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Our Favourite Face Masks

Our Favourite Face Masks

Some manufacturing companies created masks for the public as well as healthcare workers, brands like Kanuk, Little Yogi, Naked & Famous and Keen. Their experience and craftsmanship was put to work to make...

Japanese Brands And Fashion – The Sun Never Sets On Tokyo Style

Spend any time in Tokyo and Japanese fashion rubs off on you. Everyone seems so well-dressed, from straight-laced salarymen to hip Tokyo streetwear aficionados. You get it all - rockabilly biker leather, staggering cosplay ensembles and extravagant lace trim. But the real gem Tokyo style and Japanese brands have to offer is their vision of the future. Time Travellers Nowhere does the future meet the present better than fashion. High fashion houses like Dior have recently doubled-down on the Japanese capital remaining the arbiter, influencer and chief purveyor of international street style. Tokyo moves fast, and Japanese clothing brands capitalize

Sleeping Mats, Bags And More – EXPED’s Imaginative Outdoor Sleeping Solutions

You’ve liked the spectacular insta pics of vast valleys, sky-piercing peaks and frolicking forests. You geared up with the latest hiking boots, down-filled jacket, merino baselayer and durable hike socks. Your do-everything backcountry backpack is bursting with accessories. You hit the trails full of excitement. And every night you’re cold, sleeping on a lumpy hard surface digging into you where you wish it wouldn’t. Each morning you’re so groggy and tired no amount of instant coffee on your portable stove can save you from stumbling through the day. Camping mat, anyone? Shop Exped Sleeping Swiss-Style Founded in 1983 in Zurich,

BLACKYAK IS NEXT: The Seoul-Based Mountaineering Brand From the World’s Future City

Towers and heat. Exiting Incheon Airport, that was my first impression of South Korea as we drove into Seoul in +35 °C weather. Dome-like mountains with rocky orange tops bordered the distance. We weaved along 5-lane highways, through thousands of Kia’s and Hyundai’s, speeding past developments along the Han River. Screens flashed advertisements. Our driver had two Samsung Galaxy’s attached to his dash. Absolutely everything was new. Despite it being July, I was in Seoul to meet BLACKYAK – a renowned mountaineering brand designing Everest-tested outerwear. What transpired was a crash course in Korean culture during the hottest week of

UBR Winter Apparel: Minimalist, High-Performance Scandinavian Design

When searching for your next luxury parka or storm coat, Scandinavia’s selection of clothing brands should be at the top of your list. Hailing from Oslo, UBR is a new winter apparel brand from one of the region’s most affluent cities. The Norwegian capital is renowned for its culture, futuristic architecture, and design heritage. It's also known as a fashion capital and headquarters of multiple high-end brands. Even as a new player, UBR has made inroads thanks to the look and quality of their designs. The brand makes warm, high-performance men’s and women’s winter parkas and jackets to meet the

Made in Canada Men’s Clothing Brands for Summer 2019

It’s Summer, and we're celebrating by showcasing our premium Made-in-Canada men's clothing brands. From Victoria's Viberg handmade leather boots to Vancouver's innovative Veilance, and Toronto's Bather swimwear, we've got you covered from coast-to-coast.  What sets these guys’ clothing brands apart from the competition - outside the fact they're made here? It’s quality. Their apparel is manufactured in Canada, giving them an edge on design and material production. They are also leagues ahead in aesthetic and refinement - let's call them trendsetters. Shorts, shirts, swim trunks, and fine denim - we've got the best in Canadian-made men's clothing for summer 2019

Wear This, Do Good: The Bottle Source Collection by The North Face

384,000 pounds of recycled plastic bottles. That’s what The North Face’s Bottle Source collection is made of. It’s a remarkable initiative with both style and a plus for the planet. Discover the collection Chandail à capuchon Bottle Source - Homme Shop Chandail à capuchon Bottle Source - Homme Shop Chandail à capuchon Bottle Source - Femme Shop Chandail à capuchon Bottle Source - Femme Shop Never Stop Exploring The North Face slogan evokes summits scraping the clouds, paths snaking through forests, streams shimmering in the sun…In fact, our planet’s medical report paints a far from rosy picture. To adhere to

Manitobah Mukluks: Where Style meets Tradition

When something works you don’t mess with it. Update it, sure, but keep true to what makes it a success. Manitobah Mukluks figured out how to keep feet warm in snowy, cold weather by looking back at traditions and techniques from the First Nations peoples of Canada. The demand for this warm, innovative footwear, plus a forward-looking social ethos means a booming company that is a true Canadian success story. Sean McCormick, a Métis from northern Manitoba, launched a venture in 2007 replicating the mukluks he wore as a child. The concept behind Manitobah Mukluks was simple: leverage the sknow-how

