Best Wider Width Fitting Winter Boots

Text by: Kelsey Begg

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If you have wide feet, finding a winter boot that you like and fits comfortably can be a challenge. There are lots of chic, stylish looking winter boots but they often have a narrow fit so the shopping process can become frustrating. You may find you’re having to keep going up a size in order to have enough room for comfort and thick socks but then you’re left with too-long clown-like shoes and you’re tripping all over the place.

In a world where you want to keep your feet warm in cozy, wool socks but majority of all the cute winter boots are narrow fitting we bring you our favourite wide width winter boots. These boots are designed to accommodate wider feet and thick socks so you can keep your toes cozy in a pair of boots that you will want to wear.

Our Favourite Women’s Styles

Merrell Aurora 6 Ice+



Equipped with Vibram® Arctic Grip Soles, you’ll have impeccable traction and warm feet all winter long in the Aurora 6 Ice+.


Baffin Hannah



The Hannah is a lightweight boot but a heavy hitter when it comes to warmth.


Timberland 6″ Premium Fleece Lined Waterproof



A rugged look with a fleece lining, the 6″ Premium will keep your feet cozy and protected this season.


Sorel 1964 Premium LTR Waterproof



The classic design of Sorel never gets old and neither do the 1964 Premium LTR boots.


UGG Australia Adirondack II



Style meets durability and warmth with some sheepskin lining in the Adirondack II.


Our Favourite Men’s Styles

Kamik William



Keep your feet warm and dry in the stylish and waterproof William boot this season.


Baffin Muskox



Cold winter temperatures and deep snowbanks are no challenge for the Muskox.


BOGS Cruz Chukka-Inska-Ins



Between the 200g Thinsulate insulation and the waterproof full-grain leather upper, you’ll be warm and styling in the Cruz Chukka-Inska-Ins.


The North Face Back-to-Berkeley Redux Leather



An old school classic style with new school technologies, the Back-to-Berkeley boot is the perfect versatile, winter boot.


Sorel 1964 Premium T CVS



Waterproof, durable and warm, what more can you ask for in a winter boot as cozy as the 1964 Premium T CVS?


There is 15 thoughts on this article titled “Best Wider Width Fitting Winter Boots”.

  1. Please – wide winter boots for the average woman – size 9D, and as
    an aging boomer w/cash I have still spent 2 years fruitlessly searching for
    wide boots for West Coast active life – no laces, no velcro, no heels, preferably
    with fleece lining so we don’t even need socks and the lighter the better.
    Tretorn made them and then stopped and no one else even tries – men’s shoes do not
    fit us well, but between the above-described boots in mid-calf and knee-hi and expensive flip-flops that’s all I’ve worn for a decade – we are a HUGE market, why doesn’t anyone
    want to serve us?

    1. Hello KC, unfortunately we are only a retailer selling these brands so we have no control over what the brands are producing for products. I understand your frustration and the inconvenience. It may be worth contacting the brands directly who used to produce wide width shoes and boots to learn more about why they no longer are. Other brands you could check out also include Florsheim and Red Wing, they may have some options.

  2. Just wondering about your thoughts re putting a Baffin liner in a Sorel boot. I would like to upgrade my Sorels to colder temperatures by using Baffin liners (e.g., Artic or Snow Monster). I’m guessing that Baffin liners are thicker though. I have size 12 Sorels; I’m wondering about a size 11.5 liner from Baffin….I realize that this is something that is rather unusual, but any thoughts would be helpful (and I am ultimately responsible, of course :)). Thanks.

    1. Hello Jay, I don’t see why you couldn’t swap the liners although it may be a bit of a trial and error process because yes, the Bafifn liners are generally a little bit thicker. Kepe in mind that the Baffin liners are designed for the Baffin boots so if the Sorel has a slightly different shape, you may end up with uncomfortable bulking or creases so it would be best to try on a few to see what is best. Also, if you choose a liner that is too small, it may move around isndie the boot.

    1. Hi Kelly, we don’t carry any wide-sized boots but do carry some styles that run wide although not women’s size 12. Baffin makes great winter boots and are often a wider fit although with the liner, it is quite thick so you have to size up from your regular size. Sorel and Kamik also make boots that run wide and the Sorel Caribou could be a great option.

    1. Hi Becky, yes that is correct, these styles run wider than most. Unfortunately, we do not carry wide width specific shoes, but styles that do run slightly larger than most.

    1. Hello Deb, unfortunately we do not have any 3E inventory currently although some brands that may carry these models are Florsheim and Baffin.

    1. Hello Kevin, unfortunately we do not carry any brands that carry 6E width shoes at the moment and I am not 100% sure which brands I can suggest for you to check out. Sorry for the lack of information.

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