Running has grown in popularity in recent years. It helps keep you fit, decompress and reduce stress. Perfect for anyone, this sport requires only one piece of equipment: a good pair of running shoes. Get expert advice on how to get started, how to choose your shoes, as well as product reviews. Training, long distance, trail running… Whether you're training for your next marathon or going for a jog, Altitude Sports has everything you need to go the extra mile.


Best Trail Running Shoes in 2021

Best Trail Running Shoes in 2021

From curvy single-tracks to rugged off-road terrain, trail running has a unique meaning for every person. However, there’s one thing all types of trail runners need: the best trail...

ACC Running Club: an interview with club founder & Altitude Sports Buyer Simon Pelletier-Marcotte

We at Altitude Sports are all-season runners - but spring and summer are when we hit the streets in numbers. Our new ACC club welcomes any runner, no matter your level. This year we’ll be involved in the sponsorship of running events, holding product testing clinics across Quebec, and showing up almost any place where running is the focus. Simon Pelletier-Marcotte, one of our buyers, founded the club. He’s a gear and footwear aficionado who’s followed his passion for running everywhere he’s been. From running with top clubs around the world to hanging with the shoe designers, Simon truly has

Discover the Limited Edition Salomon S/LAB Black Edition Collection

If you're a Salomon fanatic who loves adding new shoes to your technical shoe line-up, your footwear collection is about to get a little more black with Salomon's limited edition S/LAB Black Edition collection. New this season, Salomon's S/LAB collection is getting a subtle makeover. Replacing their eye-catching colours with shades of black, the S/LAB Black Edition collection blends the sleek designs you love with the sharp elegance of black. Shop Salomon Footwear Created in the Salomon design center in Annecy, the Salomon S/LAB Black Edition evolved from the idea of creating "a serious look, for serious progress." Available in three different models

Inov-8 Trailroc 270 Trail Running Shoes Reviewed

If you’re like me the first thing people ask as they come through the front door is “ How many pairs of shoes could you possibly need? ” And it’s a fair question; a runner’s shoes often dominate the front closet. To a non-runner, all shoes might look the same. Faded colors, a coating of dried mud, half-worn rubber lugs. But to a dedicated runner, patterns emerge. There’s a couple pairs for the road. A couple pairs for distance. There’s a pair saved for racing. And then there are several pairs kept on a shelf of their own. The after

Vibram® Furoshiki Running Shoe Review

I assure you that you will come to love the Vibram FiveFingers Furoshiki shoe for more than their snazzy appearance once you let your feet slip inside. Shop Vibram® Furoshiki Shoes Our review of this productThe pros are:No movement restrictionCompact & lightweightEasy maintenanceThe cons are:Low breathabilityGradual transition from non-minimalist shoes a mustComing from the concept of the traditional Japanese packaging wrap, Furoshiki, the shoe ties itself around the top of your foot with little or no pressure at all. Wrap & go! They are very lightweight and can be rolled up into their little carrying case to be brought anywhere, on

The North Face Flight Series: Tackle the Trails in Lightweight Running Gear

When it comes to running under the heat of the hot summer sun, choosing the right apparel can make the world of difference. From sprinting along gravel paths and paved sidewalks to taking in the views from rugged mountain peaks, lightweight materials with moisture-wicking fabrics are a wardrobe essential for any runner. Having worked alongside their running athletes, The North Face was able to create progressive designs which exceed the apparel needs of most runners. Crafted with top quality fabrics and technologies that enhance breathability and performance, The North Face Flight Series is undoubtedly a favourite among all runner types. Shop The North

Arc’teryx Norvan LD Review: Long Distance Shoes Built for Comfort

If you're a runner, you know that comfort and performance are a must. Whether you're embarking on a quick lunch break run or you're spending Saturday afternoon racing atop mountain peaks, the length and enjoyability of your run will depend on your feet. There are a variety of trail running shoes on the market available in different styles, weights, and drops that cater to a broad market of runners. Arc'teryx wanted to create something a little different, so they tapped into a different niche by focusing on long distance running shoes, hence the LD acronym in the name. The Norvan LD design was

Arc’teryx Women’s Norvan LD Trail Shoe Reviewed

The Arc’teryx Norvan LD is a stylish, hardworking trail shoe that is perfect for the runner who puts in long miles that involve technical terrain. It has a balanced combination of support and lightweight to allow for a comfortable run. Shop Norvan LD Trail Running Shoe Our review of this product 9 / 10 The pros are: Simple design Stable running shoe for long-distance running Durable, grippy sole of shoe to tackle technical terrain Lightweight considering stable design The cons are: The lighter colourway will get muddy quickly It doesn’t matter to me that my trail shoes will be covered

Salomon Wings Flyte 2 GTX Shoes Reviewed

Trying new shoes and evaluating them? Yes, okay ... Salomons? You bet, obviously yes! I had the chance to get to test out the Salomon Wings Flyte 2 GTX shoes during a trip to the Adirondacks and here's what I thought. Shop Salomon Footwear Our review of this product 8/ 10 The pros are: Very comfy Efficient lace system Excellent grip Do very well on soft park path Feel light Can be used for hiking too The cons are: Lack of colourfulness (I love colours) GTX a bit hot for summer Lacks of traction on rocky trails First Impressions Saturday

