There is nothing like being surrounded by nature, gazing up at the stars from your campsite. On the beach, between the trees or on the steep side of a mountain, we set up our tent or our bivouac, and settle down for the night. At Altitude Sports, we offer you a review of the best camping tents, we explain how to choose your sleeping bag, and we have a go at winter camping. Benefit from the expert advice of our professionals for all your camping needs.


Best Gifts for Campers & Hikers

Best Gifts for Campers & Hikers

Those who love the Great Outdoors are not always easy to shop for. Not only do they value experience over objects, they’re also likely very knowledgeable about the gear...

Best Gifts for Campers & Hikers

Those who love the Great Outdoors are not always easy to shop for. Not only do they value experience over objects, they’re also likely very knowledgeable about the gear they do need. Lucky for you, we’re here to help! Our list below is filled with gift ideas that any outdoors person will love. And, with gear constantly being built stronger, lighter, and more durable, there’s always some piece of equipment in their kit that can use an upgrade.With our advice, you’re sure to turn Christmas 2020 into a holiday miracle. Read on to discover our top 10 gift ideas for the

Guide to Outdoor Water Filters

Understanding the types of backpacking water filters is paramount when choosing to buy an outdoor water filter bottle. There are gravity, bottle, squeeze, straw and pump filters, and ultraviolet purifiers like the Katadyn Steripen Ultralight UV Water Purifier. The variety of water filters out there makes it a hard choice, but we have made it easier by choosing one that fits your needs and wants for each category. Let's say you’re thinking of a pump or squeeze filter. You can kill two birds with one stone by sourcing filtered water and develop bigger biceps. Or if you don’t feel like a

Camping Coffee Making Guide 101

The experience of drinking coffee is second only to the experience of making coffee. But, when it comes to doing either in the backcountry, most people simply shrug and settle for tea—don’t be one of these people. So, what is camping coffee? Today, there are many backcountry brew methods to choose from; some old, some new. Below, we discuss the 9 most common brewing styles and the tools you’ll need to pull it off. By the end of this article, you’ll be a veritable backwoods barista. Not something you can put on your CV, but hey—life goals, right?Here's a quick camping coffee making guide

Best Camping Mattresses and Sleeping Pads in 2021

Believe it or not, your sleeping bag isn’t the only thing keeping you warm and toasty at night. For a good night’s sleep in the bush, sleeping pads are the true unsung heroes. Not only does a sleeping pad add a layer of heavenly comfort between you and a patch of rocky soil, it also prevents precious body heat from escaping through the ground. Below, we review the best sleeping pads in 2021. The Top Sleeping Pads Reviewed ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Product Name Ultralight Warm Quiet Shop Product Name Lightweight Durable Comfortable Shop Product Name Price Comfortable Thoughtful design Warmth-to-weight ratio Shop

Best Rain Pants for Hiking of 2021

When most days are wet and rainy, you’ll want the best rain pants for hiking tucked in your gear bag. Having a sturdy, durable pair of rain pants helps you spend more time outdoors, no matter the forecast. They can also turn a miserable wet day around camp into one that’s fun and functional when you know you’ll be kept dry. Choosing the best rain pants can be like trying to read an old map. They all look fairly similar, and it’s hard to tell which option is the best for you. But don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the best

Sea to Summit Spark I Ultralight Review

Sea to Summit has been making top-quality outdoor gear since their debut in 1990. Founded in Perth, Western Australia, it all started in 1983 when adventurer Roland Tyson began making his own gear as lightweight outdoor products were hard to find. In 1990, Australian mountaineer, Tim Macartney-Snape asked Mr. Tyson to make gear for his Mount Everest climb. The expedition and gear were a success, and the Sea to Summit brand was born. The Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight sleeping bag is extremely comfortable, durable, suitable for temperatures that drop down 40°F (5°C) and super light, weighing only 340g. The

Top 5 Camping Meal Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

When you’re on the trail, eating becomes less about enjoying a symphony of nuanced flavours and all about getting enough calories to stay alive. Luckily, with your wilderness appetite at full throttle, even the blandest backcountry dish can take on the status of haute cuisine. Seriously—something as unappetizing as a bag of powdered mashed potatoes can be your motivation to push through the day’s last grueling miles. But, all this begs the question—what does it actually take to eat well in the woods?For the moment, we ask that you forget about trail staples like ramen, oatmeal, and dehydrated “meals” and instead

