***This campaign is now closed. We raised $67,170 during this edition of Alti Action. Thanks to all for your contribution. Find us in a few months for a new edition.***

Staying active in safe environments is what everyone’s been craving for many months now. With better weather having arrived, our Alti Action 2021 campaign is offering everyone the chance to join the cause and help make an impactful change by supporting Zero Ceiling, The Trans Canada Trail, or Pour 3 Points. All three organisations give people the opportunity to get active, whether by training or taking part in activities directly.

What It Is

From May 10 to 18, 2021, Alti Action is partnering with three organisations that need your help. You can either choose to donate to one of Zero Ceiling, The Trans Canada Trail, or Pour 3 Points; or, new this season, you can purchase a limited edition t-shirt, with part of your purchase split equally among the three organisations. Our partner orgs work hard to provide healthy environments to those in need, and your support is more critical than ever.

Donate $15, get 30 Alti dollars

Choose a one-time donation of $15 CDN, applicable to the organisation of your choice. In return, your altitude Sports account will be credited 30 Alti Dollars, redeemable on our website, altitude-sports.com. Each Alti Dollar is equal to one dollar CDN and can be used toward any future purchase, including discounted items. Alti Dollars do not expire – if those winter boots you love aren’t currently available in your size, you can wait until they are.

buy the t-shirt

This season, you can purchase the limited edition Campsite t-shirt for $39, featuring designer Mathieu Dionne’s graphic print. The tee, made in Canada, is 100% organic cotton, reps responsible living at its best.

When you purchase the t-shirt, $15 will be donated to our three partner organisations (split equally among the three).

Since 2017, our customers’ generous Alti Action donations have contributed more than $400,000 to our partner organisations.

Our Partners

Zero Ceiling

Zero Ceiling’s Adventure Sessions in Whistler, B.C., offer no-cost outdoor adventure day-camps for young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, too often excluded from the outdoors. The Sessions give youth a chance to connect with nature, take on new challenges, have new experiences, and build confidence.

Trans Canada Trail 

As the longest trail network in the world, the Trans Canada Trail connects Canadians and visitors to nature and to one another, from coast to coast to coast, through accessible and inclusive outdoor activities. Through collaboration and partnerships, the Trans Canada Trail builds, maintains and stewards Canada’s national trail, a unique system of connected urban and rural trails.

Pour 3 Points

Pour 3 Points believes in social equality for youth from underprivileged neighbourhoods. All youth need the opportunity to develop their potential. To accomplish this, Pour 3 Points trains sport coaches to become life coaches, who then help youth gain the skills needed to succeed in life and in school.

How it works

In order to donate and claim your 30 Alti Dollars, you must be signed into your Altitude Sports account. If you haven’t got an account already, you can easily sign up on our website here. 

Your $15 donation can be added to your cart as a product. From there, simply follow the usual checkout process. After your donation, you’ll receive a confirmation email indicating your account has been credited with the Alti Dollars. Only one $15 donation can be made per season, and the donation is non-refundable.

Join the Cause

From May 10 to May 18, join the cause and donate to an organisation you believe in. Join us in lending a hand to help those who need it, promoting responsible living, and change the world for the better.

* You cannot use either Expirable Credits or Alti Dollars as a payment method when your cart contains an Alti Action donation.