Explore the wilderness of the backcountry. Make your way through the rugged beauty of vast forests. Hiking is the best way to enjoy the outdoors and see the world. To go on an adventure, nearby or in remote parts of the world, the right equipment is essential. What is the best backpack for a trek? How to choose your hiking boots? At Altitude Sports, we love to explore. Let our experts give you their advice and guide you on your next adventure.


Best Daypack for 2020

Best Daypack for 2020

We reviewed the nine best daypacks on the market and evaluated their features, technology, and materials. Our best overall pick for durability, spaciousness, and customer satisfaction is the North...

Best Daypack for 2020

We reviewed the nine best daypacks on the market and evaluated their features, technology, and materials. Our best overall pick for durability, spaciousness, and customer satisfaction is the North Face Recon 30L. Read on to discover the best daypacks for hiking, travel, and other categories! What is a daypack? Daypacks are the smallest units of the backpack family. They’re usually around 15 to 30 litres and are built to carry 9 to 11 kilograms. If you think of travel luggage, daypacks are like the carry-on bags, while overnight backpacks are like the check-in bags. Unlike overnight packs, there is no

Best Hiking Backpacks in 2020

There are several important criteria to consider when buying a hiking backpack. Some of these include volume, weight, comfort and features. We'll take a look at the best hiking backpack guide for 2020, measuring each reviewed backpack by weight, comfort, performance, and more. Check out the quick list below, and dive deeper for more details. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente our top hiking backpacks, reviewed Product Name ComfortableErgonomicVersatile LEARN MORE Product Name SpaciousHighly customisableTwo-in-one LEARN MORE Product Name Sturdy buildGreat SupportFull front access LEARN MORE Product Name LightweightSleekGreat value LEARN MORE Product Name WeatherproofReinforcedSize options LEARN MORE Product Name MinimalistUltralightSturdy LEARN MORE {"title":"our top

Best Hiking Boots in 2020

If you've ever had a blister, you know just how debilitating those unimpressive little wounds can be. That's why it's important to minimize your risk of any injury great or small by choosing the right pair of hiking boots. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Our Top Hiking Boots, Reviewed   Product Name Weatherproof Sturdy Stable LEARN MORE Product Name Lightweight Traction Comfort LEARN MORE Product Name Price Durability Support LEARN MORE Product Name Lightweight Stable Weather-resistant LEARN MORE Product Name Stylish Rugged Breathable LEARN MORE Product Name Versatile Breathable Waterproof LEARN MORE Product Name Stylish Gripping power Waterproof LEARN MORE Product Name Winter-read Shock-absorbant

How to Pick a Hiking Backpack

A backpack that is too large risks causing shoulder, back or even knee problems. You can mistakenly over-pack and end up carrying more weight than your body can handle. The three elements to look out for when choosing your hiking backpack are :How to choose the correct size of hiking backpackWhich hiking backpack features do you need?Is your hiking backpack the correct fit for you?Be sure to check our selection of the best hiking backpacks available today. Hiking Backpack SizeFirst things first, you need to decide what type of hiking you will be doing and how long your journeys will be. You need to take into consideration

Osprey’s Adventure-Ready Backpacks

If you’ve ever hit a trail, biked, or traveled with a backpack, you know that having a good one makes all the difference. Feeling comfortable on the last miles of an ascent or well-ventilated when pedaling through rocky trails makes for more enjoyable adventures. Designed with the wearer’s needs in mind, Osprey backpacks are packed with useful features and built to last. Comfort and Functionality Founded in 1974 by an outdoor enthusiast who created custom packs, Osprey has established itself as one of the most well-known outdoor backpack brands around. Their operations are based in Vietnam, where the world's leading

Kombi B2 Merino Blend Base Layers Reviewed

No matter what you like doing during the winter - whether it’s skiing, hiking, tubing, running or even ice fishing, there’s one thing you always have to make sure of: staying warm and dry. Choosing the right base layer makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying your time outside during colder days. Known for their warmth expertise, Kombi has me preaching for them once again. I had the chance to try the B2 Merino Blend Crew top and bottom and here’s why I was more than satisfied. Firstly, these base layers are very comfortable. If I could wear

In The Mountains With Rab: Technical Clothing For Extreme Conditions

Buenos Aires, 1973. Rab Carrington, the Scottish climber and mountaineer is preparing to head out for the mountains of Patagonia when he finds out that his equipment got lost in transit. Knowing that he couldn’t venture into the great outdoors without his gear, he learned how to make his own sleeping bags. Rab was born out of necessity and has gone on to revolutionize the outdoor industry.  From state-of-the-art sleeping bags to coats and base layers for rock climbing, Rab specializes in trekking and mountaineering clothing and equipment. Inspired by the mountains and tested in extreme conditions, Rab is made