Arc’teryx Men’s Acrux SL Shoe Reviewed

Arc'teryx is no stranger to innovating perfection, and when they first decided to enter the footwear game, everyone was eagerly awaiting their entry. Sure enough, it doesn't disappoint; with an integrated tongue, cord-of-let lacing and a durable, robust outer that stills breaths, this is surely the one shoe to fit all of the Cinderella's at the ball. But can you handle the 80's bowling shoe style? Our review of this product 9.75 / 10 The pros are: love the style comfortable fit durable materials extremely waterproof The cons are: would have liked to see a quick lace system First Observations

Salomon S-LAB XA Amphib Trail Running Shoe Review

Cross-country running can often be spent crossing streams or battling muddy sections (losing shoes in the mud is a specialty of mine) and a shoe that can thrive in these conditions can potentially get you on the podium. Hense, new to the line-up is the S-LAB XA Amphib shoe. Shop Salomon Our review of this product 8.9 / 10 The pros are: Evacuation of water Lightweight Grip in wet conditions The cons are: Tight getting on The XA Amphib is a 4mm drop light running shoe with its eyes set on wet conditions. First, the upper is made from a

Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG Trail Running Shoes Reviewed

Don’t be offended but the Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG might not be your shoe. And the people at Salomon are probably fine with that. After all, they arguably hold the largest share in the ever-expanding trail running market. And they made the Speedcross, a shoe that every runner should own. But Salomon had a particular runner in mind when they designed the S-Lab Sense 6 SG. If you’re wearing a fitbit, this might not be your shoe. If you’re racing “just racing to finish”, this might not be your shoe. If you call this “jogging”, stop doing that immediately,

Top Running Routes in Ottawa

Some welcome spring with a weekend dedicated to de-cluttering hidden corners of the house and putting away the winter gear into storage. Others may welcome the longed-for spring season by purchasing a fresh new pair of running shoes, a new spring running wardrobe and researching new running routes in their area. If you're part of the second group, you're probably checking the weather forecast daily and have your new running wardrobe readily accessible for that first chance to hit get out there. For those residing in the Ottawa area, there are more than a few great spots to get out

Top Running Routes in Calgary

So you've just bought some new Brooks running shoes and you're dying to get out and test them but where do you go? When you're posted up in the bustling city of Calgary, a breath of fresh air and a run in nature can be the ultimate choice although if you're the type that likes running through town, no sweat, stick to the running route that works for you. For those looking for a change of scenery and an opportunity to enjoy some nature at the same time, Calgary has more than a few great running routes that are sure to

Top Running Routes in Toronto

Lace up your Hoka One Ones, hit start on your GPS watch and hit the trail. Spring weather in here and we couldn't be happier to get out and embrace the warm rays. Take advantage of the longer days and warm weather by moving your daily workouts outside. If you're already following your own outdoor routine whether it be running or cycling, a new route can liven it up a bit. For the runners in the Toronto area looking to spice up their running routine, you're in luck because Toronto is full of running route opportunities. Whether you prefer to

Top Running Routes in Vancouver

Nestled on the West coast of Canada is British Columbia, home to Vancouver which is dubbed one of the top running cities in North America with multiple iconic running routes to choose from. From picturesque mountain views to breathtaking beachfront paths, Vancouver has it all for a day  of exploring by foot. This spring why not add some excitement to your running route and throw in some zig-zags here and there and bounce around the city. From the beach shore to the mountains, you're sure to have incredible scenery wherever you choose to run. Iconic Running Routes in Vancouver Stanley

Differences Between Trail and Road Running

I am a trail runner and I felt it necessary to precede this post with those words. My beginnings as a runner was on road and after several years training and running marathons I transitioned to trail. While I am strictly a trail runner now, I do appreciate and have experience with the flow and convenience that road running allows. So in an effort to differentiate between the main differences and perhaps to help you decide which to try, I have come up with a list of the 5 main differences that I have found between running road vs.trail. Surfaces

Running Essentials for a Beginner

So you've spent all winter avoiding the gym and coming up with every excuse in the book to skip-out on the spin classes you were so motivated to sign up for. Now it's spring and you're determined to run because running seems easy enough right? Find yourself a nearby running route, slap on some proper fitting running shoes and you're all set. Getting Started Although running is one of the easier hobbies to pick up, there are a few essentials for the beginner runner that you need to consider. Common sense is key so small things like warm-ups and hydration are important to not be

The Salomon Speedcross CS Review

Signing up for a marathon in Dubai in the middle of the winter may sound like a great idea... until you have to head out and train in the snow, ice and cold. As my girlfriend and I wanted to avoid the dreadful treadmill, we had to find a shoe that would be grippy, comfortable, waterproof and light enough to train 4-5 times a week. Our review of this product 9.0 / 10 The pros are: Light and Fast Great traction Multi functional The cons are: Not entirely waterproof Too stiff for very long runs After a little browsing, we