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The North Face has always produced all-season apparel that defines standards, from their San Francisco origins 50 years ago to today. Extreme weather calls for pieces that can adapt and perform to the requirements of elite alpine and outdoor athletes. Today they're known globally for the wide variety of winter coats, camping equipment and tents, fashion retro fleece, robust travel bags and the iconic half-dome logo.


Best Winter Jackets For Extreme Canadian Winters

Best Winter Jackets For Extreme Canadian Winters

Winter has landed—prepare for mountains of snow, temperatures dropping far below zero and freezing cold gusts of wind. That kind of extreme winter weather calls for the apparel to...

Best Winter Jackets For Extreme Canadian Winters

Winter has landed—prepare for mountains of snow, temperatures dropping far below zero and freezing cold gusts of wind. That kind of extreme winter weather calls for the apparel to match, and we've got the best winter jackets to do just that That doesn't mean we run from the cold, it just means we need to be ready. Ski jackets, winter parkas, bomber jackets, and puffer jackets–whatever the style, whatever the purpose, winter apparel has to keep you warm. Keeping that in mind, here’s our selection for men and women of some of the best winter jackets for extreme Canadian winters.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel Review

My duffel is often that item that I don't need to give much thought to when I'm preparing for my next trip. Between packing my flashy technical hardshell, my sleek climbing pants and my rugged hiking boots, I’m worrying more about the gear and apparel I need for my next trip. But that’s only because I’ve found a reliable pack that answers all my needs.Whether it’s a weekend adventure or a month-long odyssey, I know that what I pack my gear in is just as important as what gear I’m packing. When I travelled to Nepal for a week (even

Most Popular Men’s Winter Jackets for 2021

The cold is the main reason why so many people dislike winter. Yes shovelling the snow in your driveway, or sliding down the sidewalk might make things even harder, but that can't be controlled. What you can control is how you're going to stay warm. For those who don't ski or snowboard, the fun doesn't have to stop once the temperature drops. Here's a selection of urban and technical jackets that will keep you stylish, comfortable and confident this winter. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Arc'teryx Even if the Cerium LT Hoody can be used as an intermediate layer, the Arc'teryx jacket is warm

The North Face Black Friday Sale

It's that time of year again! Winter is almost here and there's plenty of reason to celebrate. With Christmas just around the corner, we're warming up with big sales on a wide range of products. We've got discounts on your favourite brands, including The North Face.For over 50 years, The North Face has encouraged people to never stop exploring, and with their collection of technical clothing and equipment, you never have to. Get discounts on loads of products from The North Face. The North Face Black Friday Sales This year, Black Friday falls on November 27, 2020, but you can

Wash, Rinse, Recycle—The North Face Environmental Commitment

What to expect from a fleece jacket made of recycled materials? When it’s The North Face fleece, expect the same comfort, versatility, softness and warmth you’re used to. Getting to a jacket that checks those boxes and is part of their overall sustainability program wasn’t simple, however—and it’s part of their ongoing commitment to reducing carbon emissions. The North Face has been encouraging and partnering with ranchers and manufacturers to shorten the supply chain. Regenerative agriculture is part of that, specifically carbon farming that draws down carbon into the soil while yielding important crops like cotton and wool.Chemical responsibility comes

The North Face: Gearing up for Spring with Futurelight

Back in October, we were introduced to the future of lightweight waterproof apparel with the Futurelight Collection from The North Face. After years spent trying to develop their own waterproof technology, The North Face finally found a way to rework their membrane to allow air to escape, while completely stopping rain and snow from entering. This new membrane was designed to challenge GORE-TEX for total weatherproof supremacy, and after a first run for the Winter 2019 season, Futurelight is back for Spring 2020. Spring is Here, and Futurelight is Ready The winter collection featured apparel for every type of alpine

90’s Retro Performance: The North Face Extreme Collection

We wouldn't be surprised if The North Face dug up their latest collection from a time capsule they buried deep underground back in the 90's. Either that or they've found a way to time travel. Whether they're releasing futuristic new waterproof membranes like FUTURELIGHT or going retro with the Nuptse, they're travelling through space and time to bring you the most stylish gear that can take on the mountains and the streets. Their latest release, the aptly named Extreme Collection is a throwback to 90's slopestyle chic with major streetwear vibes and color-blocking that'll make heads turn. 1988 Extreme Collection The

