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Established in 1957, Canada Goose is the leader in luxury down winter parkas, jackets, and vests. Earning prestige outfitting scientists in Expedition Parkas for Arctic research, they remain inspired by northern climates. The company maintains a Made in Canada commitment, manufacturing apparel in Toronto and Winnipeg. They’re also partners of Polar Bears International, and advocates of ethical down and fur. Whether it's a bomber jacket for roaming Vancouver, or the essential warmth of a down jacket for Montreal winters, Canada Goose brings you refined performance for taking on the four seasons.


Best Winter Jackets For Extreme Canadian Winters

Best Winter Jackets For Extreme Canadian Winters

Winter has landed—prepare for mountains of snow, temperatures dropping far below zero and freezing cold gusts of wind. That kind of extreme winter weather calls for the apparel to...

Best Winter Jackets For Extreme Canadian Winters

Winter has landed—prepare for mountains of snow, temperatures dropping far below zero and freezing cold gusts of wind. That kind of extreme winter weather calls for the apparel to match, and we've got the best winter jackets to do just thatThat doesn't mean we run from the cold, it just means we need to be ready. Ski jackets, winter parkas, bomber jackets, and puffer jackets–whatever the style, whatever the purpose, winter apparel has to keep you warm. Keeping that in mind, here’s our selection for men and women of some of the best winter jackets for extreme Canadian winters. our

Most Popular Men’s Winter Jackets for 2021

The cold is the main reason why so many people dislike winter. Yes shovelling the snow in your driveway, or sliding down the sidewalk might make things even harder, but that can't be controlled. What you can control is how you're going to stay warm. For those who don't ski or snowboard, the fun doesn't have to stop once the temperature drops. Here's a selection of urban and technical jackets that will keep you stylish, comfortable and confident this winter. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Arc'teryx Even if the Cerium LT Hoody can be used as an intermediate layer, the Arc'teryx jacket is warm

Our Favourite Puffer Jackets of 2021

They’ve become a regular sight over the past few years, moving from high-altitude expeditions to the fashion-savvy winter jacket of choice. The puffer jacket is here to stay, and no wonder, with great insulation, flattering styling, and coming in lightweight and warm. Puffer jackets have a distinct, “quilted” design with sections that look puffy between the stitching. Rather than bulky and unflattering, the styles in this review range from boxy to slimming. Many are packable, ultra-warm, and resistant to sleet, wind, and snow. Our best overall favourite on the list was the North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket, which combines

Best Canada Goose Parkas for Winter 2021

The Canadian coat connoisseur knows exactly what it takes to integrate arctic-level performance with stylish city outerwear. Your next Canada Goose coat is an investment and should be treated that way—do some research for the right selection. Before you purchase your parka, have a look at the best Canada Goose parkas and accessories for 2021. Overview Countless individuals cherish their Canada Goose parka, particularly at -25 degrees C and they're unfazed due to its powerful insulating properties. Ensure your environment is appropriate for a Canada Goose jacket. Down is the natural insulator used in Canada Goose jackets. While down is light

Canada Goose: Black Friday Sales & Online Scams

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time shopping on the internet. You may even have looked for discounted Canada Goose during a Canada Goose Black Friday deal. Your search results might have turned up a lot of...interesting options. Lots of questions arise about authenticity, especially with something as high-value and sought-after as a Canada Goose winter jacket. We'll look into it, plus answer questions like why Canada Goose costs what they do. There are many reasons why some would want to copy these premium winter jackets! ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Top Rated Canada Goose Parkas   Product Name Shop Product

Why is Canada Goose So Expensive? A Closer Look.

