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We believe in living with nature in harmony and respect, giving back to it and to our community. Each of our brands has been carefully selected to reflect these ideals: a commitment to sustainable fashion, and eco-friendly initiatives that help inform our clients’ choices. By highlighting our ethical clothing and gear, and dedicating a space exclusively to these brands, we’re giving you the opportunity to shop responsibly through a number of different sustainability-oriented labels.


Lifting up the Planet with Lifa Technology

Lifting up the Planet with Lifa Technology

To get a closer look at what goes into a Helly Hansen product, we asked Philip about the materials used in their clothing, specifically their Lifa Infinity Pro™ technology...

Lifting up the Planet with Lifa Technology

To get a closer look at what goes into a Helly Hansen product, we asked Philip about the materials used in their clothing, specifically their Lifa Infinity Pro™ technology, and what the brand has been doing to eliminate chemicals from their manufacturing processes.What chemicals have you eliminated from Helly Hansen products?What is Lifa®, and what separates it from the host of other 'advanced' materials out there?How did you come to the idea to eliminate chemicals? Was it challenging?How do you maintain advanced innovations while eliminating chemicals? Q: What chemicals have you eliminated from Helly Hansen products? A: We’ve managed to

Icebreaker’s New Look: Heritage, Merino and Plastic-Free

This will feature the same comfort and performance which consumers love, now without the plastic fibres. It’s all a part of icebreaker’s commitment to begin 100% plastic free by 2023, and helping the planet through the retail industry, with a level of transparency and ambition to be envied. Let’s look at some of the pieces before digging into some of icebreaker’s sustainability details. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente 100% MERINO SONEBULA The new Sonebula midweight, long sleeve baselayer is designed to make you stand out on the slopes. Inspired by classic sportswear, this piece features a striking stripe down the arm and a playful

Burton Moves for a Better Planet

For decades, Burton has chosen to take the path that has a lighter footprint, making a positive impact on its people, products and playground. Sustainability is deeply woven into the company’s purpose-driven business model. From carving out ways to reduce the carbon footprint of Burton HQ and product manufacturing, to purchasing environmentally preferred materials and finding solutions to keep products in use longer, Burton is effectively impacting its supply chain from raw materials to landfill. The company is targeting 20% carbon reduction across its hardgood products and 100% bluesign products across softgoods. Burton is also committed to fair labour practices

Stay Warm, Stay Moving, Stay Responsible

You get outside to move. So whether you’re climbing, hiking, camping, backpacking or exploring, the last thing you want to be is restricted. But when the temperatures drop and it’s time to break out the down jacket, a good range of motion often gets sacrificed for warmth. Mountain Hardwear’s Stretchdown collection challenges the notion of the notoriously restrictive down jacket. Its design is built to keep you warm and keep you moving, while also keeping up with the highest standards for sustainability. The brand also upholds many eco-conscious initiatives and efforts beyond the Stretchdown collection.BUILT TO STRETCHThe ultra-engineered construction of Stretchdown

Sustainable Performance: norda Trail Running Shoes

Introducing norda, founded in Montreal and proudly Canadian, and makers of the sustainable norda trail running shoes in a series that flat-out performs. norda is breaking boundaries and making history to prove that performance and sustainability should always run together. The dual commitment to high performance and sustainability is only possible because of a decision to use the most innovative materials on Earth. If norda compromised on technology, both performance and sustainability would suffer. So, no compromises. sustainable materialsBio-based Dyneema Fibre, found in the upper of the norda 001, is the world’s strongest and lightest fibre. It uses a mass balance

The North Face: Sustainable from Start to Finish

Many consumers have made the switch to purchasing more environmentally-conscious clothing, but there is also a huge responsibility for companies to step up as well. At The North Face, nature is at the heart of everything they do, and they are constantly innovating their practices to be as sustainable as possible. SCALING CIRCULARITY Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned. This means 87 percent of material used to make clothing ends up as waste. Carol Shu, Global Sustainability Manager at The North Face, wants to make an impact in reducing this number. She

Best Insulated Water Bottles

Choosing the right insulated water bottle doesn't have to mean choosing the most expensive one. Try to focus instead on picking a water bottle that best meets your needs, whatever they may be. Embarking on a day hike? Going camping with your family? Leaving on a kayak expedition? Mountaineering with your best friend? No matter what you're doing, there's a water bottle for it. The majority of insulated water bottles stay hot for 6 to 12 hours and stay cold for between 6 to 24 hours. Choosing a water bottle also comes down to the size of your backpack, car

Houdini Lifts the Veil on Their Sustainable Business Practices

They say that a magician never reveals his secrets. Lucky for us, Houdini Sportswear has given Altitude Sports a glimpse into its clothing manufacturing process to let us know that its incredible feat of achieving a 100% circular collection by 2022 isn’t just smoke and mirrors. Read on to learn the tricks of their trade. What does it mean to be circular?For Houdini, operating a circular clothing system means that no resources are extracted from nature, all the industry’s emissions are lowered, and its concept of waste eliminated. Can’t believe your eyes? Neither could we...until we saw the hard facts.No

