik’s deep-rooted know-how brings you and your kids shoes that keep your feet ‘warm, comfortable and happy.” This Montreal-based brand is also committed to sustainability through local production, their recycling program and green manufacturing initiatives.

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Cute and Sturdy Herschel

Pop Quizz Lunchbox - Herschel

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Named after a town where three generations of their family grew up, Vancouver-based Herschel creates quality bags and carrying solutions of all shapes and sizes. This includes the adorable Pop Quiz lunch box! Available in a variety of prints, it’s sturdy, easy-to-clean and receives rave reviews from parents.

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Choose Canadian Brands for Kids!

When it comes to buying clothes for your kids, why not encourage our passionate local entrepreneurs? Fun looks, great quality, and a smaller environmental footprint—they offer the full package with cuteness to boot. Discover their looks for all seasons and enjoy our best local styles.

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