Arc’teryx is continuously setting the stakes high for the outdoor industry and blowing our minds with innovative designs and technology. They do not settle for mediocre and will constantly strive to improve and better their products which is exactly what has happened with the Bora Ar backpack.

Our review of this product
9.75 / 10
The pros are:

Made of waterproof materials

RotoGlide™ hipbelt = no uncomfortable rubbing

Hydration compatible

Side access zippers

The cons are:

It would be nice to have zippered pockets on the hip belt

Arc’teryx’s Bora pack was first introduced in 1994 and revolutionized the backpack design with its thermo-molded back panel and hipbelt. The Bora AR backpack will turn heads (and hips) with its RotoGlide™ hip belt and Tegris® back panel among other impressive features.

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On most packs, the hip belt will lift off your hips when your back is arched or you are hunched over climbing or descending a steep section. This movement in the hip belt may cause chafing and can become extremely uncomfortable but the RotoGlide­™ hipbelt eliminates this.

The RotoGlide­™ hipbelt allows the pack to move with your body while covering steep and undulating terrain by gliding up and down along its track. The hip belt also pivots freely from a center point which allows for a natural movement so you can move freely and comfortably without a heavy pack hindering your movements.


The Tegris® back panel is still thermo-molded as it was in 1994 but has added technology to make it that much more comfortable. It is ergonomically shaped to improve the fit of the pack as well as increase the carrying comfort of the wearer. The shoulder straps are also adjustable so the pack can be fitted comfortably for anyone, short or tall, who wishes to carry the pack.


Made of durable fabrics, the Bora AR can accommodate sharp tools such as mountaineering axes and trekking poles which can be easily attached to the exterior of the pack by straps. The bag is also made of waterproof nylon which is ideal because we know the sun doesn’t always shine bright when we want it to no matter how many times the rain dance is danced.

bora ar 50 backpack

The main pocket of the pack is a top loading pocket with a cinch cord so you can stuff in every last sock and sweater. Inside the main pocke, there is a sleeve where maps or itinerary plans could be kept as well as a small flap pocket where smaller items can be stored and found easily. This inside sleeve pocket is also compatible for a hydration system. There is also a front pocket where a jacket can be stored for easy access or some camp shoes, a towel and a swim suit to stop for a quick dip along the route. This pocket is also very handy should you wish to keep wet gear separate from dry gear.


Water bottles and/or cans of bear spray can be stored for quick and easy access in a side pocket which is located on both sides of the bag. These side pockets are also handy should you be carrying a map book or a flora and fauna book. There is a pocket located on the outside of the top flap of the bag where you can store snacks and other small items such as a headlamp, pocket knife or fire supplies. Inside this top flap is an additional pocket for less frequently needed small items.

Overall, the Bora AR backpack is a great choice for those who spend a lot of time backpacking. When you spend multiple hours carrying a backpack, comfort is essential. Available in four different sizes, two women’s specific, you’re sure to find the right size for your outdoor adventures.

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