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Best Winter Cycling Jackets for 2020

Best Winter Cycling Jackets for 2020

When you’re cycling in winter, your primary concern is to stay dry and warm. Modern brands design cycling jackets to keep you comfortable with modern synthetic fabrics that insulate...

Best Winter Cycling Jackets for 2020

When you’re cycling in winter, your primary concern is to stay dry and warm. Modern brands design cycling jackets to keep you comfortable with modern synthetic fabrics that insulate and waterproof. They also feature excellent reflective zippers and convenient pockets for storing additional layers. We found the best overall winter cycling jacket with the most impressive features like waterproofing and breathability to be the Castelli Alpha RoS 2 Jacket. Breathable microporous membrane fabrics such as Gore-Tex prevent rainwater from getting in but allow moisture (read: sweat) to get out. These days, there is a broad range of jackets available, from

Best Cycling Shoes of 2020

In this guide, we’ll review the nine most competitive cycling shoes on the market and explain their strongest and weakest points. Of all our favourites, the Garneau Granite II shoes topped the list for their multitude of features and functions Why Cycling Shoes? Cycling shoes are essential to keep your feet protected and maximize the transfer of energy from foot to the pedal. In some models, the innovative closure system protects pressure points on the top of the foot. Additionally, the soles are more stiff to aid in the effective transfer of energy as you ride. Best All-Around Cycling Shoes

The Best Mountain Biking Helmets of 2020

Are you looking for the best mountain bike helmet for your next adventure? Your helmet is an essential part of your mountain bike equipment, but how to choose it? Here are the criteria to consider. We have evaluated over 50 helmets and have collected the best 6 in this guide. The Smith Optics Forefront 2 helmet is the big winner for its price, its robustness, and the protection it offers. Whether you're on a budget or ready to spend a little luxury, this guide presents the best mountain biking helmets for all styles and budgets. The Best Overall Helmet 1.

Choosing The Right Biking Helmet

Best Road Bike Helmets 2020 The most important factor when choosing a road bike helmet has always been safety, but how do you decide which of the best road bike helmets is right for you? Do you search for a lightweight helmet or one that is stylish but perhaps a bit on the heavy side? Can a mountain bike helmet do the trick? And what is MIPS anyways—and do you need it? The amount of choices available can make the search seem overwhelming.  That’s why we studied 9 of the best road bike helmets on the market and found that

Gear for the Streets: Discover Urban Cycling Apparel

Some riders like to treat every ride like it’s a personal time-trial and for those riders, we’ve got the latest cycling apparel for the new season. But for the commuters who like to ride around town with their friends on their vintage bikes and fixies, going from work to the pub…we’ve also got the latest urban cycling apparel to keep you relaxed, comfortable and stylish. Essential GearNo matter what your style, no matter what you ride, when you're hopping on the bike you're going to need a few essentials. Like the rule about never leaving the house without your keys wallet and

Wonderfully Eccentric Sunglasses by Pit Viper

With a psychedelic website that's reminiscent of good ol' Windows 95 and a more-than-dubious sense of humour, Pit Viper is on its way to conquering the market of urban and sport sunglasses. The Utah-based brand seems to make a point of not taking themselves too seriously, all while manufacturing some of the most resistant and imaginative sunglasses around. Pit Viper: With Respect and Authority Pit Viper's slogan is hard to forget. In 2012, adventurer Chuck Mumford wished to find an alternative to his sunglasses, which kept on breaking and couldn't survive his most intense expeditions. That's how Pit Viper, dedicated

Best Bike Locks In 2020

The end of winter means one thing for cyclists: it’s time to stock up on the essentials. Having a proper helmet is number one, but after that, having the right bike lock comes a close second. There’s no one-size-fits-all lock, what’s “right” varies from person to person. Protecting your bike from theft is important when you're  commuting through the city or touring through mountain trails. Your lifestyle determines which lock is best for you and your bike. No matter where or how you ride, this guide will help you find the right lock for you. Best Overall Bike Lock 1-

Fat Biking Do’s and Don’ts

As a new father, I’m challenged for every second of the day, with very little time to work out. I’m an avid cyclist in the summertime, so winter is usually when I gain a few pounds and then try to sweat them away on cross country skis and snowshoes. What's needed at times like these is a fat biking do's and don'ts guide to get me going... Last year our friends at Garneau were kind enough to lend us a few ‘Gros Louis’ fat bikes for us to test our winter training apparel. Yes, fat bikes—those winterized bicycles with the

What to Wear Winter Cycling

For some, a weather forecast scattered with snowflakes and subzero temperatures signals the end of the cycling season. For others, this is simply a sign to rotate in your winter cycling wardrobe. From insulated shoe covers and lobster gloves to wind-resistant cycling pants and cozy mid-layers, appropriate cycling apparel is all you need to enjoy the cold months, and we've got you covered with our guide on what to wear winter cycling. Winter Cycling Jackets Finding the right winter cycling jacket or jackets is key for cycling to work in winter. It is your protection from the elements and the