The North Face Denali Fleece is Back

Did The North Face Denali Fleece ever go out of style? Apparently. But right now, these jackets and sweaters are back with a vengeance, and winning fans from the city to more traditional mountain settings. Much like the re-launch of Nuptse, everyone from Hypebeasts to climbing and hiking enthusiasts is lauding the arrival of the ‘95 Retro Denali Jackets and loving the updated Denali 2 Jackets. From the trailhead to the ski lodge, and your hip neighborhood hangouts, these essentials (they come in jacket, anorak, and hoodie styles) are this seasons’ ‘it’ items.  Since 1968, The North Face been providing

The North Face Summit Series with FUTURELIGHT

Introducing The North Face Summit Series with FUTURELIGHT Collection - "the world's finest alpine equipment." A collection of gear designed to keep climbers protected and comfortable in the harshest locations in the most extreme conditions. The North Face's Summit Series with Futurelight Collection focuses on creating a pinnacle kit for climbers using the best materials and design techniques. Now they come with FUTURELIGHT, The North Face's proprietary fabric and their most advanced waterproof, breathable, lightweight shell fabric. FUTURELIGHT The finest materials and insulation are used in each layering piece to ensure top-quality products and performance. Most important is the addition of

BLACKYAK—Himalayas on the Mind

Yaks, powerful beasts that survived the ice age, roam the Himalayas, surviving and thriving in otherwise uninhabitable conditions. The people and mountaineers of the region have long benefitted from yaks for transportation, wool, milk and meat. With the animal as its talisman, the outdoor company BLACKYAK emerged from South Korea – one of the largest outdoor sports markets in the world – with an eye firmly on the loftiest peaks on the globe. And like the yak, they aim to make ascents easier for those who dare. Shop BLACKYAK Bakosi Jacket Men Shop now Niata Jacket Women Shop now Tae

On the Mountains with Mammut: Alpine Performance Signed By Swiss Craftsmanship

We landed in Zurich on a beautifully warm Sunday morning in mid-April—a stark contrast from the almost winter-like weather we left behind in Montreal. We were greeted inside the hyper-modern airport terminal by Kris and Mark, Mammut representatives doubling as our tour guides for the next 6-days of adventure throughout Switzerland. Our journey had the goal of learning the ins-and-outs of their brand. We’d travel across the Alps to the Mammut headquarters in Seon, and up some of the most iconic ski slopes in Europe.  During our stroll through the quiet, modern city of Zurich, Kris mentioned that, “Sundays were

Mountaineering With Mountain Hardwear: Training New Adventurers At Canada’s Most Historic Alpine Camp

"We're all here because we’re not all there,” commented Sylvia Forest, one of the lead guides at the Alpine Club of Canada’s General Mountaineering Camp (GMC for short). I felt she aptly described the type of people who find amusement in walking over crevasses or swinging off granite spires. Usually, these people are known as mountaineers. Mountaineering, the art of ascending a mountain, requires multiple skills – glacier travel, rock climbing, scrambling, and even ice climbing. I’ve dabbled in most of those disciplines, but seldom combined them. When Mountain Hardwear extended an invitation to this year’s week-long GMC I was

Finding the Right Hiking Boots or Shoes

Hiking is an activity that can easily be enjoyed by just about anyone due to the variety of terrain available. If you're a beginner, you can find more mellow, short hikes that are not too steep or technical. If you're a hiking veteran, you can find the steepest, gnarliest hikes leading you to the middle of nowhere, sleeping under the stars listening to the many sounds of nature. Whatever terrain you may choose, dependable hiking footwear will be your best hiking partner. Below are some of the common types of footwear for hiking you will come across while shopping. What

Vibe Boxer & Sleepwalker Tee by SAXX Underwear Reviewed

For the past year or so, I've been convincing my friends to try SAXX Underwear. The ballpark pouch keeps everything in one place and incredibly comfortable. However, I want to let you in on a secret, or at least something that was completely unknown to me - SAXX makes pyjamas. I picked up a couple pairs of them and oh my word! I put on a pair and had to immediately start prancing around the apartment. “Is this what leggings feel like?” I asked my wife. These shirts and pant combos are 95% modal, which is a super soft material

Tired of Your Hiking Shoes Failing You? Salewa MTN Trainer GTX Reviewed

Let’s be honest here, we need gear that can actually withstand the rough conditions that we put them through. Now let's be really honest, most gear won't last and perform at the standards we expect. As a photographer, I’m willing to go the extra mile for the shot and I need shoes that will take me there. Trying to find shoes that fit right out of the box is not an easy task either, but luckily I think I found a pair that ticks most of the boxes. Hiking shoes I’ve had in the past have done the job but