Go Green: icebreakers’s Ethical Initiatives for a Better World

icebreaker's Transparency Report is more than a hundred pages long, describing in detail all the stages of production for its garments. These details include sales figures, the results of the various audits icebreaker has undergone, its successes and failures, and even its future objectives. Not surprisingly, icebreaker's Transparency Report has caused a small revolution in the industry. The Merino wool experts have released their 2018 and 2019 reports, following their 2017 report. The brand was also the first in the industry to sign long-term contracts with its sheep farmers. For over a decade, icebreaker has been committed to providing their

A step-by-step guide to responsible camping

Responsible camping is more than putting out your fire and collecting garbage before you go. The Leave No Trace movement offers seven simple guidelines to ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor adventure without harming the environment. Seven protips for responsible camping Plan your trip beforehand We camp to enjoy the peace and serenity that nature brings. However, a lack of preparation can certainly cramp one's style. The first principle of the Leave No Trace movement is to plan your trip well. A lack of preparation can lead to poor decision-making and improvisations which could, in turn, have a negative

Patagonia Wants You to Know How Your Clothes are Made

It’s no secret that the clothing industry produces a staggering amount of waste each year. Fast fashion and leftover material from textile production are two of the biggest reasons how the garment sector contributes to 10% of all annual pollution. For outdoor apparel brands whose business model relies upon producing clothing to get you from trail to peak, the question becomes; how do we balance our love for protecting the outdoors with the technical apparel needed to hike, camp, and climb? Patagonia is tipping the scales in the right direction.Patagonia believes that in order to protect the backcountry we all

A Commitment to Responsibility

As an outdoor company founded on a love for nature, high quality, and long-lasting products, environmental responsibility has been in Norrøna’s DNA from the beginning. Norrøna believes the only way to run a company is through a sustainable platform, and it is transparent in its efforts and progression through the public roadmap. Norrøna constructs approximately 90% of its product development in-house, having always invested in machinery both to construct the products and to test the materials. Products go through 15 quality checkpoints in order to ensure both the materials and construction will meet or exceed the customer’s expectations for quality

Nature is Waiting

60 years of close collaboration with nature has motivated Fjällräven to keep finding new ways of developing functional, durable, and timeless products. Fjällräven’s core value of sustainability is present in every design, action, and initiative undertaken by the company. Sustainability also fuels the brand’s constant desire to inspire more people to discover and enjoy the outdoors, thereby contributing to more widespread interest in nature and its protection. In 1960, Fjällräven’s founder Åke Nordin created the ultra-strong but lightweight backpack Lätt at a time when most backpacks were bulky, uncomfortable, and not doing a particularly good job of supporting one’s trekking

Get to Know Altitude Sports Sustainability Standards

It’s no surprise that our world has changed over the course of the past year. Here at Altitude Sports, we’ve changed too. Developing a new-found respect for the environment and one another is reshaping our relationships with friends, health routines, and even shopping habits. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you make purchasing decisions in line with your new-found respect for the simplicity and sustainability that the outdoors can offer. Our guide below breaks down the top standards and certifications for you to keep in mind as you browse ECO FRIENDLY products on Altitude Sports. Bluesign Bluesign

Our Green Initiatives at Altitude Sports

Eco-responsibility is at the heart of our values at Altitude Sports. From a new “Eco Friendly” filter on our site that makes it easier for you to shop our selection of eco-friendly products, to our Green Committee’s implementation of environmental initiatives, we are striving to do our part to create a better, cleaner, more responsible world for everyone. We believe that all of us should have open access to nature, now and in the future. Our initiatives are geared towards achieving this goal, starting with our annual fundraiser, Alti Action. Alti Action Alti Action is a fundraiser that takes place

12 Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands Looking to the Future

Where our clothes come from is a question we ask ourselves more and more these days. It used to be taken for granted where (or how) our clothing was made. But today’s consumers, with the help of top outerwear brands, are educating themselves on what goes into making the latest technical shells, hiking boots, and other eco-friendly clothing. Adventurers want to know what materials their packs are made from, and skiers want to know where the down in their jacket comes from. After everything nature has given us, we need to do our best to conserve it. Outdoor brands have

Smartwool and the Quest for Sustainability

Smartwool is synonymous with merino wool. From warm cozy socks to full-body base layers, their apparel is made to keep you warm, dry, and smelling fresh. Dedicated to making apparel for nature's biggest challenges, they're now taking on a challenge of their own. Sustainability is the name of the game. They're looking for ways to grow and produce apparel with the planet in mind. Here are some of Smartwool's plans for a more sustainable future. Materials Goals Smartwool is on a journey to making a better product that actually benefits the environment. Their goal is to replace all non-renewable synthetic fibers that

