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Equip yourself with the right backpack and travel gear for the road. We can help you figure out what you need, from short commutes to business flights to backpacking adventures. Think about volume, compartments, waterproofing, load dispersion. From fashion to hiking, sleek travellers to bomb-proof duffels, schoolbooks and legal briefs, we've got something to carry it. Consult our buying guides, best lists, hiking basics, product reviews, travel tips and much more, all about help you get there.


Best Daypacks for 2020

Best Daypacks for 2020

Daypacks are essential for both long and short hiking trips. They allow you to carry water bottles or bladders, extra clothes, and any other gear. You can use daypacks...

Best Daypacks for 2020

Daypacks are essential for both long and short hiking trips. They allow you to carry water bottles or bladders, extra clothes, and any other gear. You can use daypacks for biking trips, SUP adventures, and other outdoor sports.  What is a daypack?  Daypacks are the smallest units of the backpack family. They’re usually around 15 to 30 litres and are built to carry 9 to 11 kilograms. If you think of travel luggage, daypacks are like the carry-on bags, while overnight backpacks are like the check-in bags. Unlike overnight packs, there is no internal frame. However, some still have back

Best Hiking Backpacks in 2020

There are several important criteria to consider when buying a hiking backpack. Some of these include volume, weight, comfort and features. We'll take a look at the best hiking backpack guide for 2020, measuring each reviewed backpack by weight, comfort, performance, and more. Check out the quick list below, and dive deeper for more details. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente our top hiking backpacks, reviewed   Product Name Comfortable Ergonomic Versatile LEARN MORE Product Name Spacious Highly customisable Two-in-one LEARN MORE Product Name Sturdy build Great Support Full front access LEARN MORE Product Name Lightweight Sleek Great value LEARN MORE Product Name Weatherproof Reinforced

Top 5 Backpacks for Grade-Schoolers

From pencils to calculators, getting all the school and daycare essentials is key. The most important supply is the one that’s going to carry the rest. They might have mixed feelings about the start of school, but below are the top 5 backpacks we think will get your little ones excited about the new year. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente FJÄLLRÄVEN RE-KÅNKEN MINI 7L Looking for a practical and colourful backpack that will suit all your child’s back to school needs and beyond? The Re-Kånken Mini from Fjällräven is perfect! This model is a slightly modified version of the classic Kånken.  It has adjustable

Osprey’s Adventure-Ready Backpacks

If you’ve ever hit a trail, biked, or traveled with a backpack, you know that having a good one makes all the difference. Feeling comfortable on the last miles of an ascent or well-ventilated when pedaling through rocky trails makes for more enjoyable adventures. Designed with the wearer’s needs in mind, Osprey backpacks are packed with useful features and built to last. Comfort and Functionality Founded in 1974 by an outdoor enthusiast who created custom packs, Osprey has established itself as one of the most well-known outdoor backpack brands around. Their operations are based in Vietnam, where the world's leading

Osprey: the Arcane Collection

Urban Minimalism In the adventure backpack world, Osprey reigns supreme. Powerful long-haul carriers; light, technical trekking and hiking packs; transportation solutions of all kinds: Osprey is a sure bet for carrying comfort, functionality and durability. A less known fact is that Osprey uses their quality materials and rich know-how to create beautiful urban lifestyle bags.  From comfortable day packs to colourful tote bags, Osprey offers sleek builds and all the functionalities you need to make the best of your everyday journey. The brand has also embraced sustainable practices by opting for recycled materials and bluesign-certified fabrics, so you can carry

Discover Vintage Backpacks by Invicta

Growing up, I loved Invicta backpacks—the beautiful colours, the iconic branded patch on the lid, the overall classic look. I wore it with pride and so did many of my fellow high school students. Fast forward years later, I am thrilled to see that we now hold the Italian-designed packs! Invicta Backpacks: Vintage Italian Classics for Today Invicta backpacks have been around since 1906 and offer awesome carrying solutions with time-tested craftsmanship. They have kept a fresh look throughout the years and some of their packs are now made with recycled materials. From vintage packs to colourful stripes, camouflage statement

It’s in the Bag: Matt & Nat Spring-Summer 2020 Collection

The new Matt & Nat collection for spring-summer 2020 is a wide array of bags manufactured true to their cruelty-free promise, using vegan leather and PETA-approved materials. Backpacks, wallets, crossbody bags and an exciting palette make this one of our favourite sustainable brand collections we've seen. The Canadian brand is committed to producing ethically-responsible bags and accessories, and the Matt & Nat new collection is no different. It's also important to look your best, and the brand has bridged that gap once again. Their fashionable colour palette features lighter pastels and rich browns, off-whites and luxury blacks. Being stylish and