Quartz Co. Edition Collection

Quebec winters tell the tale of massive snowfalls, cutting winds, biting cold and freezing rains. Who better than a Quebec company to counter the capriciousness of Old Man Winter with perfectly tailored jackets? Inspired by the icy landscape of their birthplace, those behind Quartz Co. offer performance wear with class and style. The entire Quartz Co. line is made for you in Quebec with its unforgiving weather in mind. The Edition Collection Influenced by the tastes, needs and environments of an emerging generation, Quartz Co. launched their Edition Collection this year, bringing a modern look to classic styles. All jackets

To the Top of the World in The North Face Summit Series

Climbing the world’s highest peaks makes several demands on health, fitness, mindset and more. The last thing you want to worry about when pushing past 8000 meters is your clothes. The North Face has every high-altitude climbing step covered with their Summit Series. From basecamp to Everest’s Khumbu Icefall, the French Couloirs at Annapurna, up to K2’s Bottleneck, the Series provides no-nonsense options for the ascent and descent. In your packing list, everything should be warm and wick moisture while allowing a free range of movement. This way your focus stays where it needs to be: on the next step

The North Face Steep Series™: “One Kit For Any Mission”

Backcountry weekends and epic all-dayers in the mountains call for serious preparation and reliable gear. Knowing that the professionals know best, The North Face partnered with their team of athletes to create their Steep Series™ collection and answer the need for functional and performant backcountry gear. From base layers and mid layers to GORE-TEX® shell jackets and bibs, The North Face Steep Series™ is a versatile kit that is ready for any mission. Shop The North Face Discover the Steep Series™ Collection The greatest focus behind the Steep Series™ collection was to be able to produce a kit that was function-first. The goal: to

Arc’teryx Veilance: the Forefront of Design

Arc’teryx launched Veilance in 2009 to create precision, performing apparel for a contemporary urban lifestyle. Veilance offers minimalist form, clean lines, and a city-bound aesthetic while drawing from the advanced engineering and technical ingenuity Arc’teryx is known for. The result is one of the world’s leading brands and looks. Everything about Veilance leads back to their Vancouver origins. The clothes are designed in the Vancouver office. All material and tooling development is done in British Columbia’s lower mainland. Veilance patterns and prototypes are created and sewn in-house. The hand-crafted production happens mainly at the local Arc’teryx factory, where their own

The North Face Brings Back the 90’s with the Nuptse Collection

Loose sweaters, flared pants, print tees – the 90’s are back in full force in the lifestyle fashion world. The North Face, long a leading crossover trendsetter, brings back the ultimate authentic winter look from the era: The Nuptse. Shop The North Face Women’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket Shop Women’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket Shop Men’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket Shop Men’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket Shop Named for a Mount Everest neighbor, the Nuptse was conceived as an alpinist’s jacket. The innovative concept was revolutionary: horizontal baffles kept down insulation in place despite high levels of movement. The light

Altitude Sports x Quartz Co. | Meet Jane & Clark

Meet Jane and Clark, the third collaboration between Quartz Co. and Altitude Sports. These Canadian down-filled winter parkas for him and her are exclusive to our online store. The coats offer contemporary urban aesthetics, outstanding warmth and fitted snow-proof protection for frigid Canadian winters. Let’s get to know Jane and Clark, the result of two Montreal-based companies who pride themselves on a shared minimalist aesthetic and expertise in winter fashion. A closer look at Jane Jane is temperature-rated to -30 C, with her 650 Canadian goose down filling packing a powerfully warm punch. She’s longer than the usual down-filled coat,

Mountain Hardwear: Into the Backcountry with the CloudSeeker™ Collection

When the forecast calls for snow and the mountains are looking pristine, a peaceful day in the backcountry is exactly what the doctor called for. Discovering new lines, stumbling upon untouched powder stashes and simply enjoying the lack of crowds and chaos. Mountain Hardwear knows that in order to enjoy backcountry explorations to their full extent, you need durable gear that you can rely on. From bluebird days to whiteout pursuits, the appropriate gear is essential which is why they created the CloudSeeker™ collection. Made up of a set of mittens, gloves, technical jackets for both men and women as

Mammut: Think Eiger Extreme

When creating an alpine collection for the most demanding athletes, it is crucial to refer to the pros for the most accurate and critical feedback. This is why Mammut has involved the Mammut Pro Team in every aspect of the development process for their latest Eiger Extreme collection. A collection composed of products that have been designed to withstand the harshest conditions for extreme alpine scenarios. From remote expeditions to technical ski mountaineering, the Eiger Extreme collection is crafted to withstand the alpine. Shop Mammut Discover the Mammut Eiger Extreme Collection The Eiger Extreme collection allows Mammut to live up to

