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Canada Goose. Canada Goose Thermal Experience Index

Canada Goose Thermal Experience Index – Find The Right Jacket

Depending on your winter, your jacket requirements will be different. From chilly breezes to arctic flurries, knowing what kind of jacket performs best in which climate is key. With a wide range of products, it can be confusing to try and figure out which jackets are best suited to what temperatures. Canada Goose has created an easy-to-understand system to help you choose the Canada Goose product you need. The Canada Goose Thermal Experience Index (TEI) will help you select the best parka to get you through the winter.

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Canada Goose works with  a simple 1-through-5 index of warmth.  1 being lightly insulated and 5 being jackets for Arctic explorers. With winter right around the corner, here’s the index explained, starting with the warmest.

TEI5: Extreme (-30° to …)


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TEI5 means absolute warmth. There’s nothing frivolous about these jackets and parkas. They are field-tested for the coldest places on earth. No more sitting at home on a Saskatoon Sunday, Quebec City snowfall or Edmonton mid-morning. Shop one of these and enjoy the coldest days of winter with utter disdain.

TEI4: Enduring (-15° to -25°)


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At TEI4, we are no longer joking around. Jackets in this rating are inspired by the Arctic and made for enduring daily warmth. If you are always cold, then look at these jackets to get your fires warm.  If you are frequently outside when temperatures are getting uncomfortable in Calgary or Montreal, these are models for you.

TEI3: Fundamental (-10° to -20°)


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Fundamental warmth fashioned for everyday use is what TEI3 gives you. It’s getting hot in here.  These models can be taken into slightly harsher climates than TEI1’s or 2’s, like Halifax or Hamilton.  The fabrics are getting heavier and the down quantity is increasing.  All this translates to a warmer, tougher jacket.

TEI2: Versatile (0° to -15°)


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TEI2 is the rating for the ultimate in core warmth, comfort and versatility. Insulated for a little bit of everything, the versatile warmth level will be good in colder temperatures, but not too hot if you wear it around 0° Celsius.  This is a great option to put under a shell for a day skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa (and by that we mean eating Beavertails) or just on its own shopping on Toronto’s Young St.  If you ever want to go winter camping but will be hiking ten kilometers to camp at -15° Celsius, then throw one of these on. You’ll be warm, but won’t overheat.

TEI1: Lightweight (5° to -5°)


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This rating is the starting point of the Canada Goose Thermal Experience Index, perfect for active pursuits. These are for people who may not need crazy-as-heck warmth in Vancouver or Victoria.  These Canada Goose jackets, vests and coats are good for someone who lives in a temperate climate where it gets chilly, but not cold.

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If you are always on the chilly side then perhaps you should bump up to a higher heat level, and if the opposite is true then bump down one.  This will help you choose the most appropriate model of Canada Goose for your usage, based on the Canada Goose Thermal Experience Index. If you’re still unsure which jacket will be best for you, read our choosing the right winter jacket guide so you end up with your ideal coat this winter.Or shop our whole collection of Canada Goose-everything from scarves to toques to gloves. Stay warm!

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