Audvik winter jackets are a made-in-Montreal success story that starts with family and ends in stylish, premium warmth. A look at the company and apparel will show you why Audvik is one of the freshest cold-weather gear companies on the scene.

Audvik – The Story

The story of Audvik winter jackets is a real family affair. Owner and CEO Sophie Boyer, a former ski champion, rescued the brand from oblivion with some sound advice from her uncle. She teamed with her designer sister and mother to turn the company around, producing their first new line of clothing after only two months.

They’re dedicated to making their clothes in Montreal, and designing for the cold humid winters the city lives through for six months a year.

What to Look For

Shopping winter jackets is never the easiest task, but a few notables will help. Audvik winter jackets are at the crossroads of Athleisure and Techwear, with urban profiles and outdoor features fused together in warm profiles. The coats have a touch of athletic silhouetting, a legacy of Sophie’s skiing past.

Audvik winter jackets are very versatile. With features like detachable hoods, waterproofing, and advanced fabric construction, they are suited to more activities than just hurrying to work downtown.

These are premium products made in Canada – a rarity in the era of fast fashion. Quality control is at the family’s doorstep. Audvik winter jackets are coats worth investigating—let’s get into some select pieces.

Bali Jacket for Women

Audvik’s longest coat and made from recycled fabric, the Bali Jacket for Women is full of cold-weather elegance. It’s made of recycled stretch poly fabric sourced from plastic bottles and padded with a lightweight, multi-layered synthetic insulation. Little details like micropolar inner cuffs and an anti-static lining speak to Audvik’s first-hand winter experience.

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Oslo Jacket for Men

If there is one thing Oslo and Montreal have in common, it’s cold winters. The Oslo Jacket for Men is a first-line defender against frigid temperatures, with a city style very much in tune with Scandinavia’s finest urban fashion houses. The face fabric is a waterproof wool-like weave that stands up to the cold. The most interesting – and necessary – feature is a double hood, ensuring warmth and comfort whenever you need it.

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Montreal Jacket for Women

Even with a larger, more relaxed fit, the profile of the Montreal Jacket for Women keeps things shaped and smart. It’s made of recycled fabric and cut short for maximum mobility – important in dipping temperatures when a brisk walk will be just the thing to warm you up. The front zipper has a double cursor that handles easily in the cold – a priceless detail for anyone who has to zip up in February

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Audvik Winter Jackets & More

Check out more Audvik styles and accessories in our collection. If you need more options for warm, waterproof, urban or outdoor jackets or parkas, check out our winter jacket collection on Altitude Sports.

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