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Ski & Snowboard

Appreciate winter in a new way—outdoor sports. At Altitude Sports, we are all-in on skiing. And we’ve got as much ski apparel and gear for you as we do advice: groomed trail skiing, backcountry powder, cross country skiing, resort skiing and snowboarding. You’ll find the best alpine brands, our reviews of helmets, goggles and accessories, tips on how to choose baselayers, and you can read all about our ski adventures here in Canada and abroad.


Best Ski Gloves for 2021

Best Ski Gloves for 2021

As a skier, the number one thing you want to avoid is icy fingers on the mountain. To keep your fingers warm and dry, you’ll need waterproof hand protection....

Best Ski Gloves for 2021

As a skier, the number one thing you want to avoid is icy fingers on the mountain. To keep your fingers warm and dry, you’ll need waterproof hand protection. Though all ski gloves may seem relatively similar, there are significant differences in comfort, features, and design. There are also considerations such as your preference for gloves or mitts, leather or softshell, and heavy-duty or ultrathin builds. We’ll admit it: there are technical challenges in choosing the best ski gloves. But Altitude Sports has you covered with this round-up of the best ski gloves for 2021. After extensive review, we found

Cross-Country Ski Apparel Guide

Your friends hit the downhill slopes every weekend, but have you always wanted to try cross-country? You're not alone—cross country skiing is booming in 2021! Cross-country skiing is one of the best ways to keep fit in winter. It's a cardio activity, but it's also quite peaceful (imagine skiing through the woods!) and suitable for the whole family. And with the right cross-country ski clothing, it's easier than you might think. While it often costs hundreds of dollars to buy new downhill ski equipment, cross-country ski equipment and clothing is much more affordable. However, it's not always easy to know

Goggle Care: How to Care For & Maintain Your Goggles Properly

Ski goggles are essential for taking on the mountain. Like your jacket or snow pants, they protect you against the elements–in this case by shading your eyes from the sun or blocking the wind. While they are built durable, they still require some upkeep and care. To make sure you get the most out of your goggles for years to come, here's our guide on how to care for and properly maintain your goggles.Use the Goggle BagMost new goggles come in a protective microfibre bag, designed to clean the lens as well. Use it - it doesn't take up extra

Why Are My Goggles Foggy & How Do I Fix Them?

The search for the perfect pair of ski goggles needs to take in one important aspect: fog. Although most goggles on the market nowadays are treated with an anti-fog coating, there are instances where your goggle lenses can become foggy. Understanding why your goggles are fogging up will help to prevent it from happening more often. Below we offer a few tips and some problem-solving techniques which may shine a light on your foggy goggle disaster. Yes, goggle defects do occur but user error is the most common culprit. Shop ski goggles What Makes Goggles Fog Up? We all know

Best Ski Goggles for Winter 2021

I've been at the skiing game for a long time, and when I took a group of novice friends for a trip to the mountain, it gave me a whole new perspective on things.  Most of my friends were equipped pretty basically—but in some cases pretty poorly. Despite blue skies and fresh powder, equipment problems can cut short the fun on a perfect day out, and even drive people from the sport altogether. And first things first—without the best ski goggles for you, your time having fun will be pretty short. So I've put together a list for you about

Best Ski Jackets for 2021

Whether you’re looking for a ski jacket to accompany you in the backcountry or the resort, finding the perfect one can be challenging. Altitude Sports has you covered though, with this list of the best ski jackets for this winter season. Included are two-layer and three-layer models (2L and 3L), insulated jackets with real and synthetic insulation, and hard shells. The best ski jackets on this list strike a balance between warmth, ventilation, waterproofing, and breathability. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente The Top Ski Jackets Reviewed Product Name Highly ratedTechnical fabricPowder skirt Shop Product Name Down insulationReflective liningMany pockets Shop Product Name Flexible hoodSynthetic &

Best Ski Pants & Bibs for Winter 2021

Ski pants are one of the most critical pieces of equipment you wear while skiing. We’ve created this curated list of the best ski pants and bibs to fit every style and budget. If you’re a resort-goer, you’ll probably want snow pants with insulation for chair lifts and a hard outer shell. If you’re a backcountry skier, pants with a softshell that provides mobility and breathability will be the winner. However, the best ski pants or bib are fit for both the backcountry and resort. We found the best ski pants overall to be the Black Diamond Boundary Line Insulated