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Hammock Camping

If you’re not sure how to get started with hammock camping, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we walk you through everything you need to know about hammock camping for beginners. Whether you’re looking to completely ditch your tent or simply want to familiarize yourself with another option, read on! In a hurry? Skip directly to your question :HAMMOCK CAMPING 101 GUIDEWhy you should hammock campAdvantages of hammocks compared to tentsDisadvantages of hammocks compared to tents Equipment neededHow to set upTips for successful hammock camping nightOther alternatives to tent campingHAMMOCK CAMP FAQDo you need a special hammock to

Best Camping Tents of 2021

Remember, choosing the right tent isn’t about choosing the priciest one or the one with the most features—it’s about choosing the one that meets your needs. Going for a weekend glamp with the fam? Looking for a seriously insulated winter shelter? Planning a thru-hike on a shoestring budget? We offer up 11 of the best camping tents for 11 unique campers! Our choice for the overall best camping tent in 2021 goes to the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 Tent for its ultralight design, durable construction, and myriad features. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente THE BEST CAMPING TENTS REVIEWED   Product Name Ultralight

Best Camping Coffee Makers of 2021

The two best things in life are camping and coffee. That’s a scientific fact. It’s also a fact that you haven’t really lived until you’ve experienced both things at the same time. Of course, not every coffee connoisseur loves the great outdoors, and not every camper covets the black gold. But for the rest of us normal folk, enjoying a wilderness cup of joe borders on a religious experience.So to help facilitate your own caffeine satori, we’ve compiled a list of 2021’s best coffee makers for camping. Our top pick is the Wacaco Minipresso GR for its compact and lightweight

Best Insulated Water Bottles

Choosing the right insulated water bottle doesn't have to mean choosing the most expensive one. Try to focus instead on picking a water bottle that best meets your needs, whatever they may be. Embarking on a day hike? Going camping with your family? Leaving on a kayak expedition? Mountaineering with your best friend? No matter what you're doing, there's a water bottle for it. The majority of insulated water bottles stay hot for 6 to 12 hours and stay cold for between 6 to 24 hours. Choosing a water bottle also comes down to the size of your backpack, car

Best Camping Coffee Mugs for 2021

Whether you’re a minimalist backpacker or regular glamper, the best camping coffee mug can make the outdoor experience much more pleasurable. You can use a mug for your breakfast oats, evening nightcap, afternoon tea, and of course, morning coffee. Whether you’re a coffee drinker or tea lover, you’ll want a mug that keeps drinks hot (or cold) for hours, has an easy-to-use lid, and won’t leak coffee all over your gear. With these factors in mind, we’ve rounded up the best camping coffee mugs for 2021. Overall, our top coffee mug is the YETI Rambler Mug with a Magslider Lid, which

Best Camping Pillows for 2021

Is finding the best camping pillow just as important as finding the right camping stove or tent? We think so. There’s nothing worse than setting up your campsite, laying out your sleeping bag, and realizing you’ve forgotten a pillow! A camping pillow is a vital but often overlooked piece of gear for most hikers. But after hours of hiking, there’s nothing you want or need more than a good night’s rest. To help you catch some zzz’s on your next camping trip, we’ve put together the 10 best camping pillows on the market. We’ve evaluated these pillows based on comfort,

Best Multitools for Backpacking in 2021

Whether you’re a camper, a hiker, a climber, a hunter, or a field worker, you need a multitool. While multitools are great for common situations like cracking open a cold one or trimming some rope, they can also save your life when the unexpected arises. Whether it’s sawing wood to build a shelter, starting a fire in cold weather, or simply whistling for help, multitools are a lightweight piece of your kit that will serve you in more ways than you can imagine. Our top pick for best hiking multitool goes to the Leatherman Signal Multi-Utility Tool - Peg. It

Best Headlamps in 2021

One of the pivotal moments in our species’ history is when we discovered fire. Not only could we use it for cooking and keeping warm, but we could finally light up the darkness. Unfortunately for our ancestors, transporting fire wasn’t the most practical endeavour. Fast-forward several millennia and we find ourselves in an age where we have access to compact and powerful little fires that we wear like a third eye—headlamps. It’s hard to imagine where an outdoors-person would be without a modern headlamp. It’s a ubiquitous piece of kit for anyone venturing into the woods at night. Our pick for

PocketRocket Deluxe Review

The last thing you want is for your stove to break while camping in the middle of the wilderness. Though you can find cheap canister stoves at your local department store, it pays to invest in a sturdy, well-made stove like the PocketRocket Deluxe. This stove helps you heat up breakfast, coffee, and dinner in a snap, without using much fuel. It’s great for backcountry travelling when, after a long day, all you want is a quick meal. Campers in windy, cold, or elevated conditions will find the PocketRocket Deluxe makes a dependable companion. Thanks to its wind-resistant construction, it works