The Future Is Now: The North Face’s industry-changing Futurelight fabric put to the test in Zermatt

Travelling to Zermatt by train is exciting, even on the back of a 24-hour blitz from Montreal to the heart of a remote region in the Alps. The North Face had invited a handful of people to a private event where we would experience the future – specifically, their revolutionary material set to disrupt the outdoor industry. The spectacular scenery made the long journey well worth it. Finally, the Matterhorn appeared, towering over the distant peaks in the morning light of late November. Nestled halfway up the Matter Valley, Zermatt is historical and yet forward-looking in its approach to mountain

Norrøna Svalbard Flannel Shirt Reviewed

As a Canadian, I know a thing or two about flannels. Some might say we are all born wearing one, I have yet to check that fact tho… But one thing I do know is that a flannel jacket is a key component to any good Canadians wardrobe. When I first saw the Svalbard Flannel Shirt, it seemed different to the ones I’ve previously owned. It was thinner, which made me think it would be a light layer for mild days. The quality of the material seemed high and it stood out with its vintage-looking elbow and shoulder patches. Pros: Cons:

Isle of Skye: Top 5 Locations You Don’t Want to Miss

If you haven't already heard of the Isle of Skye, it's a must for outdoor enthusiasts looking to discover unique landscapes. The largest island of Scotland's Inner Hebrids archipelago is the perfect spot for road tripping. With so many things to see, here are the best places to stop along the way. Portree Portree is the main village on Skye and has everything a visitor could wish for in terms of accommodations - making it a good place to set up camp on your trip. You can stroll around town, admire its picturesque harbour surrounded by cliffs and green hills,

Hiking Essentials You Won’t Want to Forget

Backpacking, especially overnight backpacking, is a pretty amazing thing.  I try to get out as often as I can, even if it’s a place close to home.  Sometimes those are the best ones, when you don’t need to travel far and getting out the door is quick and can happen on a moment’s notice. Still, there are a few things that I always bring with me, no matter where or how far I am going. Some of these things are for safety, a few are for peace of mind, and a few are just things I like to have around

How to keep your electronics safe and powered on adventures

Okay, you may be thinking “I go outside to connect with nature, why worry about electronics?” Well, I have a similar view but many of my trips involve remote locations and the need to capture photos, videos, and sound. This article is my 2 cents and geared to those who want to be able to keep their gear safe and functional for days on end. First off, there are varying degrees of complexity in a tech set up but the main concerns are protection, power and weight. My set up would change slightly on a canoe expedition versus a hiking

Deuter: 120 years of backpacking adventures.

With the array of features, styles and brands available, it’s not easy choosing the right hiking backpack. If you’re still hesitating after figuring out what you need, best to trust the people who’ve ‘been there, done that’ – and continue to lead in innovation and design. Enter Germany’s Deuter, with over 120 years of revolutionary evolution in backpacks and more, creating technical quality packs for every need imaginable. Shop Deuter Sac à dos Futura 22 SL Shop Sac à dos Futura 30 Shop Sac à dos Futura PRO 34 SL Shop Sac à dos Futura PRO 44 EL Shop Hans

Columbia Sportswear Travel Outfits: Packable Sun & Rain Apparel for Summer

Every travel outfit starts with comfort. Columbia's range of travel clothing makes summer getaways more comfortable than ever. With sun protection, wrinkle-resistance and packability, these ensembles work from airport touchdown to urban exploring - no need to change at the hotel. Choose a UPF hat to keep the ultraviolet rays off. Find tops and bottoms that shield from the sun and look the part. Pull out a compact emergency rain shell when the weather turns. Everything you want for warm weather adventures comes in Columbia Sportswear's clean styling - now book your trip and hit the road. Shop Columbia For

Vuori Kore shorts review

Then again my Vuori Kore shorts, in black, aren’t in a sexy product category. Athletic shorts are meant to be utilitarian. Sure, Vuori offers louder prints and a price tag that could turn some interested heads, but where these shorts excel, much like my non-ripped body, is performing beyond expectations.I’ve run 10km and slept in them. I’ve done hot yoga and plunged into frozen lakes with them. What I have yet to do is find their limit. Our reviewPros:Soft, velvety texture ad luxury feel.Quality drawstrings, drawstring ends and hardware.Subtle, thin and soft liner allows comfort with or without boxers.Length and fit are

Never Stop Exploring Responsibly: L.A. to Joshua Tree & Back with The North Face

The plan was simple: fly to California for a project, then ride to Joshua Tree to explore the National Park in the desert with The North Face. That morning we’d set out from LA with supplies strapped to our dual-sport bikes. But the plan had been in jeopardy. The longest US Government shutdown in history had closed all national parks. During the shutdown, The North Face issued statements regarding the need for vital park protection services. Partial services had returned, and a window opened for us to head out that weekend.    We’d seen the news but didn’t know what