Nau: Eco-Friendly Designs and the Future of Sustainable Clothing

Portland is a progressive city. It's renowned for a blend of do-it-yourself startups, craft breweries, and as headquarters for multiple athletic companies. In 2007, a former Portland-based executive decided to start an eco-friendly clothing and outerwear brand, drawing inspiration from a trip to Polynesia. The executive chose a name inspired by the Maori greeting "Nau Mai! Haere Mai!" - meaning "Welcome! Come in!." The name, which is pronounced "now," is a call to action. To its founders, it resonates as a contemporary, sustainable approach to West Coast clothing. Think ‘green' fibers and fabrics, sustainable manufacturing, and pioneering environmental programs. A

Smartwool Smartloft Insulation: Giving Merino a Second Life

Cooler weather calls for layers, insulated clothing and this season's Smartwool Smartloft insulation. The brand has embraced the beloved characteristics of wool and branched out to create the 'world's most comfortable insulation' - Smartloft. Made from 50% recycled materials, this light, lofty, warm and sustainable insulation is made up of 88% wool and 12% polyester. The 88% wool portion is comprised of 50% recycled Merino 250 scraps and 38% virgin wool so you get the warmth you love within an eco-friendly way. Shop Smartloft Collection Smartwool has been at the forefront of the base layer industry and a favourite among many. With a

Sherpa Adventure Gear: “Modern Brand. Ancient Wisdom.”

Sherpa Adventure Gear is a brand with a mission. Designed to withstand the Himalayan elements, their products are an ode to the grace of Sherpas who beautifully equipped themselves for high altitude climbing in the harshest conditions. From staying warm and dry to simply feeling comfortable during your journey, the wisdom of the Sherpas was admiringly adopted in the designs of Sherpa Adventure Gear. Shop Sherpa Adventure Gear Every Purchase Counts Each garment is handcrafted in Nepal and has provided meaningful employment and income to so many of the families within the area. For every garment you purchase, 25 cents is donated

Mammut: Heart of the Mountaineer

Mammoths roamed the Swiss Alps thousands of years ago. Mammut, the name chosen by the makers of mountaineering clothing and gear, translates to mammoth: the massive prehistoric beast on the logo reflects the strength of the products, and is one of the most recognisable signs of robust reliability in mountain sports. Shop Mammut In the Swiss town of Dintikon in 1862, rope-making apprentice Kaspar Tanner set out to create the best all-purpose climbing-specific ropes in the world, twining and tensioning the ropes outside his shed. From these simple beginnings Mammut was born. Over 150 years later it's easy to see

Discover the Limited Edition Salomon S/LAB Black Edition Collection

If you're a Salomon fanatic who loves adding new shoes to your technical shoe line-up, your footwear collection is about to get a little more black with Salomon's limited edition S/LAB Black Edition collection. New this season, Salomon's S/LAB collection is getting a subtle makeover. Replacing their eye-catching colours with shades of black, the S/LAB Black Edition collection blends the sleek designs you love with the sharp elegance of black. Shop Salomon Footwear Created in the Salomon design center in Annecy, the Salomon S/LAB Black Edition evolved from the idea of creating "a serious look, for serious progress." Available in three different models

Icebreaker’s Cool-Lite Collection: Stay Cool This Summer

Summer means warmth and sunshine. As the temperature rises, it can be tricky to know exactly what to wear and not overheat. To help you take advantage of your favourite summer activities, Icebreaker developed Cool-Lite. This technology combines the natural benefits of merino wool with TENCEL®, a eucalyptus-derived fibre. This unique combination results in clothes that breathe and evacuate heat easily. Shop Icebreaker Cool-Lite™ Collection Advantages of Merino Wool [shopify_product id="241609998357"] [shopify_product id="10057825606"] [shopify_product id="10057837638"] [shopify_product id="163704537109"] A favourite among outdoor enthusiasts, merino wool is known for its numerous technical qualities. Several are quite useful when it comes to keeping

Sportful: Designed for Athletes

With a passion for the mountains and an eye for design that thrives in their collections, it's no surprise that Sportful is an acclaimed company. Producing reputable and performant products trusted by world-class athletes, the brand holds a well-deserved image that is associated with top quality. From cross-country skiing and cycling to climbing and ski mountaineering, Sportful shares their innovation and love for mountain sports across a broad range of activities. Shop Sportful Founded in 1972, Sportful was created from an aspiration to produce adequate cross-country ski apparel. At the time, the products within the cross-country ski racing market were lacking innovation

