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It’s all about putting your best foot forward. When you’re jogging through the city streets or hiking through forest trails, you want the footwear that will get the best out of you. At Altitude Sports we’ve got running shoes, hiking boots, trail running shoes, chelsea boots and everything in between. It’s great to have choice but we want to go one step further by showing you the best footwear to choose for your activity. Discover gift guides, product reviews and all the latest in the world of footwear.


Most Popular Winter Boots for Women

Most Popular Winter Boots for Women

Looking for the best women's winter boots to take on the infamously cold Canadian winters? The choice is not easy. The warmest winter boots for women are not necessarily...

Best Rain Boots for Women this Spring

It will soon be time to say goodbye to the icy wind and the bitter cold of winter and prepare for the sun, the warmer weather ... and the many showers that inevitably occur during the change of the seasons. Do not panic, to take full advantage of all that spring has to offer, it's all about getting well equipped. Dressed in your best raincoat, a pair of gloves in your pocket, all you need to do is put on a pair of waterproof boots and you're ready for the spring showers. Check our guide to find out how to

Merrell Overlook 6 Ice+ Boots Reviewed

Merrell's Overlook 6 Ice+ boots were incredibly comfortable from day one and didn’t need the ‘break-in’ time required by most other footwear. The first few days, I primarily wore them indoors at work in order to get used to the feel, yet found it took no more than the first few minutes of wear. As an added bonus, they ventilate well enough that I didn’t overheat even after a whole day working inside. Shop Merrell Our review of this product 9 / 10 The pros are: Warm Comfortable Durable Impressive Grip Waterproof The cons are: Could benefit from an extra

With Vibram Arctic Grip™ Soles, You’ll Never Slip on Ice Again

If you're a Montrealer or you come from any other city with extreme winters, you may be familiar with the penguin shuffle; an ingenious technique used by the penguins to travel along icy terrain with minimal, slippery disasters. This effective technique works well but may extend your commute time so unless you've got all the time in the world, it may not be all that practical. It's safe to say there are many who dread the slippery commute to class or work along the icy sidewalks. Some of us will dream of impeccable sole traction as we slide along trying

How to Prepare for a Long Winter Hike

Here's to the adventurers that don't let cold weather and the change of the seasons keep them inside and away from exploring the great outdoors. Unless it is pouring down with rain like a monsoon or snowing sideways that they cannot even see their own hand right in front of their face, they're out there. Whether it be winter camping in -40°C, ice-climbing on a frozen waterfall or playing in rapids in a river kayak while the rain falls, these people are equipped and keen for adventures no matter what the weather is (to an extent obviously) and you can

Winter Camping Survival Guide

Camping is a simple hobby loved by families, weekend-warriors, outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. I mean, who doesn't love sleeping out under the peaceful, starry, night sky staring at the star constellations? The possibilities are endless and you can camp nearly wherever and whenever you wish, even in the winter. That's right, camping isn't just for spring and summer outings folks! Whatever the reason for your winter camping adventure, we want to ensure that you are well-prepared and ready to make memories in the snow! Read on for some winter camping survival tips. Shop Our Winter Camping Collection Planning and

Salomon Wings Flyte 2 GTX Shoes Reviewed

Trying new shoes and evaluating them? Yes, okay ... Salomons? You bet, obviously yes! I had the chance to get to test out the Salomon Wings Flyte 2 GTX shoes during a trip to the Adirondacks and here's what I thought. Shop Salomon Footwear Our review of this product 8/ 10 The pros are: Very comfy Efficient lace system Excellent grip Do very well on soft park path Feel light Can be used for hiking too The cons are: Lack of colourfulness (I love colours) GTX a bit hot for summer Lacks of traction on rocky trails First Impressions Saturday

5 Stylish Women’s Leather Boots For Fall 2017

Fall is the best season for chic ensembles complimented by a stylish pair of leather boots. You can turn a regular outfit into something more sophisticated by pairing it with some tall boots and knee-high socks. If tall boots aren't your thing, you can always compliment your jeans or skirt with a lower cut boot, which you can dress up or down depending on your mood. Lucky for you, we've got a variety of leather boots styles from your favourite brands that are just waiting to spice up your fall wardrobe. Dr. Martens Women's 1460 8 Eye Smooth Leather Boots

Leather Boot Care: 3 Simple Treatment Steps

Everyone has at least one pair of leather boots in their shoe collection whether it be a fancy lace up like the Red Wing Shoes 6-inch Iron Ranger or a durable slip-on like the Blundstone Chisel Toe. We dress them up, dress them down and put them to the test through all kinds weather and terrain. From salted, icy roads in the winters to muddy puddles in the spring and hot, humidity in the summer months. Our favourite leather boots can take a lot. Frye Women's Veronica Short Buy Now Red Wing Shoes Women's Harriet Buy Now   Red Wing Shoes