What makes a good winter jacket? In our cold Canadian climate, warmth is the number one criteria. While warmth can be subjective to a degree (some handle the cold better than others), -30°C is still -30°C and you don’t want to face the cold unprepared. A well insulated jacket should get the job done, but are all insulation types created equal, and on that same note, are all jackets created equal? The price would have you believe they are not, and to a certain extent price is a good indicator of quality. While branding has a lot to do with

Which Canada Goose Fit Is Best For You

Size & Fit We often get asked “Which size should I get for my Canada Goose parka?” It’s a great question and it depends on a few factors. Beyond your personal preference, you have to consider your body shape. There’s also a difference between size and fit. While sizes are mostly standard, fit can play a big difference. Most brands will go with a standard fit that uses average measurements as a reference point. Canada Goose understands that this can be limiting and introduced additional fits to cater to those who have trouble with standard fits, or simply want a more custom

A Brand for All Seasons: Canada Goose Spring 2020 Collection

No doubt you've seen the familiar red, white and blue patch on the arms of parkas, jackets, and bombers throughout winter. Canada Goose has become synonymous with our Canadian winters, but they've got plenty to offer during transitional seasons. Waterproof rain ponchos, lightweight down hoodies, stylish windbreakers and a special collaboration with Polar Bear International—here's your first look at the Canada Goose Spring 2020 Collection. Rain Nanaimo Jacket - Men's Shop Field Poncho - Men's Shop It turns out the goose is also waterproof. We're of course referring to the new rain jackets from Canada Goose's Spring Collection. These stylish

Embracing Winter in Montreal: Touring the City’s Hotspots With Canada Goose

Our itinerary was simply to go with the flow and experience the best of what Montreal has to offer, all while the city was digging itself out of a snowstorm. La Belle Province is regularly blanketed in snow for up to six months a year, and winter here is about embracing the joie de vivre no matter the weather. Instead of spending the day inside we explored, ate, and drank at some of the best places in Montreal, sporting Canada Goose parkas in their most natural environments. Gabrielle and Elif proved that if you dress accordingly, you too can live without restraints

Canada Goose Best Lightweight Down Jackets

Transitional seasons leave a lot of guesswork when choosing the right thing to wear. For autumn’s unpredictability, a lightweight down jacket is just the right thing. Canada Goose had created an extensive new line of lightweight down jackets, striking a balance between style and warmth for your seasonal urban activities. To help you make the right choice among their different models, here are our top picks for both men’s and women’s jackets. Shop Canada Goose lightweight down jackets Women’s top light down jackets 1. Camp Down Hoody With a ‘2’ Thermal Index Rating and 750 fill-power down insulation, the Camp Down Hoody

Quartz Co. Elia Jacket VS Canada Goose Trillium Parka

Picking a winter coat can be a thrill, but there are so many styles and brands to choose from so knowing where to start can be daunting and cause some people to wait until the last minute. The best place to start is with people who know winter—warm Canadian winter parkas made to combat winter's worst. There's one thing we know: before you decide on the winning coat, a lot of comparisons take place. If you want to be warm and look great all winter long, you want to find that coat that shows off your style but also doesn't

Comparing Canada Goose Parkas: Kensington VS Trillium

Canada Goose is a premium brand when it comes to winter jackets. Their parkas, originally designed for arctic expeditions, are second to none when it comes to warmth. With so many to choose from, we thought we'd take a closer look at two of their most popular women's jackets. Here’s a  comparison of the Kensington Parka and Trillium Parka. Kensington Parka   Trillium Parka Fit & Style At first glance, the Trillium (White) is more minimalist than the Kensington (Red). With its regular fit, the Trillium doesn’t have a lot of visible details other than the snap buttons that close

Canada Goose Fusion Fit: Winter Coats Designed for Petite Body Frames

Who Should Buy the Canada Goose Fusion Fit?Finding a winter jacket that fits your style can be difficult. Finding a winter jacket that fits your body type can be even harder. For those men and women who don’t fit standard sizes, Canada Goose has introduced the Fusion Fit.Using an average of 26 body measurements and pairing them with body scans of 16,000 individuals, Canada Goose cam up with the perfect size for someone looking to purchase a Canada Goose jacket with smaller measurements. Shop Canada Goose Fusion Fit Difference between Men’s Standard Sizing and Fusion SizingWhen it comes to men’s jackets, the