Of Sligo: an Irishman’s Trip to the West Coast of Ireland

The multi-lane motorways fade to country roads the farther you get away from Dublin. Crossing the country from the calm, black waters of the Irish Sea on the east coast to the roaring Atlantic Ocean on the west coast only takes 2 ½ hours or a short 180km drive. Ireland is a postage stamp of a country.  The west coast of Ireland has been reinvigorated in the past few years thanks to The Wild Atlantic Way. This 2,500km coastal road touches three sides of Ireland from Malin Head, Ireland’s most northern point, all along the west coast and on to

10 Best Swimsuits for Travelling in 2020

It's that time of year where everyone is fed up of clearing the snow from their driveway. Tired of maneuvering through snow and ice to get to work. In other words, it's that time of year when cabin fever sets in and we're all itching to get somewhere tropical, where we can swap the cold for hot sandy beaches, and snow pants for a swimsuit. If you're going to start planning for that resort vacation, you might as well start shopping the essentials, like a versatile, quick-drying swimsuit. Here's a selection of our favourite swimsuits for the 2020 season. What

Unique March Break Activities for 6 Canadian Cities

Unique March break activities with kids is an annual puzzle that gets more complex with every passing season. It's a dream come true for the little ones but it can stress out parents, especially when the kids go all zombie-mode with the consoles and social media. But as hard as it is to think up things to do outside with them, it's equally hard to convince them to get out of the house. We all know that building snowmen is getting old... Well, this March break is different! We've lined up unique March break activities outdoors in 6 major Canadian

Carry-On Packing List For Ultra-Light Travel

Travelling by plane, whether for business or pleasure, is a reality in many people’s lives. While some people seem to bring their entire wardrobe every time they fly, others have mastered the art of ultra-light travel.  What should you pack to travel light? I’ve been traveling for most of my adult life and have learned that it’s possible to travel for a long time with just a few pieces of light, breathable clothing. By packing strategically, I’m able to bring carry-on luggage only. It’s the best way to avoid expensive baggage fees and the risk of an airline losing our

The Best Weekend Travel Bags

Planning a weekend away? Maybe you're heading up to the cottage or roughing it on the campgrounds. Some time away from the city hidden amongst the trees can do wonders. Or maybe you're used to living out in the country and you want a weekend amongst the bright lights of the city? Whatever you have planned for your weekend away, make sure you pack your essentials. The first thing on your list should be a bag that can hold all those essentials. To make your job a bit easier, here's our list of the best weekend travel bags for short

10 Best Matt & Nat Backpacks

For the student or the stylish professional, you can't help but admire the elegance and timeless style of Matt & Nat's backpacks. It goes without saying that they make beautiful bags, but most of all Matt & Nat is recognized for their vegan designs and use of recycled fabrics. Whether I'm heading into town, travelling or attending a special event, I've got a Matt & Nat bag for every occasion. These 10 picks from the Dwell, Vintage and Canvas collections are my favourites thanks to their practicality and durability, and I'm willing to bet they'll be a hit with the

Best Gifts For Travelers

Because of our globe-trotting expertise we’ve taken the time to curate a list of our favourite travel gifts. This curated collection of presents for people who travel is inspired by our experiences, along with our passion for well-made apparel and accessories. Whatever type of adventurer you’re shopping for – be it a business person or soul searcher – we’ve compiled a selection of convenient travel gift essentials with universal appeal. Here at Altitude Sports, our team loves to travel. In fact, we might have one of the most well-explored groups of adventurers under one roof. We’ve flown, trekked, paddled, pedalled,

5 Backpacks Made For the Urban Commuter

Whether you're travelling by bike or taking public transit, having a reliable bag that you can carry all your daily necessities in is essential. While hip bags are becoming all the rage, backpacks still offer a more convenient carrying capacity and are perfect for your day-to-day routine. An added bonus? They double as excellent overnight bags for those well-deserved weekends away and are super practical. If your old pack has seen better days and you're ready for an upgrade, here are our five suggestions for extremely practical, durable and most importantly - stylish backpacks. Top 5 Commuter Backpacks Chrome Urban

