Arc’Teryx is no stranger to producing high-quality goods that just simply, work. The Phasic Sun Hoody has quickly become a staple for any of my adventure’s and it still remains that understated but stylish Arc’Teryx allure. I’ve always been a fan of Arc’Teryx equipment, mainly because it is a no-fuss, easy cleaning and durable no matter what you purchase.
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Our review of this product
The pros are:

  • Colour: In this day and age, sometimes being under the radar is a relief, so kudos for the subtle colours scheme.
  • Fit: Perfect!
  • Venting: Air flows in, air flows out – this isn’t a wind-breaking layer or warm layer
  • Sun Protection: Beng a 1/2 ginger, I understand and worry about the sun a lot! I use sunscreen more than the average bear, and as such, it’s refreshing to see a garment that is stylish, cool (temperature) and durable for long days out.
The cons are:


  • It’s a bit deceiving as a long-sleeve, I was caught a few times thinking it would be warmer than it was, but it only took a few more strides or paddle strokes to warm up.

arcteryx phasic sun hoody

First Impressions

This shirt has flat locked seams, a hood with added material at the peak to give it some structure, and my favourite part – encapsulated silver-ion fibres. What’s that mean? This is a synthetic garment that won’t get smelly! The nature of most synthetic garments as that they hold odours, sweat and body oil. This shirt can be worn multiple times before you start getting that gym locker smell.


Perfect! I have a somewhat athletic build, 5’9, 160lbs, large chest, and this shirt felt snug enough to make movement easy, but not so tight as to restrict. It falls stylish, and has seams and reinforcements in the right spots.
arcteryx mens phasic sun hoody

Recommended Use

I wore this shirt on hiking/trekking trip in the French Alps, wore it at the beach in Finale Ligure as protection from the sun, and it’s become a later summer/early fall trail running classic.
I also wore it on more than one camping trip as protection from the sun, but to also provide protection from the bugs. Double duty!

Final Opinion

If you’re looking for a long-sleeve, bug protecting, sun-hiding, non-smelling garment, this is it! It also doubles as a light layer for just about any sport.
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