10 Ski Clothing Brands You Should Know for 2021

The fourth season, for many, is winter, when the temperature drops to subzero and the snow starts to fall. But there are many who live to see that first snow for different reasons–the beginning of ski season. It's the time of year when we gladly go to the back of our closets, size up our ski clothing and dust off our ski gear. While you keep yourself active the remaining three seasons of the year, we all know you’re really just waiting to strap on your boots and kick them into your bindings before tearing down white powdery trails. For

Best Backcountry Ski Backpacks

The ski season is fast approaching and, depending on where you live in Canada, some lucky ones have already made their first tracks in the fresh powder snow. For those who haven't had snow yet, now is a great time to shop for ski gear, and specifically one of the top backcountry backpacks, for your future adventures. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente our top choice Product Type Product Name Price: 0.00$ Affordable, simple, efficient and resistant, the Trion 35 rucksack from Mammut is ideal for all skiers and mountaineers who don't compromise on equipment. It has a large opening that gives you easy access

Best Ski & Snowboard Helmets in 2021

Besides your skis or snowboard, a helmet is the most important piece of gear. A head-injury sustained while speeding down a mountainside can result in a life-changing (or even life-ending) injury. That said, much of the risk can be mitigated by choosing the right helmet. Every year, helmet technologies improve, maximizing durability, ventilation, and protection, while minimizing weight. Plus, many of today’s styles, finishes, and colors elevate the helmet to the status of fashion accessory. Though it goes without saying, all outdoor adventures involve some degree of risk. But don’t take unnecessary ones—because you never know what’s lurking beneath the fresh

The Best Snowboarding Jackets of 2021

The real ones know it's true: snowboarding has nothing to do with skiing. Yes, there are some similarities, and maybe going down on two slabs isn't very different from going down on one, but in a much larger sense, snowboarding and skiing have as much in common as Brits and Canadians—very little. That being said, here's our selection of the best snowboard jackets for riding in style this winter. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente The Best Overall Jacket Product Type Product Name Price: 0.00$ This coat by 686 is named Smarty for a reason. It's made of a waterproof outer fabric with a 2 layer

The 10 Best Gifts for Ski Bums & Snowboarders

Climbing skins, avalanche transceivers, GORE-TEX shells and essential accessories... understanding industry jargon can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you're shopping for a backcountry enthusiast or snowboarder with distinctive tastes. Fortunately, our team of ski and snowboard enthusiasts has put together a selection of the best products to perform, ride with style, and stay safe. Discover the best gifts for skiers and snowboarders, all available at Altitude Sports. The 10 Best Skiing & Snowboarding Gifts Our collection of downhill and backcountry gifts for skiers and snowboarders is equipped with the latest technology. Our selection, meticulously chosen by our snow sports

What to Wear Downhill Skiing

Whether you stick to the resort groomers in the resort or you're out shredding the back-country lines, your ski wear needs to be reliable. Stay warm out on the hill when downhill skiing this winter with this ski apparel guide. A Day in the Mountains Dressing for a day of downhill skiing is all about staying warm & getting the most of your day in the mountains. If you're running to the lodge after every run to warm up, with cold feet, cold fingers or just being cold all over, it spoils the fun—and can be dangerous if you ignore

Review: SPY Bravo Colorblock Goggles

On the mountain the weather can change very quickly, so you always need to be ready. Having a checklist of what to bring skiing is important, and packing all the essentials will ensure you're prepared. Whether you're carving the slopes on a sunny afternoon, or exploring the backcountry on an overcast morning, visibility is key. It's not just about having fun but staying safe, and the SPY Bravo Colorblock goggles will keep you both stylish and protected. Here is a list of things you should check before choosing your next goggles. Fit: Make sure they are comfortable, not too big

Reviewed: Hyperia Lite Jacket by Icebreaker

Every time I pack for a ski expedition up north or a beach trip down south, I always end up thinking that I should invent a warm, lightweight technical jacket that can fit snugly in my bag while I'm on my way to my destination. I've finally found this jacket and it's made my life so much easier. The one I'm talking about is Hyperia Lite Jacket from the New Zealand company icebreaker. If this coat meets the needs so well, it's because it manages to compete with the warmth of down while being super light and compressible. Pros Cons

Spyder Solitaire GTX Ski Kit Reviewed

Spyder has always been one of my favourite iconic high-end brands you can wear on the slopes. I've worn their apparel for years and although my tastes have changed and I've tried different brands, I've always come back to them. Recently I was on the lookout for a new ski outfit. I wanted something comfortable, modern, colourful, and most importantly something that could perform on the slopes. That's when I discovered the Solitaire GTX kit.     At first glance, the kit seemed perfect for what I was looking for, but I wanted to test it out before I came