Hot Air Ballooning in Arizona

I often search for new and interesting perspectives for landscape photography.  One of the best ways I’ve found to take landscape photos is to get to a much higher vantage point.  Usually this means hiking up a mountain, but I recently had an opportunity to do it in a manner that was new to me.  When I visited Phoenix, Arizona at the beginning of October I was able to do it by going up in a hot air balloon. Phoenix sits in a valley surrounded by the Sonoran desert and several mountain ranges. Because of this, it is easy to

A Day & Night in the Life of POP Montreal with JanSport

We met on a sunny Friday in late September in the Mile-End. We had all-access passes to POP Montreal. The Mile-End is one of Montreal's coolest neighborhoods, and POP is one of North America's most acclaimed and eclectic music festivals. The only thing on our itinerary was to chill, have fun, and catch a few gigs—basically to see where the evening led us. Our ultimate goal was to explore the city without limitations—time, work, emails, or texts (especially messages that didn’t matter). The result was an epic outing, which included an unforgettable rooftop concert at the Rialto Theatre, and some

Deuter Aviant Carry On Pro 36L Backpack Reviewed

Air travel can be hectic. Every airport has a different layout, and even the well-planned ones are confusing.  You’re usually tired, rushed, or both, and if you’re travelling to another country, you have to try and translate signs on the go. Dressing comfortably for travel is one thing, but choosing which essentials to pack into your carry on can be a challenge. The fact that airlines keep changing the rules and baggage fees for carry-on sizes does not help the situation. Luckily, Deuter has offered up a potential solution to this problem. Enter the Aviant Carry On Pro Backpack 36L,

The Top Urban Bags & Backpacks for Wet Weather Commutes

As the days get shorter and fall weather begins to arrive, your commute might come with some unexpected showers. By bike, or on foot, if you’re making your way to work or school, crosstown traffic and inclement weather might get in your way. When the rain starts to fall, having a waterproof or water-resistant bag or backpack is a necessity for keeping your essentials dry. Check out some of our top picks for those rainy day commutes. Shop Urban Bags & Backpacks Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year, Timbuk2 goes back to basics with the CLASSIC MESSENGER

Kids’ Fashion for Back to School: First-Day Looks They’ll Love

Summer: it was bound to come to an end sometime. While we know you might be secretly celebrating, your kids are probably lamenting the end of late nights spent stargazing and long afternoons by the lake. If you’re looking for something to motivate them on their first day back, we recommend putting together an outfit that’ll give them some classroom confidence. With kids’ fashion that’s this cute, you might find yourself wishing you were headed back to school too! For the Girls. Tops & Bottoms. Patagonia Baby Capilene® Silkweight Sun Hoody Shop Columbia Silver Ridge III Convertible Pant - Girl's

How To Choose The Right School Bag Or Backpack

You know it's time for back-to-school when supplies are flying off the shelves, and the school bags with all the latest features and styles are on display. With so much variety to choose from it can be easy to lose sight of what you need from your school bag so here are a few simple tips to help you pick the backpack that's right for you. Shop School Backpacks Finding The Right Backpack Size The first step when shopping for a school bag is picking the right size. A larger bag may fit more supplies and gear, but if you

How To Dress Comfortably For Plane Travel

No matter the length of the flight, comfortable plane attire is a must for travelling. From running to the gate to 9 hours layovers, wearing the right outfit can make all the difference. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you shouldn't have to choose between comfort and style. Shop our brands below for tips on flying in comfort and style all summer long. Wear Comfortable Fabrics & Materials From an itchy collar to heavy fabric, the little details make all the difference. Several factors can contribute to your comfort when travelling by plane. One of the most important things

Adventures Close To Home with the Deuter Futura 26 SL

Adventure. We all seek it out. We want to feel the thrill of unexplored trails, never before seen vistas and the feeling of something new. The secret is though, we don’t need to travel far from our front door for adventure. Just grab a backpack and go. Like me, you may often be guilty of thinking that a lot of preparation, hours spent driving and tonnes of gear are needed to call an activity “adventure”. However, I’ve learned that adventure is so much more than that. It’s the ability to throw only the essentials into a daypack like the Deuter

Behind the Seams: A Closer Look at Osprey’s Concept to Commercialization Process

Last October I had the pleasure of visiting Osprey's Vietnam headquarters and two of their nearby factories. While I was there to learn about Osprey and their products, I was also lucky enough to immerse myself into Vietnamese culture and get a taste of life as an Osprey employee. It was delightful to meet the faces of the talented workers behind the Daylite backpack on my back, and even try my hand at cutting the pieces to a pack. My visit was insightful and fascinating. How many brands can take a product brief and create a prototype by the end

