Canada Goose gives you powerfully-warm urban style forged from polar expeditions up north. Which one to choose? Canada Goose vs Arc’teryx will answer all your questions.

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Both brands are renowned on the international stage thanks to endorsements, timeless styling and the absolute best quality and manufacturing. What you intend to do will dictate which you should choose.


Canada Goose

If warmth is your first and last criteria, nothing is better than Canada Goose. You can glide by a city winter in total comfort in a longer parka like the women’s Shelburne parka or the men’s Wyndham parka, with thick down insulation. Canada Goose uses only the best heat-trapping down in all their parkas, jackets, coats and accessories, and only uses premium down as an insulator. Which means they work best in dry, cold conditions.

Made to be worn as-is, Canada Goose parkas require no layering. Just slip on the comfort and head outside.



Arc’teryx offers a more broad range than Canada Goose. Ski jackets, hiking apparel, running shells—go with Arc’teryx. They do have down-filled ultra-warm parkas like the Macai. Arc’teryx blends down with synthetic insulation, placed strategically (or ‘body-mapped’) at humid areas. The result is jackets that function through different climates and adapt to your physical activities.

Arc’teryx also specializes in warming mid-layers that outer shells slip over. These are well-suited for places like the backcountry, where you’d snuggle into the warm Cerium LT under a Beta AR shell and be ready for any kind of weather or activity.

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Canada Goose

Canada Goose has a high price point, partly because of the unsurpassed quality of the materials and the craftsmanship, partly due to the coats being a status symbol. You’re buying into history here, and into basecamp at McMurdo in the Antarctic. They’re known everywhere, even in places where their winters pale in comparison to Canada’s.


Arc’teryx has a toned-down appeal pivoting on functional efficiency. No excess – just apparel that works and moves with you. Simple, solid, and even the logo is subtle. These are go-to’s for snowsports or active individuals that breathe, warm and help you on your way. In a way, the clothes are built to help you forget about them and focus on your goal.


Both Canada goose and Arc’teryx have on offer some of the best winter jackets, coats and parkas on the market. If you’re looking for fashion, warmth and something that doesn’t need layers underneath, run with Canada Goose. Dry cold city winters won’t stand a chance against it. If you’re getting out and active, or just looking for a winter jacket, coat or parka that’s versatile and built for layering and multi-season wear, Arc’teryx is your choice in city or mountains.