Canadian-Made & Designed Winter Coats

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Arc’teryx, Canada Goose, Kanuk, Mackage, Nobis, Quartz Co., Soia & Kyo, Vallier. Canadian-Made & Designed Winter Coats

Everyone has their favourite brands strategically chosen for various reasons —could be related to the style of the products, the materials used or even their origin. More and more Canadian-made and designed winter coats are made from domestically-sourced materials and fabrics in order to contribute to the growth of Canada’s economy and eliminate any unnecessary pollutants.

Why Choose Canadian Brands?

For Canadian-made brands, choosing to produce with domestically sourced materials and fabrics is not only beneficial to the growth of a country’s economy but for the environment as well.  For those Canadian designed brands that manufacture elsewhere, it’s all about choosing the best products available to make high-quality outerwear.

We are proud to carry a wide selection of Canadian-made and designed winter coats produced right here in Canada, or conceived here, and made with domestically-sourced materials and fabrics. The brands include a variety of products but with the approaching winter, we are focusing on the brands carrying winter coats so those still searching for the ideal winter coat can choose a Canadian-made coat this season.

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Our Brands Made in Canada

Some people will be extremely thrilled to see their favourite brand or the winter coat they already own is produced here in Canada. Others may be pleasantly surprised and find a new reason to support a new brand they have just discovered. The following brands are designed and manufactured in Canada. 

Quartz Co.

Aris Jacket


 Kimberly Jacket


Lutse Jacket


Designed for the coldest winters, Quartz Co. is a brand that is no stranger to producing top of the line winter coats. The brand, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, is run by two brothers and offers a collection of versatile outerwear whose undeniable elegance is suited for urban outings as well as nature walks.  In addition to offering products entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec, Quartz Co. is the first manufacturer in the world to market, in collaboration with Altitude Sports, a coat insulated with milkweed fibres. For stylish warmth made here in Canada, Shop Quartz Co.

Canada Goose

Trillium Parka


Kensington Parka


Langford Parka


With a well-established reputation at home and internationally, Canada Goose is known for its high-end winter coats with extraordinary thermal properties and sought-after designs. From the Expedition parka, which accompanied scientists at an Arctic research station to the Skreslet parka, a mountaineering of the same name that climbed Everest in 1982, the Canada Goose coats proved their resistance against the coldest temperatures many times. Originally from Toronto, the brand has, during its sixty years of existence, multiplied styles while maintaining the same level of elegance. From bomber jackets to long parkas, Canada Goose products are varied and handmade on Canadian soil.


Max Jacket


Météorite Jacket


Mont-Royal Jacket


Forty years after its founding, the Kanuk brand is now a well-known figure in Quebec’s winter landscape. The brand has built its reputation by offering many models of parkas, all designed to face the particularly capricious and cold temperatures of the country. Durable, comfortable and resistant, Kanuk parkas also have a unique personal aesthetic that guarantees a sophisticated style throughout the cold season.

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FOSFO Long Winter Coat


Montreal Recycled Jacket


T.O. Jacket


The word Audvik means “quality of life” in the Inuit legend and the brand certainly honours this name. Launched in 1979 in Saint-Clet in Montérégie, Audvik was taken over in 2012 by a former cross-country ski champion. The brand is now relocated to Montreal which is the metropolis for producing winter parkas. Audvik produces high-end winter coats boasting classic looks that will stand the test of time and faithfully keep you warm and cozy all winter long.

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Canadian Designed, Internationally Made.

The following brands are proudly Canadian. These jackets are designed in Canada and made by the best in the garment industry from around the world.


Atom LT Jacket


Cerium SV Jacket


Therme Parka


Founded and based in North Vancouver, BC, Arc’teryx is one of the leading brands in the outdoor industry. Consistently producing innovative technologies and designs, Arc’teryx is a well-trusted brand for many athletes in a variety of outdoor sports. From their technical gear and outerwear to their under layers and stylish winter coats, Arc’teryx is a brand to remember.

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Outremont Down Parka



Brera Light Down Jacket


Mile-Ex Down Parka


Designed in Montreal, Vallier fuses the innovations of outdoor technical clothing with everyday urban essentials. While some of their apparel is made in Canada, other pieces from their collection are made abroad to ensure they get the best quality materials available. Founded in 2019, Vallier designs all-weather apparel for better urban living. 

