Sustainability, Comfort, Style—FIG Clothing’s LUG & BEY Modal Sweaters

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Canadian brand, environmental, FIG Clothing, made in Canada, Modal, sustainable, Travel. Sustainability, Comfort, Style—FIG Clothing’s LUG & BEY Modal Sweaters

When it comes to eco-responsible clothing, do we really need to look further than FIG Clothing from Montreal? Their initiatives include building relationships with domestic Canadian manufacturers, finding international suppliers who meet their criteria of responsible business, and driving their production chain sustainably. The FIG Clothing Lug & Bey sweaters fit these criteria to a tee.

What moves FIG ahead of an increasingly crowded fashion field is the quality they put into practical clothing. Their pieces are built to move freely, with designs that transcend seasons and trends, perfect for travel and wearing every day. FIG states their clothing is, ‘sophisticated, minimalist and timeless.’ Those words sum up their designs perfectly, as we’ll see. 

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Nothing reps FIG quite like their BEY and LUG sweaters, two pieces sure to be essentials in your wardrobe. Both are crafted from Modal, treated and spun beech tree pulp produced by Austria’s Lenzig AG. The feel is softer than cotton, with a suppleness that gently wraps you up, and it uses anywhere from 10 to 20 times less water to produce. 

Best of all, when woven into sweaters, the fabric moves with your movements and flows naturally. FIG takes the soft, supple cloth and transforms it into flattering pieces like the BEY and LUG. 

BEY Sweater

The BEY sweater takes its name from Beirut, signalling the international mindset FIG brings to every piece it creates. It’s a fleece-Modal blend with enough stretch to fill your daily requirements. Slip it on and you can see yourself travelling Beirut’s magnificent coastline in the breathable top—loose-fitting enough to accommodate the twists and turns of an international voyage, flattering enough to preserve your style and flair simply and elegantly no matter the occasion. Entirely fitting for the city some call the Paris of the Middle East.

LUG Sweater

The LUG sweater is a cousin to the BEY in many ways. This time FIG wanders to Lugano, in full view of the Swiss Alps, with the Italian-speaking town dipping its toes into the glassy lake that shares its name. The LUG is the perfect top to wear when the chill sets in, with a slouch hood and fabric drawcords to adjust it against wind and cold. Again here, fleece is blended with Modal with enough stretch for a morning mountain hike or an evening run by the shore. Tailored to the midsection, loose enough for movement, it brings the hoodie a step up. 

Both tops are not only designed in Canada, they’re made here too. FIG’s commitment to domestic manufacturing isn’t mere lip-service. Adding to the local economy directly in real terms sees both these Modal-infused shirts being produced at Quebec and Ontario locations. This kind of locally-based promise can be a tipping point in terms of the appeal of a garment, a campaign and a brand.

Start ticking the boxes and you’ll run out of things to tick. Environmentally-friendly Modal fabric blend? Check. Domestically produced? Check. Canadian company? Check. Movement-friendly cut? Check. Timeless style that travels anywhere and fits any occasion? You got it, check again. There is a lot to like about both the BEY and the LUG. Try them out and see how FIG Clothing Lug & Bey sweaters — and their entire collection — have redefined women’s comfort and flair for women’s clothes.

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