13 Best Gift Ideas For Cyclists

With the growing popularity of the sport of cycling, everyone has a friend or family member who swears by their two-wheeled mount. Whether they're commuting, hurling down muddy trails or setting the pace on long road journeys, they'll need the right gear to get them to the end of their ride. From essential equipment to the latest gadgets, we’ve put together a selection of gifts ideas for cyclists—both the fast-paced glory-hunter and the daily bike commuter. Gift Ideas for Cyclists Aerodynamic helmets, lightweight jackets, and hydro packs all keep you riding longer. Techy watches and GPS bike computers will please

Who’s Wearing What at The Tour de France? Cycling Gear Featured in the 2019 Race

As cycling fans and passionate riders, we’ve compiled a list of the gear you’ll see at this years’ Tour de France. From Castelli Jerseys to limited-edition Oakley sunglasses and aerodynamic Fizik saddles, we’ve got the leading apparel and bike accessories you’ll see at every race stage. What is The Tour de France? The Tour de France is the pinnacle of cycling. The race combines-lung busting climbs, blisteringly fast time trials, and photo-finish sprints. The 2019 edition of The Tour de France starts on July 6th with the Grand Départ from Brussels. The race ends, as always, on the Champs-Élysées in

PEPPERMINT Bikefest: The PEPPERMINT Cycling Experience

Saturday morning, I packed up my road bike and hit the road early for Mont Tremblant. It is PEPPERMINT Bikefest this weekend, and I get the chance to participate in the fun alongside many other like-minded women. This event is a cycling event dedicated to bringing women together through the sport of cycling initiated by PEPPERMINT Cycling. You can sign up for one of the two types of cycling offered (road or mountain bike) and join other fellow female cyclists on the trails or the road. While I usually reach for my mountain bike and head for the dirt, this

Hit the Trails & Road in Our Newest Cycling Brands this Season

While it may have been a slow start in some parts of the world, the sun is beginning to shine, and spring is finally here. If you're a cycling enthusiast, the sign of spring is a heaven send and those extra hours of light are a doorway to endless two-wheeled adventures. There's nothing better than finishing a day of work to an extra few hours of light to enjoy your outdoor activities. This season we have a collection of new cycling brands to offer to our active cyclists. From aero spandex to relaxed trail style, you're sure to find the

Altitude Sports X Garneau Cycling Kit: The 2019 Edition Has Arrived

Get your bike ready, the latest Altitude Sports X Garneau collaboration has finally arrived! Every year since 2015, Altitude Sports and Garneau have teamed up to create an exclusive collection of cycling apparel and accessories that combines style and performance. The years go by and cycling apparel looks alike... except when it comes to the Altitude Sports X Garneau collection. From black and white lines to a camo pattern to sober black, the patterns have varied greatly over the years and 2019 is no different. To highlight the 5 years of tradition, we got a little daring and added some

Bikepacking in the Squamish Valley : Exploring the Pacific Northwest with Garneau

After a much too long Montreal winter, spring was in the air, and what better way to tease summer than a trip to Vancouver to test the latest collection of layers by Garneau. Returning from a backcountry ski photo shoot in the Kootenay Mountains, the Altitude Sports team took advantage of a long layover to test some gravel bike Garneau prototypes, sweating up a storm in new bibs, jerseys and accessories from Garneau’s 2019 spring-summer collection. To document our 48 hours off the grid, we took along a disposable camera.   The adventure began Friday, March 8th with a meetup

Cycling Among Giants: An Interview with Castelli Performance Director and former World Champion Andrea Peron

I’m in Italy and find myself at the headquarters one of cycling’s most iconic brands, Castelli. Yesterday I was baptized into the scenic Dolomites with a guided ride up Monte Grappa, which included a little more vertical than what I am used to in Quebec. Despite defining myself as a cycling enthusiast - I hit the road every non-snowy weekend and regularly undertake multiple weekday rides - my legs have yet to recover from the gruelling ascent. After traversing wide hallways lined with legendary riding memorabilia - think winning jersey’s from the Giro d’Italia and autographed photos of past and

How to Choose the Right Cycling Shorts

In the end, I wound up pulling my hamstring, resulting in two physiotherapy treatments and a home exercise plan. Not only did I have a sore leg, but I waddled like a duck for three days. Why hasn’t anyone ever spoken to me about bike shorts before? Huh? Let’s talk about bike shorts! Shop Our Cycling Collection 1. Inner Short or Regular Shorts There is such a thing as an inner short, which acts like an undergarment and is ideal for an easy commute. The short is easily wearable under a pair of pants or even a dress. Just because