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Soia & Kyo

Rooney-N Jacket


Maresa Jacket 


Jacinda-N Jacket


Soia & Kyo is a brand of outerwear founded in Montreal in 2004. The brand’s philosophy? “Beauty is in simplicity.” The minimalist style and sleek elegance of SOIA & KYO products will certainly ensure you many compliments this winter, in addition to keeping you warm on your outings.



Mai-R Jacket


Calla-X Jacket


Vico-R Jacket


Launched in 1999 by a Montreal couple, Mackage is a high-end brand that believes that the coat should be an integral part of your winter outfit. Thus, Mackage offers coats designed with quality materials and with a good thermal capacity, but which, above all, possess a luxurious elegance and a carefully studied style. To face the winter, the brand offers collections for women, men and even children, but keep an eye out for their range of handbags and accessories that are just as refined.

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Astrid Parka


Johan Jacket


Merideth Jacket


Nobis means “we” in Latin and is aimed at the community of explorers who are not afraid to go out to face the cold temperatures of the cold season once well dressed. The Ontario-based, Canadian brand offers fashionable and timelessly stylish outerwear and accessories designed for both the city and winter adventures in nature. For a winter jacket as chic, as it is versatile, that will keep you warm and comfortable despite the unpredictable weather, choose Nobis.

Shop Smart

Take your shopping experience to the next level and shop smart this winter. With so many brands producing Canadian-made and designed winter coats, jackets and parkas, it’s hard not to find one you’ll love. Choose the sustainable option and support the growth of the country’s economy by shopping for brands that are designed and made in Canada—or both!

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  1. Hello, this article helped me identify Canadian made brands out of the several brands worldwide. Unfortunately, after purchasing a down jacket from Soia & Kyo, the tag on the jacket says it is Made in China. I researched the brand and through reviews found out the products are only designed in Canada but is manufactured in China. I also believe in supporting the country’s economy and relying on domestically sourced materials. Seems several customers had the same issue with their quality and false advertisement of production. I would suggest removing Soia & Kyo from the list since aside from their quality issues, they do not meet the Canada made criteria.

    1. Hi Nikki, if you read through the article, there are two sections, section one being “Brands We Carry that Are Made in Canada” (Canada Goose, Quartz Co., Auvik and Kanuk) and section two being “Shop Other Canadian Brands We Carry.” It’s simply to show that there are additional brands that we carry that have their roots in Canada although may not be made here in Canada.

  2. This is a very misleading article. “Canadian made” is not the same as “Canadian brands”. I’m a Canadian living in Europe and the differences in fashion are very stark. Of all these brands you listed, not all of them are “canadian made”. “Canadian made” means manufactured by local artisans. I find it incredulous that someone would pay CAD$ 1K for some “brand” who then cheaps out on the labor and offshores production to China and pocket the profits. Canada Goose does manufacture in Canada. However, Noobis certainly doesn’t. Same with MacKage is so so. If it’s manufactured in Canada you won’t have to do much research to find out. It’ll be slapped on the label as Canada Goose does.

    1. Hi Omeir, if you have a look, the article is divided into two section with one being brands with their products made in Canada and the other being Canadian brands so brands that have their roots in Canada but may be manufactured elsewhere. If you notice, the brands that fall under the brands with products made in Canada, you will find Canada Goose, Quartz Co., Audvik, and Kanuk.

    1. Hello Mario, unfortunately with domestic-made products, the resources are limited and because of that, there are higher costs to create the garments.

  3. A lot of these brands don’t actually make their products in Canada. This article is misleading for someone looking specifically for this feature.

    1. Hello Brooke, thanks for your comment! We are aware that all these brands are Candian but you are correct not all are actually made here in Canada. The article has been updated so that the three made here in Canada appear first and the others are under a different title stating that they are Canadian brands, not Canadian made.

  4. Has anyone heard of or know where I can source a brand called museum, I understand it’s a Canadian brand and I saw it in lake garda Italy, but I cannot find it anywhere not even a website!

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