Best Canada Goose Parkas for Winter 2019

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Canada Goose, Winter. Best Canada Goose Parkas for Winter 2019

Depending on where you live, you most likely have a friend or relative that owns a Canada Goose jacket. Perhaps you’re even a little envious; I don’t blame you! The Canadian coat connoisseur knows exactly what it takes to integrate arctic-level performance with a consumer-friendly product. Your next Canada Goose coat is an investment and should be treated that way. That’s why it’s important you do some research to make the right selection. Before you purchase your parka, have a look at the best Canada Goose parkas and accessories for 2019.


Countless individuals cherish their Canada Goose parka, particularly when it’s -25 degrees and they feel unfazed due to its powerful insulating properties. In order to get the best out of your new jacket, ensure your environment is appropriate for a Canada Goose jacket.

Down is the natural insulator used in Canada Goose jackets. While this type of insulation is light and very warm, it becomes ineffective once wet. You’ll be happy to know that each coat has a water-repellent finish to help protect the down and keep you dry. However, a typical Canada Goose parka is not fully waterproof.

Canada Goose parkas were first engineered for the extreme cold. Even if most of the collection is geared toward urban usage, their coats are still built to withstand freezing temperatures. Due to various factors such as metabolism, the temperature rating on each jacket is only a recommendation and should be taken with a grain of salt. Only you know your sensitivity to the cold.

Men’s Parkas

Most of the Canada Goose parkas are influenced by a classic, tasteful military look. A jacket is an integral part of your outfit’s style, even if it’s -20 degrees outside. Here are three recommended parkas to kick-off your winter.

Carson Parka

Temperature Rating: -15°C / -25°C
“Ultra-stylish with exceptional warmth and a slim-tailored fit.”

The jacket sits perfectly at hip-length, keeping your upper-body comfortably warm and allowing for free leg movement. In addition to the premium warmth of the Carson Parka, you’ll be sure to love the hand warming pockets, durable build and coyote fur ruff.

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Erickson Parka

Temperature Rating: -10°C / -20°C
“Cozy style with savvy storage for optimal comfort and warmth.”

For those who want to bundle up in a big, comfortable parka, the Erickson Parka is the way to go. Wallet, keys, gloves, doesn’t matter, it will all fit wonderfully due to the plethora of pockets found throughout the parka. In addition to its superior functionality, you will find 2 sets of hand-warming pockets located respectively the chest and abdomen.

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Langford Parka

Temperature Rating: -15°C / -25°C
“High performance meets style with white duck down and a thigh-length cut.”

The best feature of the Langford Parka is its vast versatility. It’s the perfect cross between urban and technical design, proving to be just as efficient and performing in either condition. In conjunction with this capability, the design is timeless and transforms when the hood is removed. Built to last, the elbows are reinforced and the length of the jacket extends to mid-thigh for additional coverage.

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Macmillan Parka

Temperature Rating: -10°C / -20°C
“Sleek urban style ready-made for the city combines with premium warmth.”

For those who want arctic winter warmth with urban aesthetics, the Macmillan Parka is the perfect choice. It uses 625 fill power white duck down for ready-made winter warmth, and the sleek hood offers full coverage without the coyote ruff for those who would rather go without the fur.

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Canada Goose is well known for their parkas that can stand up to arctic temperatures, but they’ve got a whole range of products made for every environment. From parkas to bombers, down jackets, mittens and vests, discover the complete Canada Goose men’s collection.

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Women’s Parkas

Following the distinct Canada Goose classic look, you will be sure to find functionality with fashion in every parka. Take a look at our three suggestions.

Trillium Parka

Temperature Rating: -15°C / -25°C
“Polished style with a cinched-in waist and thigh-grazing warmth.”

This tried and true favourite is popular for many reasons. Besides the classic design, wearers will benefit from the first-rate fit. As the front is beautifully lined by sturdy buttons, a flap lays over the zipper, protecting against the cold wind. This model also comes with straps to carry the coat on your back which is great for commuting and going out.

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Shelburne Parka

Temperature Rating: -10°C / -20°C
“Maxed out style with back panel snaps, wide quilting and a thigh-high cut.”

The first thing you will notice about the Shelburne is that Canada Goose has chosen to ever so slightly divert from its original classic look by opting for a more modern look. Like the Kensington, you will find the ultra-practical straps which allows for easy transport.

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Elmwood Parka

Temperature Rating: -15°C / -25°C
“Elegant take on city style with clean lines and a long silhouette.”

Sporting a furless hood, the sleek cut of the Elmwood is truly this coat’s pièce de résistance. Even though the Elmwood is a new addition to the Canada Goose family, it already seems like a timeless indispensable. In addition to it high-profile design, you will be pleased with the level of functionality: there is a plethora of pockets.

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Rossclair Parka

Temperature Rating: -10°C / -20°C
“Dynamic parka with plenty of  style and loads of winter-ready features.”

The Rossclair Parka is a classic from Canada Goose’s line of parkas. Season after season it’s one of the top choices for those looking to stay warm during the long winter months. The parka stands out for its versatility thanks to features, like a removable coyote fur ruff, and an adjustable hood. It’s made to look good in the coldest cities around the world. 

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Canada Goose is well known for their parkas that can stand up to arctic temperatures, but they’ve got a whole range of products made for every environment. From parkas to down jackets, mittens, toques and vests discover the complete Canada Goose women’s collection.

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What better to go with your Canada Goose parka than Canada Goose hats and gloves? You can expect the same superb quality found in their jackets, in their accessories. This winter, combat the cold in style.

Headwear & Neckwear


Arctic Disc Toque



Two Colour Woven Scarf


When winter rolls around you want to bundle up. A good parka with a hood will keep you covered, but wrapping your neck in the soft warmth of merino wool or covering your ears with merino wool toque is taking winter comfort to another level.

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Gloves & Mittens


Northern Utility Gloves



Leather Rib Luxe Mitts


There’s nothing worse than cold hands. When it’s minus 20 and you’re trying to check the bus times on your phone, you want gloves with touch screen capabilities. A warm pair of mittens will make all the difference when you’re strolling through the park with a hot coffee. Frostbite is a pain, and so is having a pair of gloves that can’t get the job done. Luckily Canada Goose has you covered.

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