Canada Goose Thermal Experience Index

Canada Goose Thermal Experience Index - Find The Right Jacket Depending on your winter, your jacket requirements will be different. From chilly breezes to arctic flurries, knowing what kind of jacket performs best in which climate is key. With a wide range of products, it can be confusing to try and figure out which jackets are best suited to what temperatures. Canada Goose has created an easy-to-understand system to help you choose the Canada Goose product you need. The Canada Goose Thermal Experience Index (TEI) will help you select the best parka to get you through the winter. Shop Canada

Canada Goose Sizing Chart

To make things easier, Canada Goose has a sizing guide with measurements for men, women and kids. The sizing chart features body measurements and will make things a lot easier when it comes to picking the right Canada Goose Jacket.Whether you’re choosing between the Kensington, the Trillium, the Langford or the Expedition; you’ll want to make sure you check out the size guide to make sure the fit is optimal.  ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Product Name LEARN MORE Product Name LEARN MORE Product Name LEARN MORE Product Name LEARN MORE Product Name LEARN MORE Product Name LEARN MORE Product Name LEARN MORE Product Name LEARN MORE {"title":"","type":"default","products":[{"product_id":"","product_link":"","product_feature":"","_id":"5443b81"},{"product_id":"","product_link":"","product_feature":"","_id":"e920bec"},{"product_id":"","product_link":"","product_feature":"","_id":"155d3d2"},{"product_id":"","product_link":"","product_feature":"","_id":"25b7dc2"}],"single_product_link":null,"cta_1_text":null,"cta_2_text":null,"pros":null,"cons":null,"collection":null,"single_product_id":null,"cta_1_url":null,"cta_2_url":null,"image":null,"credit":null,"collection_id":null,"limit":null} Canada

The North Face Gotham III VS Canada Goose Chilliwack

With winter coming, everyone is starting to shop around for a warm winter coat. But the big question is which coat will keep you the warmest without making you look like an abominable snowman? We highlight two coats for you that meet these important criteria, and pit The North Face vs Canada Goose in a showdown: the Gotham III Jacket by The North Face and the Chilliwack Bomber by Canada Goose. The North Face Gotham III Jacket - Men Shop Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber - Men Shop   Down Fill Power Insulation Both jackets are very well insulated. From Edmonton

Canada Goose Kensington VS Soia & Kyo Rana

Canada Goose's Kensington Parka The Kensington Parka is probably one of the most popular jackets from Canada Goose. Entirely made in Canada, this parka represents the perfect mix of a coat designed for exploring the city and the country. Its 625 fill duck down insulation and Thermal Experience Index rating of 3 will keep you warm all winter long. The outside pockets are very practical, and you even get two hand-warming pockets in the front. The adjustable hood with real coyote fur adds a great touch regarding style. The nylon lining makes is waterproof - which is great for winter.

What is the Canada Goose Black Label Collection?

In this collection, you’ll find the same durability and craftsmanship as you would from the rest of their selection. They have the insulated warmth needed to conquer arctic climates in the urban environment. However, these streamlined designs feature one noticeable difference. The traditional red, white and blue Canada Goose logo has been replaced by a muted black and grey logo.  Of course, for those who like to stick to tradition, favourites like the Men’s Langford Parka and the Women’s Trillium Parka are reliable as ever against the cold, as is the classic Women’s Expedition Parka. Product Name LEARN MORE Product Name LEARN MORE Product Name LEARN

Canada Goose Showdown: Trillium Parka vs Shelburne Parka

In Canada, and anywhere it gets really cold, Canada Goose is known for warm parkas. Initially designed for arctic expeditions, Canada Goose adapted to growing demand from urbanites, and today you'll see their jackets and the famous roundel from Bordeaux to Beijing, Detroit to Davos, and everywhere in between. Choosing can be tough, so here's a guide to two of our favourites: the Trillium and Shelburne parkas for women. Shelburne Parka - Women Shop Shelburne   Trillium Parka - Women Shop Trillium Look & Style At first glance, it's the quilt-through, low-profile puffy padding that distinguishes the Shelburne from the

