Blundstone boots are rugged, unique and authentic. The fit is very smooth and comfortable out of the box, and made even better with only slight break-in time. Treat them with the right materials and care, and they will fight off water penetration for their lifetime. Any season is right for them—winter, spring, summer and fall. They are made to the image of their native Australia and the entire Blundstone boot collection will follow you through all your adventures!

Blundstone is a family business founded in 1870 in Tasmania, a small island south of Australia. The DNA of the brand is to take responsibility towards the environment by using as much recyclable material as possible, both in their manufacturing processes and their packaging.

The Details

Blundstone cares about comfort and builds boots that optimize posture. A protected foot, a comfortable sole, necessary support and a stable foot & ankle are just some features Blundstone boots offer. Their boots are made of leather and are highly resistant to water.

On the side of the boot, the elastic and the two material strips installed at the front and back allow you to slip the boot on and off easily. The shock impact protection system reduces the impact that the foot normally absorbs at every step by distributing it throughout the sole. Moreover, the sole and the leather are molded into one another—no seams, no glue. Part of the Blundstone boot collection ingenuity.

The Boots

Blundstone has a wide array of boots for any season or activity. While styles and materials differ, you’ll always find the same premium construction and quality no matter which pair you choose!

Blundstone Original

The classic and authentic Blundstone. Simple, clean and stylish. They take the shape of your foot to give you the best of comforts. On top of being lighter, thanks to their design that aims for simplicity, you will have a bold style by wearing them with your favourite dress! Nothing compares to the original.

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Blundstone Chisel Toe


On the road, travelling, in town or on the farm, the Chisel Toe will be your best friend. They are lined with leather inside, have a squarer tip than the original and are also resistant to water and dirt since the leather is treated. They are ready to face any obstacles.

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Blundstone Winter Original

If it’s called Winter, it’s made for the winter season! The elastic at the ankle is completely waterproof, and some of the seams that join the boot in one piece also are waterproof. Bring on the slush and puddles! The sheepskin footbed will keep you warm and ready for winter conditions. Note that this footbed can be purchased on its own and added to any of the other Blundstone boots. Check out our winter boot buying guide for further winter boot features to look out for.


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Blundstone Sizing – How Do They Fit?

A frequent question is how do Blundstones fit? The Blundstone boot collection sizes are displayed in Australian sizes, so you need to do the conversion. It is also normal to have a little movement when you first purchase the boot, as especially in the heel the leather will stretch to mold to the foot. It is first and foremost the length of the boot that needs to be checked.

The Blundstone sizes are unisex, so just make sure to stick to the sizing chart to find the appropriate size.


Are Blundstones Waterproof?

Blundstones are leather – and leather is water-resistant,  but not entirely waterproof. Fewer seams and proper care mean less water penetration on average. Like any quality product, you should take good care of your Blundstones. Use NikWax waterproofing wax for leather or a good quality mink oil.

Taking Care of Your Boots

Since Blundstone boots are made of leather, it is important to maintain them well to ensure they last as long as they should. Here are some tips to give a little love to your Blundstone:

1— If your boots are wet, put newspaper inside to absorb water. Dry them at room temperature.
2— To clean your boots, use a mixture of vinegar (1 part) and water (3 parts) that you spray and wipe with a cloth. If the stain persists, try again.
3— After cleaning, applying the Blundstone Renovating Cream is best for leather to restore its shine and protection. You might notice a slight change in colour after applying the conditioner, but after drying, the colour returns to its original tone.

If you want more, check out our whole line of Blundstone boots, liners and products. And check out both our men’s and women’s winter boot buying guide – you’ll see our friends from Blundstone make an appearance or two!