Best Coolers for Camping in 2021

Picking the right cooler isn’t about choosing the most expensive one. It’s about choosing the one that meets your needs. Going away for a camping weekend with the boys? Going glamping with a loved one? Camping with the family at a caravan park? Hiking and mountaineering with your best mate or going solo? Most people pick coolers for multiple purposes - and you are no exception. A majority of coolers keep food and drinks cold for two to three days. The high-end ones keep the ice frozen for up to 10 days. Your car might be full of camping equipment,

Best Camping Stoves in 2021

By definition, camping entails a return to basics: everything you need to survive is either contained in your backpack or the trunk of your car. Now, even though you can live off a diet of Cliff bars and trail mix, that doesn’t mean you should.  Here, we walk you through the best camping stoves of 2021, so you can enjoy the luxury of a warm meal even in the midst of a rugged adventure. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Best Single-Burner Camping Stove If you’re thru-hiking or just love to travel light, the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove is the perfect companion for your

Best Backpacking Tents in 2021

Who doesn’t want a cabin in the woods? Better yet, who doesn’t want a portable cabin in the woods? OK, maybe a tent isn’t quite as luxurious as a cabin. Nevertheless, its spartan nature doesn’t mean it can’t be a safe and comfy place you can call home in the backcountry! Today, we take a look at the top backpacking tents of the year. We’ve evaluated tents based on price, weight, packability, functionality, versatility, and durability. For its outstanding performance in all those areas, our top pick for 2021’s best backpacking tent goes to the Marmot Tungsten 1 Person Tent. Read

JetBoil MiniMo Cooking System Review

Food is more than just biological fuel. It’s a source of comfort and pleasure. Even on the trail, there’s nothing like a warm meal to recharge your body and your mind. So, when it comes to choosing the right cooking system, it’s normal to treat the decision as seriously as choosing a life partner (Ok, fine—almost as seriously).Today, we’re excited to review the JetBoil MiniMo. This is an all-in-one cooking system that’s perfect for a wide array of hikers and campers. Whether you want to boil water, make coffee, strain paste, or fry up some eggs, the MiniMo makes it

Best Camping Chairs for 2021

We’ve rounded up this year’s best camping chairs to guide you through the different ways you can comfortably kick back in nature. At a minimum, we looked for camp chairs that are lightweight, easy to pack down and provide a comfortable seat. We’ve included many different types of chairs on this list for every type of camper, from self-inflating seats to big comfortable reclining chairs. Our coveted Best Overall camping chair pick is the Big Agnes Mica Basin Camp Chair for its combination of lightweight materials, packability, durability, and comfort. In addition, we love that it sits high off the ground

The Best Camping Sleeping Bag Selection in 2021

As an outdoors person, you already know that a good night’s sleep can be the difference between a lovely day on the trail and a wilderness nightmare—and that’s the best-case scenario. In the woods, where circumstances can change very quickly, it’s essential to pack the right stuff. A lousy sleeping bag is not only uncomfortable but can allow precious body heat to escape, resulting in hypothermia. For its warmth-to-weight ratio, water-resistance, insulation, and compressibility, the Mythic 400 by Rab is our choice for best all-around camping sleeping bag in 2021. Check out our other top picks for backpackers, budgeters, and more. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Best All-Around Camping Sleeping

A step-by-step guide to responsible camping

Responsible camping is more than putting out your fire and collecting garbage before you go. The Leave No Trace movement offers seven simple guidelines to ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor adventure without harming the environment. Seven protips for responsible camping Plan your trip beforehand We camp to enjoy the peace and serenity that nature brings. However, a lack of preparation can certainly cramp one's style. The first principle of the Leave No Trace movement is to plan your trip well. A lack of preparation can lead to poor decision-making and improvisations which could, in turn, have a negative

The 6 Best Winter Sleeping Bags for Camping Adventures

If you’re like me, you may be experiencing a special kind of melancholy this year; an unfortunate synergy between your run-of-the-mill winter blues and the novel coronavirus blues. Most days we’re stuck indoors, counting down till summer, trying to catch but a glimmer of sunlight through the short, overcast days. But while there’s many ways to deal with this bummer, here’s one you haven’t considered: Winter camping. Really—what better time to hit the trail? It’s the pinnacle of social distancing! Best of all, you’ll have the lovely woods all to yourself. There’s no better way to recharge your body and