Discover Patagonia’s Fair Trade & Recycled Swimwear

Patagonia is well-known in the outdoor industry for their environmental initiatives and for the ways that they have adapted their brand in order to decrease their environmental impact. Their products are designed for those who appreciate the nature surrounding their favourite hobbies and sports and are aware of the impact that their actions may have on the environment. Something as simple as knowing where the fabrics and materials for the products you are wearing come from can have a large impact and Patagonia's fair trade and recycled swimwear is a great initiative. Shop Patagonia [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2400"] *Left Photo By

Keen Sandals: Designed for Summer Adventures

Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? How about lakeside afternoon strolls or weekend getaways to the woods? A pair of versatile footwear allows you to enjoy a variety of terrain, from your camp to the beach. This is where Keen sandals come in. The company's water sandals are perfect for an active summer with a design for endless adventures in warm weather. Since 2003, the American brand Keen has specialized in making ultra-versatile shoes for outdoor activities. Comfortable, functional, and ready to be worn for a variety of uses, the brands' sandals have quickly grown in popularity. They've

Reigning Champ: Athletic Clothing With A Minimalist Design

Strongly inspired by training clothes and renowned for their use of fleece, Reigning Champ focuses their energy on producing your basic wardrobe essentials made with distinctive quality. From their tees and hoodies to their jogging pants, in all the beauty of their simplicity, Reigning Champ products have, in their own way, shaped the Canadian fashion identity of recent years. Shop Reigning Champ T-Shirt Shop Pullover Hoodie Shop Slim Sweatpant Shop New Era Cap Shop The Reigning Champ Origins A sister to wings + horns, Reigning Champ was founded in 2007 by Craig Atkinson in Vancouver, British Columbia. Barely a decade

Naked & Famous Jeans: Carefully Resourced Quality

When you're shopping for new jeans, there are two very important factors to weigh in that can sway your decision in a heartbeat. While the look is obviously the most important factor, quality matters too and the "denim nerds" at Naked & Famous are all about that. Their focus? Resourcing the world's best fabric to produce a collection of jeans that not only look great today but will look great after a year of multiple washes and wear. Shop Naked & Famous About the Naked & Famous Denim Aside from the fact that they are a Canadian brand producing products that

This Summer, Surf the Rip Curl Wave

What does Rip Curl mean? Nothing really accurate at first sight. In fact, the name of the Australian brand comes from an inscription scribbled at the bottom of a surfboard by Doug Warbrick, co-founder of the brand. Today, the name Rip Curl is synonymous with quality for all wave lovers and considered one of the best in the world of surfwear, alongside Quicksilver and Billabong. Shop Rip Curl The Rip Curl Origins Founded in Australia in the year 1969, Rip Curl focused initially only on the manufacturing of surfboards. Four handmade boards were designed each week in a small garage

Discover the Canada Goose 2018 Spring/Summer Collection

Founded in 1957, Canada Goose is proud to produce 100% Canadian coats since sixty years. Over time, the brand's popularity has continued to grow and it is now recognized around the world for the exceptional thermal capacity and durability of its products. Known as one of the top brands designed for extreme weather conditions, Canada Goose also offers a collection of lighter products for warmer seasons. From cool nights in town to a drizzle of spring rain, Canada Goose has developed a spring-summer collection to fulfill your stylish needs. In this collection, you will find the perfect products to protect you

Discover the Cryos Collection by The North Face

Well known within the outdoor industry for their apparel and technical equipment, American brand The North Face has been working since 1966 to offer consumers a variety of high-quality products. Like their motto states, The North Face encourages you to "never to stop exploring" and to discover all that nature has in store for nature lovers, who forests and mountains are like a second home. Yet, aware that not everyone has the chance to walk paths and peaks daily, the brand decided to create the Cryos collection to appeal to the fashion conscious urban dwellers. The brand has dedicated its expertise to the fashionistas

FIG Clothing: Denim 2.0

If there is one thing we can be sure of, it’s that denim is always on trend. To recreate that timeless jean look we all love, FIG decided to make its own version of it, with a brand new material, Tencel®. Preserving the environment is one of our fundamental values. Our commitment drives us to choose eco-friendly fibres and small impact production processes when possible, which is why partnering with Lenzing, an environmental leader in the textile industry, makes so much sense. In addition to its great look, the Tencel® fabric has eco-friendly properties that make it particularly attractive. Tencel®

Starting 2017 with Gear Recognition Awards – The North Face

Each year in January, outdoor retailers gather together for a sneak peek at upcoming gear and the latest technologies at the Outdoor Retailer Show which takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah. The show generally takes place over three days and gives retailers a chance to mingle and check out new gear while also, allowing brands to introduce their latest and greatest products and technologies for the upcoming year. Altitude Sports was at the show this year and we got a little look into what to expect later this year for the 2017 winter season and it's safe to say,