Ethically Made & Sustainable Winter Jackets

There's nothing like taking a hike through snow-covered forests and icy landscapes. Braving the cool morning air, or enjoying the sunset views from on top of a mountain. For those living in the city, heading up to the chalet and spending a weekend amongst the wildlife can be re-energizing. With growing concerns about the environment, there are certain things we can do to ensure we can continue to enjoy the great outdoors. Many clothing brands are taking it upon themselves to do their part for the environment. From going full vegan to using recycled, and ethically sourced materials, here are

Wash, Rinse, Recycle—The North Face Environmental Commitment

What to expect from a fleece jacket made of recycled materials? When it’s The North Face fleece, expect the same comfort, versatility, softness and warmth you’re used to. Getting to a jacket that checks those boxes and is part of their overall sustainability program wasn’t simple, however—and it’s part of their ongoing commitment to reducing carbon emissions. The North Face has been encouraging and partnering with ranchers and manufacturers to shorten the supply chain. Regenerative agriculture is part of that, specifically carbon farming that draws down carbon into the soil while yielding important crops like cotton and wool.Chemical responsibility comes

Growing a Revolution

Can agriculture save the planet? That’s what Patagonia believes. Patagonia is the outdoor company that’s made battling climate change their front line. Even their slogan states it: We’re in business to save the planet.   I certainly didn’t expect to find myself on a farm up to my elbows in earth, gardening with the precursors to an agricultural revolution. My impression of California was more of a place ravaged by years of withering drought and wildfires, an ironic twist to the supposed cornucopia of America. And yet it is in precisely this climate that Patagonia is working on their new project:

Sustainable Brands We Love

Sustainable brands are on the tip of everyone's tongue. Bags, shoes, boots; recycled plastic, cork, hardwear; PETA approval, bluesign certified, vegan-sourced—the move to better living for a better future is in full effect and we are all in the middle of it. Nothing gets us more excited when we see new brands with an environmental state of mind come to life, or older brands fully embracing the new tricks of planetary responsibility. Here's a list of sustainable brands we love and a slice of their ethical outlook that drives them. 11 Sustainable Brands We Love Matt & Nat Brave Backpack Shop

Discover The ThermoBall Eco Collection From The North Face

For over 50 years, The North Face has been a leader in the outwear industry. One of the original mountaineering brands, they're continually developing and improving their line of products. From the city to the mountains, they make gear and clothing that can handle nature's demands. Whether it's the innovative new Futurelight collection, the iconic Denali collection, or the new, sustainably sourced ThermoBall Eco collection, they prove that they're never done evolving. ThermoBall Eco Insulation ThermoBall Insulation was developed with the help of PrimaLoft in an attempt to offer a high-performing synthetic alternative to down. In comparing the two types

Fjällräven Keb Eco-Shell Jacket Review

My first thought when I got the Fjällräven Keb Eco-Shell Jacket designed for rainy weather was, "This looks super sharp!" followed by, "I can’t wait to try this out!" Cue consecutive weeks of sunshine… Normally I’d be stoked with a few weeks of nice weather but that made it a bit challenging to test the waterproof shell. I had to get creative - and I’m pleased to report that whether under a showerhead, a garden hose or even pelted by water balloons the Keb Eco-Shell kept me perfectly dry! The neighbours think I’m even weirder than before of course... Our

Nau: Eco-Friendly Designs and the Future of Sustainable Clothing

Portland is a progressive city. It's renowned for a blend of do-it-yourself startups, craft breweries, and as headquarters for multiple athletic companies. In 2007, a former Portland-based executive decided to start an eco-friendly clothing and outerwear brand, drawing inspiration from a trip to Polynesia. The executive chose a name inspired by the Maori greeting "Nau Mai! Haere Mai!" - meaning "Welcome! Come in!." The name, which is pronounced "now," is a call to action. To its founders, it resonates as a contemporary, sustainable approach to West Coast clothing. Think ‘green' fibers and fabrics, sustainable manufacturing, and pioneering environmental programs. A

Smartwool Smartloft Insulation: Giving Merino a Second Life

Cooler weather calls for layers, insulated clothing and this season's Smartwool Smartloft insulation. The brand has embraced the beloved characteristics of wool and branched out to create the 'world's most comfortable insulation' - Smartloft. Made from 50% recycled materials, this light, lofty, warm and sustainable insulation is made up of 88% wool and 12% polyester. The 88% wool portion is comprised of 50% recycled Merino 250 scraps and 38% virgin wool so you get the warmth you love within an eco-friendly way. Shop Smartloft Collection Smartwool has been at the forefront of the base layer industry and a favourite among many. With a