Discovering Osprey’s Commitment to Design in Vietnam

Stepping out of Ho Chi Minh airport is a shock of heat compared to autumn in Montreal. It wasn’t my first time in Asia, and the feeling of jet lag combined with a sticky hug of equatorial humidity brought back immediate memories. We were greeted warmly by the North American Osprey team who had arrived the day before, linking email personas with friendly faces. For the next few days, we’d put their bags and backpacks to the test in Vietnam and Thailand while checking out Osprey’s facilities. Sweating, I put my 46-litre Porter Pack into the hotel shuttle, placed my

Day-Tripping? Take Along One of Our Top-5 Backpacks.

Minimalist adventurer, day-tripper or insatiable globe-trotter. Whatever you fancy, your backpack is the most important piece of equipment when adventuring, even for the most bare-bones of trips. Choosing the right pack for the job is crucial. Think as light as possible, versatile, robust and ample storage capacity. The perfect backpack shouldn’t even be noticeable even after long hours in the harness. Need help? Here are our fave-5 and most popular backpacks. Shop our collection of daypacks Talon 22 - Osprey Hydration sleeve, foam back panel, helmet and walking pole holders…the Talon 22 by Osprey has near everything you’ll need in

15 Carry-On Essentials Not to Forget For Your Next Flight

Packing for plane travel can be stressful for some especially if they aren't flying often. For those who fly regularly for work or pleasure, you develop a routine subconsciously and packing becomes second nature. Whether you're on a long flight or a short flight, there are a few carry-on essentials which are necessary to keep in your carry-on. This particular list portrays to your personal bag carry-on and not your suitcase. Everyone's suitcase contents will vary substantially depending on the style o trip you are leaving on and the duration of the trip. For the person bag carry-on most people will

10 Essentials for a Tropical Vacation

Shop Travel Tropical Vacation EssentialsFor the folks who cringe at temperatures dropping below zero in the forecast, you’re most likely looking for any opportunity to pack up your suitcase with your favourite swimsuit, sandals, sunglasses, sunscreen and of course inflatable flamingo, all ready for you to head for tropical beaches and fruity drinks at the swim-up bar. Vitamin D and vitamin sea await those who dream of a tropical getaway.To help you out, here’s our list of top 10 tropical vacation essentials – plus a couple of helpful reminders. From swimsuits to sandals to sunglasses to hats, beach essentials and

Why the Little America Backpack is Herschel Supply Co.’s Must-Have Backpack

With the start of September behind us and the back to school rush slowing down, it's the perfect time to reflect on the summer and take a breath of relief knowing the first few days have been conquered. Now is also the perfect time to shop for a new school bag! Now that book costs and tuition fees have most likely been taken care of, treat yourself with the Herschel Supply Co. Little America backpack. This must-have urban bag is a hit among students young and old and is simply a great and stylish backpack. Available in a variety of

Top Backpacks for Multi-Day Hikes

Choosing a backpack is always a bit tricky, especially when you leave for a long time and you plan to put away your whole life. Are you the kind of person to be afraid of missing something on a trip? Are you the type to repack your bag countless times in order to fit as many items as possible? However, to avoid having to take breaks at any time or to have knees that ask for grace after a few steps, you have to travel light. Before leaving, do not forget to think about comfort, weight and practicality! Discover our

Head Back to School in Style with JanSport Backpacks

While the summer heat keeps giving and weekends at the lake aren't over yet, back to school preparations are just around the corner. Whether your youngest is about to start their very first day of school or your oldest is headed for the final year down the lockered hallways, send them in style with JanSport backpacks. Shop JanSport Right Pack Expressions 31L Shop Black Label Super Break 25L Shop Madalyn 25L Shop Hatchet 28L Shop More than 40 years later since it started making backpacks and outdoor gear back in 1967, JanSport continues their expertise with their classic and innovative designs that are

Best School Bags Perfect for University

Summer isn't over yet but it's never too early to get prepared for the upcoming school year. Make heads turn when you get back with one of our trendy and practical backpacks perfect for students in university and high school. Dakine Campus 33L This bag has all the characteristics of a perfect student backpack: several compartments, computer-ready and spacious. What I particularly like about the Campus is the insulated cooler pocket in the front, designed to slide in some snacks and keep them fresh throughout the day Shop Thule Paramount 24L The Thule Paramount is a durable bag designed for