The North Face Denali Fleece is Back

Did The North Face Denali Fleece ever go out of style? Apparently. But right now, these jackets and sweaters are back with a vengeance, and winning fans from the city to more traditional mountain settings. Much like the re-launch of Nuptse, everyone from Hypebeasts to climbing and hiking enthusiasts is lauding the arrival of the ‘95 Retro Denali Jackets and loving the updated Denali 2 Jackets. From the trailhead to the ski lodge, and your hip neighborhood hangouts, these essentials (they come in jacket, anorak, and hoodie styles) are this seasons’ ‘it’ items.  Since 1968, The North Face been providing

The North Face Summit Series with FUTURELIGHT

Introducing The North Face Summit Series with FUTURELIGHT Collection - "the world's finest alpine equipment." A collection of gear designed to keep climbers protected and comfortable in the harshest locations in the most extreme conditions. The North Face's Summit Series with Futurelight Collection focuses on creating a pinnacle kit for climbers using the best materials and design techniques. Now they come with FUTURELIGHT, The North Face's proprietary fabric and their most advanced waterproof, breathable, lightweight shell fabric. FUTURELIGHT The finest materials and insulation are used in each layering piece to ensure top-quality products and performance. Most important is the addition of

The North Face: Resolve 2 Raincoat VS Venture 2 Raincoat

And there’s nothing like a rainy weather protector like The North Face raincoats. When looking for a raincoat, keep in mind that The North Face has introduced new technologies when needed and improved classics that sell themselves in hopes to keep another generation of the consumers’ favourites at the top of their sale charts.This has proven particularly true with two of The North Face’s most popular raincoats, the Venture and the Resolve. Available in men’s, women’s and youth sizes, these raincoats offer the basic weather protection you need whether you’re on a winding trail through mountain peaks or simply enjoying a

Discover The ThermoBall Eco Collection From The North Face

For over 50 years, The North Face has been a leader in the outwear industry. One of the original mountaineering brands, they're continually developing and improving their line of products. From the city to the mountains, they make gear and clothing that can handle nature's demands. Whether it's the innovative new Futurelight collection, the iconic Denali collection, or the new, sustainably sourced ThermoBall Eco collection, they prove that they're never done evolving. ThermoBall Eco Insulation ThermoBall Insulation was developed with the help of PrimaLoft in an attempt to offer a high-performing synthetic alternative to down. In comparing the two types

The North Face Ventrix Jacket Reviewed

The North Face Ventrix Jacket is a synthetic insulated jacket with North Face’s Ventix technology. This technology aims to make the insulation more breathable by perforating it. When the user is still, the perforations are closed and the insulation is at its best. When the user is active, the perforations open with the fabric’s movement, allowing heat and humidity to travel through, thus increasing breathability. Shop Ventrix Jacket now Our review of this product 7 / 10 The pros are: Adjustable elastic at the hem Over-the-helmet hood Very lightweight Fabric more resistant at the wrists, elbows and hem The cons are:

Introducing Futurelight: The Revolutionary New Technology From The North Face

The future is here, and it’s lightweight, waterproof and more breathable than ever. On October 1st The North Face released its new technology, and it’s already turning heads. The North Face spent countless hours in the lab and on the mountains, developing their new technology called FUTURELIGHT. Designed with the help of athletes, this revolutionary technology takes outerwear to the next level by finding a way to make waterproof membranes even more breathable. We got an exclusive first look at this revolutionary material when we attended the summit in Zermatt, and now we present the FUTURELIGHT collection that’s just landed

The Future Is Now: The North Face’s industry-changing Futurelight fabric put to the test in Zermatt

Travelling to Zermatt by train is exciting, even on the back of a 24-hour blitz from Montreal to the heart of a remote region in the Alps. The North Face had invited a handful of people to a private event where we would experience the future – specifically, their revolutionary material set to disrupt the outdoor industry. The spectacular scenery made the long journey well worth it. Finally, the Matterhorn appeared, towering over the distant peaks in the morning light of late November. Nestled halfway up the Matter Valley, Zermatt is historical and yet forward-looking in its approach to mountain

You Can Have it All – Ultra Fastpack III Trail Runners by The North Face

The right pair of shoes makes all the difference when getting outside and active. This is especially true of trail running, where you push your limits on demanding terrain and not always in the easiest weather conditions. The Ultra series by The North Face features their Fastpack models, designed for runners looking to devour the trails while bettering their performance. Shop the Collection Mix the protection of a hiking boot with the flexibility of a running shoe – this is the gambit The North Face took on when designing their Fastpack products. The secret to making it work is an

