Explore the wilderness of the backcountry. Make your way through the rugged beauty of vast forests. Hiking is the best way to enjoy the outdoors and see the world. To go on an adventure, nearby or in remote parts of the world, the right equipment is essential. What is the best backpack for a trek? How to choose your hiking boots? At Altitude Sports, we love to explore. Let our experts give you their advice and guide you on your next adventure.


Best Daypacks for 2021

Best Daypacks for 2021

Finding the best daypack or hiking bag can be quite a challenge. To help you make sense of all the technologies and materials used, we've put the nine most...

The Ultimate Guide to GORE-TEX

GORE-TEX has made a name for itself within the outdoor industry and even in the fashion world too. It is not uncommon to see GORE-TEX on the labels of high-end fashion coats, technical outerwear, fashion and outdoor footwear and even bags and backpacks. It’s everywhere! When you purchase a product made of GORE-TEX you’re purchasing their “GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY” promise. What is GORE-TEX? GORE-TEX is a thin membrane oozing with amazing characteristics. There are over 9 billion pores per square inch, each home to the waterproof characteristics those who shop for GORE-TEX are interested in. Each pore within

The Ultimate Guide to Patagonia’s H2No® Performance Standard Shell

Patagonia’s H2No® Performance Standard ensures that each product that beholds this standard is backed by their Ironclad Guarantee to provide a high level of long-term performance. These products have met all the criteria within the H2No® Performance standard and have undergone the most rigorous testing within the industry. Shop Patagonia What is H2No® Performance Standard?At Patagonia, they have the H2No® Performance Standard as well as the H2No® Performance Standard Shell. The standard is as it sounds, a standard that consists of a series of criteria that products must reach in order to be considered completely waterproof, windproof and breathable.The H2No® Performance Standard Shell includes most Patagonia waterproof jackets

Smartwool Smartloft Review

Iceland is known for many things. OK, just kidding. But what it should be known for is ski touring – holy moly does it have amazing ski touring. And where there’s touring, there’s cold weather with extreme and variable conditions. That’s where Smartwool’s Smartloft jackets and vests come into play. Shop Smartwool's Smartloft Collection  I flew out to Dalvik, a tiny fishing village in the Troll peninsula in the northwest of Iceland, to spend some time with Smartwool and truly test their products. As you may or may not know, they are renowned for their base layers and socks, but

The Fjällräven Classic: Conquering the King’s Road

“Our mission is to inspire the world to discover and to walk within nature. We believe strongly it will make a saner future for everyone. And we have our experience and our passion for nature to guide us.''  -Martin Axelhed, President of Fjällräven The Classic hike was created by Ake Nordin, founder of Fjällräven, to celebrate the Scandinavian concept of friluftsliv, life in the outdoors. In 1970, the company started this weeklong outdoor hike, lending equipment and explaining how to use it. Forty years later, I am invited on the very same hike in Northern Sweden, continuing this splendid tradition.

Fjällräven Abisko Trekking Tights Reviewed

The Abisko Trekking Leggings are the solution to the question that plagues us all when it comes to packing our luggage for a new adventure in the woods. Everything is there: ultra-light, hyper-stretchy, breathable fabric that dries quickly. These combined features make any hike comfortable, even when you're going through a variety of terrain and temperatures. No more contact with ragweeds! Shop Fjällräven Our review of this product The pros are: Both lightweight and thick Fast drying Breathable Extremely strong knee and buttocks reinforcements Comfortable allows a great amplitude of movements Pockets for essentials The cons are: Too warm for

Top Backpacks for Multi-Day Hikes

Choosing a backpack is always a bit tricky, especially when you leave for a long time and you plan to put away your whole life. Are you the kind of person to be afraid of missing something on a trip? Are you the type to repack your bag countless times in order to fit as many items as possible? However, to avoid having to take breaks at any time or to have knees that ask for grace after a few steps, you have to travel light. Before leaving, do not forget to think about comfort, weight and practicality! Discover our

Thule Subterra 30L Backpack Reviewed

The Thule Subterra pack fits me incredibly well and has a surprising amount of storage space for a pack of its size. It’s the first non-hiking pack I’ve used regularly in years and it does not disappoint! It makes a cozy companion for commuting or cycling around the city. Shop Thule Subterra 30L  Our review of this product The pros are: Comfortable External Handles Durable Water Resistant Ample Storage The cons are: Could benefit from additional external access Subterra Features The Thule Subterra pack boasts many features and delivers on them expertly. With 30L of capacity, it easily accommodates my

Smartwool: Why You Should Wear Merino Wool in Warm Summer Weather

It's no secret that merino wool has taken over the outdoor industry, because what's not to love from a soft-to-touch material that breathes as well as it fights odour-buildup? The sought-after properties of this wondrous fibre are praised throughout the winter months, but what if you could benefit from these features year-round? From base layers and socks to casual tees and dress shirts, merino wool isn't just for cold weather activities these days. Shop Smartwool Why Wear Merino Wool in Warm Weather? When it's warm outside, it can be hard to dress appropriately and remain comfortable. No matter how hard the