Perseverance and innovations: Interview with cyclist Louis Garneau

We had the chance to meet Louis Garneau during the launch of our new ‘Altitude Sports X Garneau’ collection. The world-renowned athlete was kind enough to answer a few questions about his company, the oldest cycling brand in North America. Shop Garneau Altitude Sports: How did you transition from cyclist to businessman? Louis Garneau: I started racing when I was 12 and stopped around 25, after the Olympics. I always liked making things. I studied art, that’s what I liked best in school. I was interested in painting, sculpture, wood furniture making, and antiques. In 1982 my girlfriend and I

Cycling Helmets: Mountain Bike VS Road Bike

While many will think, “they are both cycling helmets, what difference does it make?” others are the first to notice when someone is wearing the “wrong” type of helmet.The truth is, it’s mainly the look that is different although some helmets will have specific features catered to that style of riding. At the end of the day, it’s not the end of the world to wear a road helmet for mountain biking and vice versa, so if you aren’t worried about your appearance while riding because of course, it’s not the looks that matter, it’s the trail and enjoyment you get from

Altitude Sports X Garneau Cycling Kit: 2018 Edition

2018 marks the fourth edition of our limited edition Altitude Sports X Garneau cycling kit and this year's design showcases dark tones and polka dots. We have chosen dark navy for the core colour with slight red accents in the form of polka dots. The inspiration derives from the night lights in the city and the somber shadows. In order to capture the night ambiance of this kit, we took to the streets for a night photo shoot. Shop the Altitude Sports X Garneau Collection [shopify_product id="1312955662439"] [shopify_product id="1312956088423"] [shopify_product id="1312955727975"] [shopify_product id="1312956121191"] For 2018, we offer three kits: a race

How to Dress for Mountain Biking

One of the highlights of the summer is getting out on your mountain bike and ripping down fresh, loamy trails. Whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling, any day out on your two wheels is an all-time day with shred-tastic conditions. While style is more often something you associate with urban settings and well-dressed folks in line at the coffee shop, looking good on the trails also requires a certain style. Spandex and fitted kits are popular for road cyclists because they are more aerodynamic. Relaxed, airy cuts with casual fits are popular for mountain bikers. When you're

IceMule: High-Quality, Easy-Carrying Coolers

What's better than a refreshing glass of ice water after a day spent in the sun? Maybe it's a cold beer that quenches your thirst after summiting a strenuous hike? It can be difficult to enjoy an ice-cold, thirst-quenching, beverage while exploring the great outdoors, but it certainly isn't impossible thanks to IceMule. For IceMule, the challenge was to design a cooler that could keep your refreshments and snacks fresh and nearby while you're outside enjoying nature. The mission was to provide an adventure-ready alternative to your standard bulky plastic cooler. That's why the brand developed several models of insulated cooler

SCOTT: The Cycling Experts

Founded in 1958, the birth of Scott Sports happened when Sun Valley resident Ed Scott invented the first ever tapered aluminum ski pole. This invention revolutionized the ski pole itself, replacing the standard steel or bamboo poles of the time. All in all, this invention was no surprise thanks to Ed’s engineering background and passion for skiing. Ed Scott's vision of innovation and his revolutionary ski poles helped position Scott among the ski industry's leaders in producing technical products. From there, the brand’s sports expertise blossomed. Next on the agenda was to tackle the two-wheeled sports market.   Shop SCOTT

What is MIPS Helmet Technology?

Over the past few years, MIPS technology has been found in numerous cycling, ski and snowboard helmets and is most recognized as the yellow circle with "MIPS" written on the side but what is MIPS? MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System and its main function is to reduce rotational forces which are caused by certain impacts to the head. It has been developed by brain surgeons and scientists and proven to work effectively to lower impact on the brain due to angled impacts to the head. How Does MIPS Work? Inside a helmet designed with MIPS, you will find a

How to Dress For Cycling

With the good weather setting in, there are few excuses for not getting out on a bicycle and exploring new routes. Now that you have prepared your bike for the season, it's time to prepare yourself for cycling and get equipped. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just ride your bike to get to work in the morning, there is a wide range of clothing and accessories that will make your life easier once you get behind the handlebars. Tops Craft Women's Velo Graphic Jersey Buy Now Castelli Women's Riparo Jacket Buy Now Louis Garneau Men's Metz Lite Cycling Jersey Buy Now

What to Wear Fat Biking this Winter

If you haven't gotten to ride one yet, you definitely need to try a fat bike this winter. Becoming the next big thing in bike travel, fat bikes are more and more common to see around and certain brands are creating specific designs that are equipped for multi-day expeditions over rough terrain. Say goodbye to the trekking shoes and trekking poles and hello to fat bikes. Why Fat Bikes? Thanks to their 4 inch+ tires, fat bikes have a significant amount of float which enables them to travel more easily across a range of terrain including sand, snow and desert