What To Wear Skiing & Snowboarding

The temperature is dropping, and winter is just around the corner—time for ski season! You're free to imagine wonderful days on the ski hill, breathing in the fresh mountain air and exploring new terrain with friends and family. But you won't get far if you're not prepared. It's tough to enjoy winter on or off the mountain without the proper apparel. That's why we've prepared this checklist on what to wear skiing and snowboarding. Ski Checklist Base Layer Long underwear shirt Long underwear bottoms Mid Layer Light jacket, vest or sweater Outerwear Ski jacket Ski pants Head, Feet, and Hands

DCP for Rip Curl Snow Gear: The Canadian Snowboarding Legend talks his Career & The Search

When most snowboarders think of Rip Curl, images of surfers, swimwear, and wetsuits come to mind. That image is changing thanks to the brand’s development of The Search Series outerwear and their new rider partnerships with legendary snowboarders like DCP.  Rip Curl’s founders were actually snow fanatics who’ve made ‘Mountainwear’ since 1986. They’re dedicated to applying innovative technology to their mountain collection. The outcome is The Search Series—durably designed in recycled fabrics. Other tech includes recycled PRIMALOFT insulation and rugged Cordura paneling anywhere your ski or board edges might touch your outerwear.  DCP joining Rip Curl is big news. David’s

Forever an Olympian: Keeping The Sochi Halfpipe Dream Alive With Keltie Hansen

I was standing on the school steps waiting to get picked up. I zipped up my jacket to ward off the cold Edmonton winter, adjusted my hat and peered down the road, looking for the minivan. There it was, it was easy to recognize because of the Thule Box full of skis on top. I jumped down the stairs and slid open the side door. Warm air hit my face as I climbed into the van to sit next to my older brother Lucas. As we pulled away my mom looked back at me, smiled and asked how my day

Helly Hansen is Ski Gear of the Pros: Outerwear Testing on Opening Day Powder at Fernie

At our hotel in town the night before, the sound of falling rain had anxiously kept us up all night. The day before we’d flown all the way from Montreal to Calgary, then driven three-hours south to be at Fernie resort for opening day of the ski season. We planned to ride with professional ski patrollers and a young pro skier for Helly Hansen named Simon. Luckily, at the base of the resort that morning, the cold temperatures and elevation had turned the rain into fresh powder. Being first in line for the season’s first chair is special—but it’s all that

Snowed into Colorado’s San Juan Mountains at Black Diamond Ski Lodge Camp

‘Guys, the road is reopening soon!’ We could see snowplows finish clearing the last of the white concrete-like crust that had blocked our path. Sounds of TNT avalanche probes rung throughout the alpine valley. In a line of vehicles at the checkpoint, our crew sat in the truck bed with our skis, ready to be driven back up the valley for another skinning ascent—but Nature had once again delayed our adventure. After more than a 30-minute wait, we were going to be allowed through the checkpoint where snow walls taller than trucks lined the road. At the break of a

Touring in the Red Mountains with Black Diamond Essentials

On a recent trip to the Red Mountains' backcountry, I had a chance to enjoy an amazing day on the slopes. Tons of snow, great descents, breathtaking scenery. I also had the chance to try two pieces of Black Diamond touring essentials. Here's how they worked out for me.   Black Diamond Touring Essential 1—The Dawn Patrol 25 Ski Backpack Putting on my backpack is often the last step before tackling an ascent or skiing down a hill. It's an integral part of my backcountry skiing/freeride kit. My pack has to be comfortable, ensure quick access to a probe/shovel and

Discover Peak Performance Ski Kits

Ski season is upon us and so are the winter storms, bringing in daydream-worthy forecasts that have powder hounds antsy for epic ski days. Whether you're a backcountry explorer earning your turns or you prefer to stick to the resort and lap the corduroy, the Peak Performance Ski Kits collection has a little something stylish and functional to meets every skier's needs. Shop Peak Performance Backcountry Peak Performance Ski Kits For Her Vertical Jacket Shop now Vertical Pants Shop now For Him Alpine Jacket Shop now Alpine Pants Shop now When it comes to skiing in the backcountry, while the

Best Arc’teryx Men’s Ski & Snowboard Jackets for Winter 2019

The countdown has begun for powder hounds who watch weather forecasts wide-eyed and bewildered searching for the first sign of snow in the forecast. Skis and boards readily waxed awaiting their first ride of the new season and new ski and snowboard outfits being picked out to match accordingly. To help you along your way up the mountain, here is a list of Arc'teryx Top Ski & Snowboard Jackets for Men. The Arc'teryx Whiteline collection is sure to please with its variety of colours and the classic technical features and designs winter enthusiasts long for season-after-season. Below are our top