Discover The North Face Mountain Sneaker

Earlier this season, The North Face introduced their XtraFoam™ technology which was created to eliminate foot fatigue so that you can explore for longer. This technology is composed of four parts; an XtraFoam Core, Perimeter EVA Midsole, ESS Snake Plate™, and the Vibram® XS Trek Outsole. XtraFoam™ can now be found in a handful of The North Face boots and shoes, including the brand new Mountain Sneaker. Crafted to make your approach that much more comfortable, the Mountian Sneaker is a shoe designed for the trail. This sneaker is available for both men and women in a mid-rise as well as a regular model

Arc’teryx Men’s Acrux SL Shoe Reviewed

Arc'teryx is no stranger to innovating perfection, and when they first decided to enter the footwear game, everyone was eagerly awaiting their entry. Sure enough, it doesn't disappoint; with an integrated tongue, cord-of-let lacing and a durable, robust outer that stills breaths, this is surely the one shoe to fit all of the Cinderella's at the ball. But can you handle the 80's bowling shoe style? Our review of this product 9.75 / 10 The pros are: love the style comfortable fit durable materials extremely waterproof The cons are: would have liked to see a quick lace system First Observations

Salomon S-LAB XA Amphib Trail Running Shoe Review

Cross-country running can often be spent crossing streams or battling muddy sections (losing shoes in the mud is a specialty of mine) and a shoe that can thrive in these conditions can potentially get you on the podium. Hense, new to the line-up is the S-LAB XA Amphib shoe. Shop Salomon Our review of this product 8.9 / 10 The pros are: Evacuation of water Lightweight Grip in wet conditions The cons are: Tight getting on The XA Amphib is a 4mm drop light running shoe with its eyes set on wet conditions. First, the upper is made from a

15 Summer Camp Essentials You Need To Pack

It's that time of year where the kids run wild and free and spend their day's enjoying their summer activities. If you're one of the may parents who works a busy schedule throughout the year, a summer camp may be a great option for your little ones. They can learn new skills, meet new friends and enjoy their summer vacation to it's fullest before heading back to school. There are multiple summer camps to choose from around the world and many offer different activities. Before you can send your little one off for a few weeks of fun in the sun,

Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG Trail Running Shoes Reviewed

Don’t be offended but the Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG might not be your shoe. And the people at Salomon are probably fine with that. After all, they arguably hold the largest share in the ever-expanding trail running market. And they made the Speedcross, a shoe that every runner should own. But Salomon had a particular runner in mind when they designed the S-Lab Sense 6 SG. If you’re wearing a fitbit, this might not be your shoe. If you’re racing “just racing to finish”, this might not be your shoe. If you call this “jogging”, stop doing that immediately,

Differences Between Trail and Road Running

I am a trail runner and I felt it necessary to precede this post with those words. My beginnings as a runner was on road and after several years training and running marathons I transitioned to trail. While I am strictly a trail runner now, I do appreciate and have experience with the flow and convenience that road running allows. So in an effort to differentiate between the main differences and perhaps to help you decide which to try, I have come up with a list of the 5 main differences that I have found between running road vs.trail. Surfaces

Everything You Need to Know About Zippers

Zippers are everywhere from our pants and jackets to sleeping bags and backpacks. They're far more convenient than a row of buttons or snaps and can be opened and closed in a matter of seconds. For these conveniences, zippers are used so often for a variety of products around the world. Zipper Mechanics Because zippers are used in a range of products, both heavy-duty and not, utilizing a variety of different materials and fabrics, there are of course multiple types. You wouldn't use a basic nylon coil zipper on a 3-season tent or a heavy duty travel backpack. With each type of

Best Wider Width Fitting Winter Boots

If you have wide feet, finding a winter boot that you like and fits comfortably can be a challenge. There are lots of chic, stylish looking winter boots but they often have a narrow fit so the shopping process can become frustrating. You may find you're having to keep going up a size in order to have enough room for comfort and thick socks but then you're left with too-long clown-like shoes and you're tripping all over the place. In a world where you want to keep your feet warm in cozy, wool socks but majority of all the cute

So You Want to go Tree Planting?

For a lot of students, the middle to the end of April is the start of freedom known as summer holidays. Some will move back home to work and pay off student debts, many will book flights leaving the second they finish their last, torturous exam, and a few will pack their life in a backpack and head out into the bush to fight off starburst-sized, black flies and plant trees. Tree planting is a form of piecework employment and is a common summer job for students, artists and travelers as it is a chance to make as much money

The Salomon Speedcross CS Review

Signing up for a marathon in Dubai in the middle of the winter may sound like a great idea... until you have to head out and train in the snow, ice and cold. As my girlfriend and I wanted to avoid the dreadful treadmill, we had to find a shoe that would be grippy, comfortable, waterproof and light enough to train 4-5 times a week. Our review of this product 9.0 / 10 The pros are: Light and Fast Great traction Multi functional The cons are: Not entirely waterproof Too stiff for very long runs After a little browsing, we