Discover the Canada Goose 2018 Spring/Summer Collection

Founded in 1957, Canada Goose is proud to produce 100% Canadian coats since sixty years. Over time, the brand's popularity has continued to grow and it is now recognized around the world for the exceptional thermal capacity and durability of its products. Known as one of the top brands designed for extreme weather conditions, Canada Goose also offers a collection of lighter products for warmer seasons. From cool nights in town to a drizzle of spring rain, Canada Goose has developed a spring-summer collection to fulfill your stylish needs. In this collection, you will find the perfect products to protect you

Quartz Co. Belfort Jacket VS Canada Goose Langford Parka

Finding the right winter coat can be a daunting task but it's possibly the most important piece of your winter wardrobe. Having a warm winter coat to protect you from the frigid winter weather can be the deciding point between an enjoyable winter season and the worst one yet. With so many styles to choose from, there's sure to be the perfect one for everyone so don't hide away in your house wrapped in blankets all winter, find your perfect winter coat and enjoy the winter weather! The Look For the sophisticated gentleman looking for a sleek winter coat that

Canada Goose Victoria VS OSC Cross Kelowna Walking Parka

Canada Goose Victoria What we notice first about the Canada Goose's Victoria parka is its great cut that puts forward an elegant and feminine silhouette. Its mid-thigh lenght will provide a great protection against the elements, while the numerous technical features that we know from Canada Goose will make the coat ultra-practical during the coldest months of the year. To begin, you'll find an insulated storm hood, that will keep you safe and warm. Adding to that, we can find an heavy-duty zipper, an elastic cord around the waist, hand-warming pockets, an inside pocket and an earbuds hole. The elastic

Canada Goose Expedition VS Fjällräven Kyl

Expedition by Canada Goose The Expedition parka was originally created for the team of scientists that crossed the Antartic, to the McMurdo Station. Let's say that this says a lot regarding this jacket's technical capacities. It is for sure one of the most practical parkas from Canada Goose: lots of pockets with secure Velcro claps, so that your personal items stay safe and dry at all time. The storm flap over the front zipper, the heavy-duty, recessed and flexible rib-knit cuffs, and a drawcord waist will stop the wind, rain and snow from coming in. The hood - made from


The Kensington is a popular Canada Goose model, and for many reasons. First off, it is available in an array of colors, from black to flamingo pink, brick red to pale grey. Then, there is the design. The length is perfect for women who do not want their thighs to freeze. We know it is no mystery, the less exposed the skin is, the less likely we are to get cold. It is also for this reason that the lined sleeves, the huge hood endowed with a coyote fur ruff, and the high collar are highly appreciated on this model.

Canada Goose Lodge Jacket Review

The Canada Goose Lodge Jacket is definitely one of the best short urban jackets to wear between seasons. Even though you can combine the jacket with a shell, the coat has enough isolation to be worn alone while also being both breathable and ultralight. Product Review 9.3 / 10 The pros are: Made in Canada 750 Hutterite High Quality Down Great Value The cons are: Fragile Outer Fabric Shop Lodge Jacket Like all Canada Goose products, the Lodge Jacket is made in Canada. The down isolation of the coat is unique. It comes from the Hutterite geese farms in the Canadian

Canada Goose comparison: Langford vs. Chateau

Here are two men’s styles from Canada Goose’s Arctic Collection: the Langford Parka and the Chateau Parka. What’s the difference between them? Alexandre tried them both and tells you all you need to know about these two winter jackets. The Langford Parka is new to the collection and is inspired by two of the best men’s jackets: the Chateau and the Banff. It’s a little longer and stops at mid-thigh. Its fit is classic, straight and elegant. Nothing really stands out, it has very few obvious details. The Langford is equipped with a double flap to protect the zipper, one