Arc’teryx Kyanite Hoody: It Will Make You a Fleece Believer in Fleece

I have been skeptical of using fleece for activewear for many years now.  There was always something about the lack of breathability and less than ideal coziness that made me doubt I’d ever wear it again.  But then I wore this fleece, and now I’m a believer! The Kyanite Hoody has been put through its paces with me, and I’m excited to continue to keep it around as my go to, all round great layer! Here’s why. Shop Arc'teryx Our review of this product The pros are: stretchability versatility as a layering system or by itself breathability The cons are:

Why the Arc’teryx Phase SL Boxer & Bra Should Be Your Go-to Undergarments

I think that shopping for good underwear is one of the biggest challenges an adult faces.  Growing up, it was one of those things that just always showed up at Christmas or birthdays, so you never really had to think about it.  Then you move away from home and see that these things can be pricey, and better be worth it for all the time and effort it takes to buy it.  So I’m happy to have added the Phase SL Bra and Boxers to my active underwear rotation, because they are simple, basic pieces that are well made, well

Testing the Garmin InReach SE + Satellite Communicator in Remote Nunavut

In the Beginning On expeditions in remote places, safety and being able to communicate is a real concern.  If something happens to you or a member of your team, it brings peace of mind knowing that you can alert someone, and have them contact loved ones and arrange for help if necessary. It doesn’t even need to be in a truly remote location.  Accidents can happen on small outings, and if you find yourself stranded somewhere, it’s reassuring to know that you can reach out. Even if everything is going well, it’s a great feeling to be able to check

The Ultimate Guide to GORE-TEX®

GORE-TEX® has made a name for itself within the outdoor industry and even in the fashion world too. It is not uncommon to see GORE-TEX® on the labels of high-end fashion coats, technical outerwear, fashion and outdoor footwear and even bags and backpacks. It’s everywhere! When you purchase a product made of GORE-TEX® you’re purchasing the Gore “GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®” promise.What is GORE-TEX®?GORE-TEX® is a thin membrane which oozes with amazing characteristics. There are over 9 billion pores per square inch which are each home to all of the waterproof characteristics those who shop for GORE-TEX® are interested in. Each pore

The Ultimate Guide to Patagonia’s H2No® Performance Standard Shell

Patagonia’s H2No® Performance Standard ensures that each product that beholds this standard is backed by their Ironclad Guarantee to provide a high level of long-term performance. These products have met all the criteria within the H2No® Performance standard and have undergone the most rigorous testing within the industry. Shop Patagonia What is H2No® Performance Standard?At Patagonia, they have the H2No® Performance Standard as well as the H2No® Performance Standard Shell. The standard is as it sounds, a standard that consists of a series of criteria that products must reach in order to be considered completely waterproof, windproof and breathable.The H2No® Performance Standard Shell includes most Patagonia waterproof jackets

Fleece VS Down VS Merino Wool – The Ultimate Midlayer Face-Off

While a base layer is the root of a good layering system, choosing the best midlayer is just as important. High-output activities that will make you sweat need moisture-wicking from all layers, not just the base. If your midlayer can’t breathe, there’s no point. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Editor's Choice - Patagonia Synchila Product Type Product Name Price: 0.00$ The reference in coazy fleece jackets, Patagonia has created a versatile, featherweight midlayer you can easily wear under you ski shell, or bring to the fire on a cool night out at camp. It is also bluesign approved for a worry free envirnmentally friendly

Smartwool Smartloft Review

Iceland is known for many things. OK, just kidding. But what it should be known for is ski touring – holy moly does it have amazing ski touring. And where there’s touring, there’s cold weather with extreme and variable conditions. That’s where Smartwool’s Smartloft jackets and vests come into play. Shop Smartwool's Smartloft Collection  I flew out to Dalvik, a tiny fishing village in the Troll peninsula in the northwest of Iceland, to spend some time with Smartwool and truly test their products. As you may or may not know, they are renowned for their base layers and socks, but

The Fjällräven Classic: Conquering the King’s Road

“Our mission is to inspire the world to discover and to walk within nature. We believe strongly it will make a saner future for everyone. And we have our experience and our passion for nature to guide us.''  -Martin Axelhed, President of Fjällräven The Classic hike was created by Ake Nordin, founder of Fjällräven, to celebrate the Scandinavian concept of friluftsliv, life in the outdoors. In 1970, the company started this weeklong outdoor hike, lending equipment and explaining how to use it. Forty years later, I am invited on the very same hike in Northern Sweden, continuing this splendid tradition.