Wear This, Do Good: The Bottle Source Collection by The North Face

384,000 pounds of recycled plastic bottles. That’s what The North Face’s Bottle Source collection is made of. It’s a remarkable initiative with both style and a plus for the planet. Discover the collection Chandail à capuchon Bottle Source - Homme Shop Chandail à capuchon Bottle Source - Homme Shop Chandail à capuchon Bottle Source - Femme Shop Chandail à capuchon Bottle Source - Femme Shop Never Stop Exploring The North Face slogan evokes summits scraping the clouds, paths snaking through forests, streams shimmering in the sun…In fact, our planet’s medical report paints a far from rosy picture. To adhere to

Never Stop Exploring Responsibly: L.A. to Joshua Tree & Back with The North Face

The plan was simple: fly to California for a project, then ride to Joshua Tree to explore the National Park in the desert with The North Face. That morning we’d set out from LA with supplies strapped to our dual-sport bikes. But the plan had been in jeopardy. The longest US Government shutdown in history had closed all national parks. During the shutdown, The North Face issued statements regarding the need for vital park protection services. Partial services had returned, and a window opened for us to head out that weekend.    We’d seen the news but didn’t know what

The North Face ThermoBall™ VS The North Face Ventrix™

Layering for your outdoor activities is an important factor in how well you will enjoy them. If you are illy dressed, you may enjoy your experience a little less than if you were dressed appropriately. For this reason, brands like The North Face will offer a variety of products and collections to simplify your layering. The weather and temperatures will determine how many layers are necessary and your activities will determine which layers are best. Knowing which layer is best for your activity can be as simple as understanding the difference in the benefits of certain materials and insulations. Below,

To the Top of the World in The North Face Summit Series

Climbing the world’s highest peaks makes several demands on health, fitness, mindset and more. The last thing you want to worry about when pushing past 8000 meters is your clothes. The North Face has every high-altitude climbing step covered with their Summit Series. From basecamp to Everest’s Khumbu Icefall, the French Couloirs at Annapurna, up to K2’s Bottleneck, the Series provides no-nonsense options for the ascent and descent. In your packing list, everything should be warm and wick moisture while allowing a free range of movement. This way your focus stays where it needs to be: on the next step

The North Face Steep Series™: “One Kit For Any Mission”

Backcountry weekends and epic all-dayers in the mountains call for serious preparation and reliable gear. Knowing that the professionals know best, The North Face partnered with their team of athletes to create their Steep Series™ collection and answer the need for functional and performant backcountry gear. From base layers and mid layers to GORE-TEX® shell jackets and bibs, The North Face Steep Series™ is a versatile kit that is ready for any mission. Shop The North Face Discover the Steep Series™ Collection The greatest focus behind the Steep Series™ collection was to be able to produce a kit that was function-first. The goal: to

The North Face: Ventrix Hoodie VS Summit L3 Ventrix Hybrid Hoddie

‘Take a hike’, he replied brusquely. Splendid idea, I thought – but what should I wear? I have two excellent hoodies by The North Face. It depended on my choice of activity, the conditions and its terrain. Ventrix by The North Face is the breathable synthetic ventilation system drawing rave reviews, awarded the 2017 Editor’s Choice award by Backpacker’s Magazine. Micropores in the fabric stretch with your movements, allowing excess moisture vapour to escape as they expand. When aerobic activity slows, they contract, retaining body warmth. The result is a highly adaptable fabric that regulates body temperature during cold-weather activity.

The North Face Brings Back the 90’s with the Nuptse Collection

Loose sweaters, flared pants, print tees – the 90’s are back in full force in the lifestyle fashion world. The North Face, long a leading crossover trendsetter, brings back the ultimate authentic winter look from the era: The Nuptse. Shop The North Face Women’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket Shop Women’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket Shop Men’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket Shop Men’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket Shop Named for a Mount Everest neighbor, the Nuptse was conceived as an alpinist’s jacket. The innovative concept was revolutionary: horizontal baffles kept down insulation in place despite high levels of movement. The light

The North Face: She Moves Mountains

This year The North Face launched their #SheMovesMountains campaign, an inspiring initiative looking to change the face of exploring. There’s no better influence than a role model with whom we can identify. The movement shines a light on powerful female athletes from all over the globe whose adventures are building the foundation for a new generation of explorers. Shop The North Face A post shared by Ashima (@ashimashiraishi) on Apr 3, 2018 at 9:42pm PDT Hilaree Nelson From the smoldering volcanoes of Kamchatka to jagged Bolivian peaks, Hilaree is first and foremost a ski mountaineer, but also an insatiable explorer.