What To Pack For A Ski Trip

Are you planning a ski trip this winter? If you are, there is something you will have to do first, and that is pack for your ski holiday. Packing can be a tedious task, or even stressful when done last minute. But have no fear; I am here to make packing for your ski trip a breeze. As an Olympic skier, I've travelled all over the world to compete at different ski resorts. I soon became an expert at efficiently packing my ski gear and making sure nothing was left behind. This packing guide will include what size duffel bag

Rogers Pass With Smartwool: An Adventure Shaped By Climate Change

Go Far. Feel Good. This is Smartwool’s motto and our own state of mind as we headed to Roger’s Pass, British Columbia at the end of March for a weekend of ski touring. On the drive into the mountains, avalanche warnings for Banff and Kootenay National Parks flashed red. The B.C. sun was unusually strong for that time of year, creating increasingly high snowpack risks on precisely the peaks we were heading to in search of powder. This is the legacy of climate change we’d battle all weekend.  Our ski touring weekend with Smartwool and David Erb of Protect Our

The Right Approach: Whistler Backcountry Skiing in Arc’teryx Whiteline Collection

My skis glided along the snow as the T-bar snaked up Blackcomb Glacier. Located in Whistler, British Columbia, the glacier cast an impressive shadow over the mountains and valley below. On a bluebird spring day we got ready to test some of the latest gear from Arc’teryx. It’s part of their quality control process done in the field—vital when designing apparel for the world’s harshest mountains. We strapped on our skins as our guide Chris went over what to do in case of an avalanche. For backcountry skiers, the reward of fresh turns rarely comes without risk. Safety is our

Best Ski & Snowboard Jackets For Kids

The mountains covered with snow makes for happy skiers and snowboarders. But we're here to make sure no child gets left behind. While you peruse the best ski jackets and snowboard apparel, turn your thoughts to your little ones. After all, they want to play too, and you'll delight in passing down tips and tricks as your kids progress.  Taking on the mountain requires wearing the right apparel for everyone, so let's get into the best ski jackets for kids.From boots to ski pants, socks, sweaters and mittens, bundling up the right way makes all the difference. Whether they're taking

The Best Ways to Winter Layer with Icebreaker Merino Wool

When you’re about to embark on a mid-winter adventure, you already know that a merino wool base layer is essential. Over that, you’re likely to choose down or a synthetic-filled insulator for winter sports like skiing, snowshoeing and backcountry trekking. But what about merino wool insulators and mid-layers? Or outer jackets that use this wonderful fiber as their primary insulation? We’re going to tackle the ins-and-outs of effective layering using Icebreaker’s collection of premium merino products. Shop Icebreaker So, what is merino wool? Icebreaker’s merino wool is derived from one of the world’s most ancient breed of sheep that roam

Testing the Sidas Volcano Heat Insole & Heat Pack Neo in the Backcountry

I grew up on the east coast of Canada where the temperature, in the winter, usually sits around -10 to -15 Celsius, and if you want to go ski with your buddies, well you got to tough out the temps. Our review of this product The pros are: Keep your feet nice and toast all day long You can use them to dry out your boot liner during the night Long 8 hour battery life. Multiple heating levels: low, mid, high. Low profile, doesn’t get in the way. The cons are: Have to make sure you recharge them every night

Once Upon a Wild, West Coast Ski Trip

It was October. That morning, when I opened my apartment door, the air crackled with cold and it smelled like winter. Fate must have also been lurking in the air. No more than a few hours later, I received a message from my long-time skiing friends, "let’s live our old teenage promise: A Ski Trip to Western Canada!" I'm a believer that you must seize the opportunities that come your way so seize we did! Within the time-span of dinner, an inter-mountain pass shopping session and a 6-hour flight later, we landed in Calgary. What a surprise we had while

Black Diamond Legend Gloves Reviewed

While planning a trip to western Canada, I was looking for a pair of durable gloves that could follow me everywhere, no matter the conditions. These are the basic reasons why I equipped myself with the Black Diamond Legend gloves and, after all, I was even better served than expected (until my boyfriend tried them on and didn't want to give them back)! Shop Black Diamond Our review of this product The pros are: Waterproof Gore-tex inserts that wick away moisture Warm yet thin Primaloft lining Unparalleled fit and dexterity Increased durability thanks to sheep leather in the palm and