The North Face’s Thermoball Hoodie

For those who aren’t familiar with the Thermoball technology, the concept is fairly simple. It is an insulation developed by The North Face, in collaboration with Primaloft. It imitates down insulation’s capacity of expanding and compressing. However – contrarily to down, Thermoball will keep you warm, even if it gets wet or humid. This could be very interesting for winter climate.

Elastic cuffs and hood will keep the heat inside the jacket, while the 100% nylon shell will keep it dry.

This ultra-light and ultra-compressible coat is also very warm. Bonus: you can store it in its own pocket, making it super practical for traveling and walking around.

An excellent option for various occasions: everyday life, outdoor activities, or winter hiking.

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Cerium LT by Arc’teryx

Just like the Thermoball Hoodie, the Cerium LT is also ultra-light. Its goose down isolation with 850 expansion factor gives it an amazing capacity to compress.

Arc’teryx uses the Coreloft technology, mixing natural and synthetic insulation in the same jacket, positioning the synthetic fabrics in strategic places – where humidity normally settles: the hood, shoulders and under the arms.


Its two lateral pockets, its elastic cuffs and its hood will give you comfort and an optimal protection against the wind and the snow.

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Even though these two jackets are pretty similar, our model likes the Cerium LT better: it is warmer and more comfortable than the Thermoball Hoodie. However, they both represent a great choice for an everyday life coat or a mid layer, when it gets colder.


The Cerium LT also fits in its own pocket, making it very practical. (left: Thermoball Hoodie, right: Cerium LT)