Topo Designs Mountain Fleece Review

Before we get into my review of the Mountain Fleece, a Topo Designs fleece top, I should say I've always wanted to be one of those athletes that celebrates winter. I have often wished that I could fly down the ski hill with icy pellets bouncing off my face, still sporting an ear-to-ear grin. Or return from a run outside with ice hanging from my eyelashes and be unfazed. But I'm not, and the driving reason is that I get cold quickly. I've made it a personal mission of mine to find clothing that is warm enough, to the point

Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt Reviewed

Established in 1897 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Filson is the leading outfitter and manufacturer of unfailing goods for outdoor enthusiasts. They have a reputation for being reliable and hard-wearing, a favourite among those who would rather be outdoors, and the same is true for  Filson flannel shirts. I have a few Filson shirts now, and as soon as I put one on, I'm reminded of how strong they are. The quality is right there in the stitching, the fabric, and the details. I instantly feel more capable, ready for anything in a Filson flannel shirt. Right now I’m wearing the

Eureka Alpenlite 2XT Review

The Eureka Alpenlite 2XT tent is a 4 season tent. However, I believe it excels in the shoulder season and colder months. I received this tent in the warmer months and had been anxiously awaiting giving it a proper winter test. Fortunately (depending on how you view it) winter came early as it often tends to on the east coast. Pros: Cons: (Relatively) Lightweight Rugged Durable Intuitive Set-up Slightly small for 2 people After a fresh snowfall and a few weeks of snow accumulation, I was ready for a backcountry camping trip. Hauling a gear sled with my tent and supplies tucked

20 Unique Camping Gift Ideas for Hikers and Campers

Everyone has outdoor enthusiasts on their gift list: a camping lover with an intrepid spirit and nearly impossible to shop for come the holidays. It's one thing to go through camping gear gifts for our hiking, and backpacking friends. Camping articles like the best winter camping sleeping bags can be helpful but sometimes we want a wider choice. Imagine, though, a one-stop article for all unique camping gear gift guide ideas. Here is our guide to unique camping gift ideas, with something to please all enthusiasts whether going away for summer camp or setting up shelter in winter snows. Our

Down Sleeping Bags vs. Synthetic Sleeping Bags

Like many insulated outdoor gear products, sleeping bags use to main types of insulation: down or synthetic. Both have pros and cons that you have to consider. Ultimately, your sleeping conditions will determine the type of sleeping bag you will need. Read our Ultimate Sleeping Bag Buying Guide   Sleeping Bags with Down Insulation The quality and strength of insulation varies. You might have noticed a number beside the down filling : 550, 600, 650...800. This number refers to the loft capacity of the down; the higher the number, the better the quality of the sleeping bag. Remember that this

Sleeping Mats, Bags And More – EXPED’s Imaginative Outdoor Sleeping Solutions

You’ve liked the spectacular insta pics of vast valleys, sky-piercing peaks and frolicking forests. You geared up with the latest hiking boots, down-filled jacket, merino baselayer and durable hike socks. Your do-everything backcountry backpack is bursting with accessories. You hit the trails full of excitement. And every night you’re cold, sleeping on a lumpy hard surface digging into you where you wish it wouldn’t. Each morning you’re so groggy and tired no amount of instant coffee on your portable stove can save you from stumbling through the day. Camping mat, anyone? Shop Exped Sleeping Swiss-Style Founded in 1983 in Zurich,

Nemo Equipment Down Sleeping Bag Disco Reviewed

The idea of side sleeping designed bag hadn’t crossed my mind. I mean it’s so obvious right?! This is coming from someone that can only sleep if I’m on my side which has meant in the many years that I have been camping and using sleeping bag’s I haven’t gotten the best night’s sleep. So along comes the Nemo Equipment Disco sleeping bag and I couldn’t be more eager to try it out. Pros: Cons: Expandable zips Side sleeping makes it very comfortable Lightweight Packs nice and small Doesn’t retain heat once wet Now first impressions out of the bag

Hydro Flask Soft Cooler Reviewed

For as long as I can remember, bringing a cooler on summer vacation has always been a given. Whether it was at the campsite or on the beach, as kids, we’d always run over to the cooler to grab ourselves a cold treat after hours of swimming and playing in the sun. As adults, not much has changed, the cooler is still a saviour on hot days - except now, we swap cold snacks for cold drinks. [caption id="attachment_88793" align="aligncenter" width="4969"] Photo by @raphcouturier [/caption] The coolers I’ve used in the past have always served me well, but now Hydro