There is nothing like being surrounded by nature, gazing up at the stars from your campsite. On the beach, between the trees or on the steep side of a mountain, we set up our tent or our bivouac, and settle down for the night. At Altitude Sports, we offer you a review of the best camping tents, we explain how to choose your sleeping bag, and we have a go at winter camping. Benefit from the expert advice of our professionals for all your camping needs.


A step-by-step guide to responsible camping

A step-by-step guide to responsible camping

Responsible camping is more than putting out your fire and gathering garbage. The Leave no Trace movement offers seven simple guidelines to ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor...

Fjällräven Keb Trousers Reviewed

I run mountain bike events, guide, and instruct, in short, I typically ruin everything within a matter of weeks.I’m very rich with experiences, not so much when it comes to currency.  Why is that important? Well, if I’m going to spend a lot of money on something, especially clothing, it has to have multiple uses and damn well better last a lifetime.  Clothing for me has to to be low maintenance, practical, and rugged.  A bonus if it looks good.Fjällräven is a brand that you often see being worn on the grouse grind, in the Canmore coffee shops, but there’s a

How to Choose a Mattress for Camping

A good night's sleeping begins with your bed. Whether it be a cozy mattress in your bedroom at home or the mattress, sleeping bag duo you've picked for your weekend in the woods, comfort is key. Like anything when it comes to outdoor gear before you make a decision, you need to know what you're looking for. What Kinds of Camping Mattresses Are There? First things first, there are three main types of sleeping mattresses so you will need to decide which one is right for you. Some people that do a variety of outdoor activities and different types of journeys may

The North Face Women’s Aphrodite Motion Pants Reviewed

While February was doing its own in Quebec, I flew one week to the country of adventure and beautiful weather: Costa Rica. I was fortunate to have two cool pieces from The North Face to accompany me on this adventure. I went to the airport with the Ventrix L3 jacket on the back, lightweight insulator that I could easily roll and hide in my luggage after the flight. I also put on the Aphrodite Motion Pants that kept me warm all the way from my front door to our “casita” in Liberia, without being too warm once we landed. Shop

The High Camp Turtagrø Experience with Norrøna

When we finally arrived in Oslo, the city welcomed us with a radiating early May sun, and crisp blue skies. It was two days before the official start of High Camp Turtagrø, a multi-day ski touring event which takes place in the Jotunheimen Nasional Park, which Altitude Sports had been invited by Norrøna to take part in. Our group spent Wednesday evening sharing stories and getting to know one another over some fine wine and a savoury bowl of Fiskesupp (fish soup) as the Norwegian sunset. We laughed, we smiled, and it was hard to believe we were all strangers

Winter Camping Survival Guide

Camping is a simple hobby loved by families, weekend-warriors, outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. I mean, who doesn't love sleeping out under the peaceful, starry, night sky staring at the star constellations? The possibilities are endless and you can camp nearly wherever and whenever you wish, even in the winter. That's right, camping isn't just for spring and summer outings folks! Whatever the reason for your winter camping adventure, we want to ensure that you are well-prepared and ready to make memories in the snow! Read on for some winter camping survival tips. Shop Our Winter Camping Collection Planning and

The North Face Blue Kazoo Sleeping Bag Reviewed

The Blue Kazoo by The North Face is a quality sleeping bag offering increased comfort and exceptional performance. Insulated with 650 treated down, the sleeping bag resists moisture and provides consistent performance even during prolonged use. During our test, we used this sleeping bag every night for three consecutive weeks in the Icelandic spring without ever losing performance. The rainy nights and the wet days when the sleeping bag cannot be ventilated have not diminished the comfort and insulation. Shop The North Face Sleeping Bags Our review of this product 9 / 10 The pros are: Perfect collar, sufficiently deep and

9 Summer Camps in Canada Your Child Will Love

Some families will take these months to embark on family adventures to far off destinations in foreign countries. Others will head into the wilderness for weekends of camping and others will enjoy stay-cations and explore all there is to offer in their own town. However you spend your summer vacation, these few months of fun create memories that are cherished by the whole family.If you’re a parent with a busy schedule and have a hard time finding the time to fill your kids’ free time with activities and fun, why not send them to a summer camp? Sports camps, arts camps, educational camps, there’s a summer camp

15 Summer Camp Essentials You Need To Pack

It's that time of year where the kids run wild and free and spend their day's enjoying their summer activities. If you're one of the may parents who works a busy schedule throughout the year, a summer camp may be a great option for your little ones. They can learn new skills, meet new friends and enjoy their summer vacation to it's fullest before heading back to school. There are multiple summer camps to choose from around the world and many offer different activities. Before you can send your little one off for a few weeks of fun in the sun,

Top 7 Easy Fire Starting Hacks For Camping

Knowing a few good fire starting hacks can make this process a breeze and are a great way to impress your fellow campers.Everyone has their hacks that they live by and practice every time they head out into the woods. If you haven’t got any fires starting hacks of your own, here are a few of our favourites that are sure to impress your camping crew. Dryer Lint & Toilet Paper RollYou know that fuzzy pile of lint you extract from your dryer after every use to prevent a spontaneous combustion? Yah, that fuzzy stuff that wrecks havoc when it sticks

Norrøna: High Camp Turtagrø 2017 Recap

This past weekend I had the pleasure to be a part of High Camp Turtagrø which is a ski touring event taking place in Jotunheimen West, a mountain range located in Norway. Technical Norwegian brand, Norrøna, was the main sponsor for this year's event which unfolded fantastically and was enjoyed by many ski-goggle-tanned faces from around the area and across the sea.  Before heading out of the city and making our way into the mountains for High Camp, we made a quick stop at the Norrøna headquarters located in Oslo. Of course it wouldn't be Norway without a waterfall and the Norrøna headquarters

How to Take Your Dog Camping for the First Time

Where to start when wanting to go camping with your dog? Bringing your dog camping has become more and more popular in the last years. Because they spend a good part of the week waiting for you patiently, we tend to want to include them as much as possible in our activities! So here is Alice, an almost two-year-old Australian Shepherd, which will be our guinea pig. Alice loves to be outside, to be pet by literally anyone, rolling in the mud, chasing squirrels and bathing in the fountain in front of the Maisonneuve Market (Oops! Shh! She's not supposed