The North Face Conservation Efforts

With the state of the planet today and growing climate concerns,  brands like The North Face and many others, are beginning to take matters into their own hands. When it comes to the outdoor industry, conserving the environment is a big part of the business. From adjusting company manufacturing policies and routines to sharing knowledge with loyal customers, protecting the playground that we all play in is a serious topic. In order to do their part in conserving the nature that we admire and appreciate, The North Face has made a few company changes in hopes to lessen their impact on the

The North Face: Apex Flex GTX® VS Apex Flex GTX® 2.0

2017 marked the debut of The North Face Apex Flex GTX® Jacket and this year it's back with a posse allowing you to rock your favourite Gore-Tex® coat in the city, on the slopes and on the trails. Wherever the rain is falling, the Apex Flex GTX® jacket provides the waterproof protection you can rely on. Available in a longer fitting trench, a parka and a hooded jacket, the Apex Flex can easily satisfy any raincoat needs, both for urban and active pursuits. The main model in the collection is the Apex Flex GTX® jacket which is now available in an updated

The North Face Apex Flex GTX® Jacket

While we aren't made of sugar and venturing out in rain weather never hurt anybody, not everyone is as keen to play in the rain as the ducks at your local pond. For those who are, rain is merely an added twist to the adventure and a reliable raincoat with flexible weather protection is a simple solution. With a wide collection of rain gear comes a variety of weatherproof technologies which are trusted by many outdoor adventurers and The North Face has added their Apex Flex GTX® jacket to that list. Although it was designed as a raincoat, the Apex Flex GTX®

The North Face Flight Series: Tackle the Trails in Lightweight Running Gear

When it comes to running under the heat of the hot summer sun, choosing the right apparel can make the world of difference. From sprinting along gravel paths and paved sidewalks to taking in the views from rugged mountain peaks, lightweight materials with moisture-wicking fabrics are a wardrobe essential for any runner. Having worked alongside their running athletes, The North Face was able to create progressive designs which exceed the apparel needs of most runners. Crafted with top quality fabrics and technologies that enhance breathability and performance, The North Face Flight Series is undoubtedly a favourite among all runner types. Shop The North

The North Face Men’s Fanorak Reviewed

Have you ever had that ‘I should have brought an extra layer’ while out and about? Because if you have then this might that layer you need. Now The North Face has a high-quality reputation for well thought out outdoor gear so I was very intrigued to see how I find the Fanorak over the coming weeks. Shop The North Face Fanorak Our review of this product The pros are: Very lightweight Pack’s very small if needed Nice to have the jacket pack away into its own pouch that can be clipped around the waist and forget about it. The

The North Face Women’s Aphrodite Motion Pants Reviewed

While February was doing its own in Quebec, I flew one week to the country of adventure and beautiful weather: Costa Rica. I was fortunate to have two cool pieces from The North Face to accompany me on this adventure. I went to the airport with the Ventrix L3 jacket on the back, lightweight insulator that I could easily roll and hide in my luggage after the flight. I also put on the Aphrodite Motion Pants that kept me warm all the way from my front door to our “casita” in Liberia, without being too warm once we landed. Shop

The North Face Women’s Summit L3 Ventrix Hoodie Reviewed

It was a mild winter day with a few squalls of snow. The clouds made a crown to the majestic mountain. The humidity was striking and that's why I chose the Summit L3 Ventrix jacket, but as a lining under my shell. Snowshoes on, we started the 2-hour climb. A few minutes later, I was suffocating with heat; I had really underestimated the power of the Ventrix jacket. So, I decided to take off my coat and continue only with the jacket and my base layer underneath. I was perfectly fine for the rest of the hike. As much in

Discover the Cryos Collection by The North Face

Well known within the outdoor industry for their apparel and technical equipment, American brand The North Face has been working since 1966 to offer consumers a variety of high-quality products. Like their motto states, The North Face encourages you to "never to stop exploring" and to discover all that nature has in store for nature lovers, who forests and mountains are like a second home. Yet, aware that not everyone has the chance to walk paths and peaks daily, the brand decided to create the Cryos collection to appeal to the fashion conscious urban dwellers. The brand has dedicated its expertise to the fashionistas

Discover The North Face Mountain Sneaker

Earlier this season, The North Face introduced their XtraFoam™ technology which was created to eliminate foot fatigue so that you can explore for longer. This technology is composed of four parts; an XtraFoam Core, Perimeter EVA Midsole, ESS Snake Plate™, and the Vibram® XS Trek Outsole. XtraFoam™ can now be found in a handful of The North Face boots and shoes, including the brand new Mountain Sneaker. Crafted to make your approach that much more comfortable, the Mountian Sneaker is a shoe designed for the trail. This sneaker is available for both men and women in a mid-rise as well as a regular model