Merrell Overlook 6 Ice+ Boots Reviewed

Merrell's Overlook 6 Ice+ boots were incredibly comfortable from day one and didn’t need the ‘break-in’ time required by most other footwear. The first few days, I primarily wore them indoors at work in order to get used to the feel, yet found it took no more than the first few minutes of wear. As an added bonus, they ventilate well enough that I didn’t overheat even after a whole day working inside. Shop Merrell Our review of this product 9 / 10 The pros are: Warm Comfortable Durable Impressive Grip Waterproof The cons are: Could benefit from an extra

How to Prepare for a Long Winter Hike

Here's to the adventurers that don't let cold weather and the change of the seasons keep them inside and away from exploring the great outdoors. Unless it is pouring down with rain like a monsoon or snowing sideways that they cannot even see their own hand right in front of their face, they're out there. Whether it be winter camping in -40°C, ice-climbing on a frozen waterfall or playing in rapids in a river kayak while the rain falls, these people are equipped and keen for adventures no matter what the weather is (to an extent obviously) and you can

Leather Boot Care: 3 Simple Treatment Steps

Everyone has at least one pair of leather boots in their shoe collection whether it be a fancy lace up like the Red Wing Shoes 6-inch Iron Ranger or a durable slip-on like the Blundstone Chisel Toe. We dress them up, dress them down and put them to the test through all kinds weather and terrain. From salted, icy roads in the winters to muddy puddles in the spring and hot, humidity in the summer months. Our favourite leather boots can take a lot. Frye Women's Veronica Short Buy Now Red Wing Shoes Women's Harriet Buy Now   Red Wing Shoes

Review of the Arc’teryx Bora AR Backpack

Arc'teryx is continuously setting the stakes high for the outdoor industry and blowing our minds with innovative designs and technology. They do not settle for mediocre and will constantly strive to improve and better their products which is exactly what has happened with the Bora Ar backpack. Our review of this product 9.75 / 10 The pros are: Made of waterproof materials RotoGlide™ hipbelt = no uncomfortable rubbing Hydration compatible Side access zippers The cons are: It would be nice to have zippered pockets on the hip belt Arc'teryx's Bora pack was first introduced in 1994 and revolutionized the backpack

How to Choose the Right Walking Pole

Are you the type to raise your nose to walking poles? For many, this is a cumbersome accessory, which serves only to test the terrain. While it is not a tool that will appeal to all, using walking poles has many physical advantages, especially in long-distance hikes where we carry all our equipment on our backs . Why Use Walking Poles? For those who have already had knee pain after a day of walking trails, using walking poles significantly reduces impacts and loads on the joints. This can be exceptionally helpful especially if you carry a heavy bag or are on downhill trips that can be

Luminox Navy Seal Colormark 3050 Series Watch Review

Luminox is a watch company that has only been around since 1989, but has become a leader in watch technology used by military groups around the world. These include the US Coast Guard, the Navy SEALs who first asked Luminox to develop a watch for them in 1993. The Colormark 3050 series watch features a 44 mm diameter case fabricated from carbon reinforced polycarbonate, finished in matte black with a pebbled texture. The case back is screwed on, with a double gasket system promising 200 metres of water resistance. The watch uses hardened mineral crystal. The strap is a soft

So You Want to go Tree Planting?

For a lot of students, the middle to the end of April is the start of freedom known as summer holidays. Some will move back home to work and pay off student debts, many will book flights leaving the second they finish their last, torturous exam, and a few will pack their life in a backpack and head out into the bush to fight off starburst-sized, black flies and plant trees. Tree planting is a form of piecework employment and is a common summer job for students, artists and travelers as it is a chance to make as much money

Saxx Vibe Modern fit vs MyPakage Weekday underwear

For a few weeks now all the guys at the office have been talking about one thing: their underwear. We have stocked Saxx Underwear for a while now, but in came this new player the other week, aptly named MyPakage. I heard a lot of back and forth so I opted to buy both pairs and see how everything would turn out down there. So what's the big deal about these?   SAXX Vibe   Throw on a pair of Saxx and you will instantly understand that something is different. The 'magic' is found in the two mesh panels that

Top 5 Mountain Scrambles in Southwest, BC

We quickly were inspired to start trying to reach the summits of the mountains we could see all around us. A lot of them we could hike to the top of, others require the use of a rope and we have yet to visit them, but some, our favorite mountains, are defined as scrambles.Before moving to British Columbia from the Country of Ireland “scrambling” was something we did to eggs on a Saturday morning. But now it better describes a method of climbing a mountain that is fun, challenging and adventurous. Scrambling is moving over rocky, somewhat steep terrain where