Layering for a day in the mountains is always a crucial part of the overall experience. Feeling too cold can quickly shorten a day so as mom always said, “it’s better to be safe than sorry” and layer up. While layering is key, the types of layers you choose are also important because too many layers can restrict movement. This is where the Helly Hansen LifaLoft insulation comes in.

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What is LifaLoft?

This revolutionary new insulation provides exceptional warmth without the added bulk of a down or synthetic layer. Helly Hansen has collaborated with Primaloft insulation by combining their extensive expertise in synthetic insulation with Helly Hansen’s very own LIFA technology. Earlier this season the brand introduced their Lifa base layers which are impressively warm and ideal for outdoor activities in winter conditions. Now, they have incorporated this LIFA technology to offer you an additional layer to add to your outdoor wardrobe.

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Why is LifaLoft So Special?

So here we are with another new technology on the market, what makes LifaLoft so special? Here it is! LifaLoft insulation provides the exceptional warmth you need to enjoy a day outdoors in the harshest conditions while remaining lightweight and comfortable. This insulation is designed to be worn throughout a variety of activities including the most intensive activities such as cross-country skiing or ski touring. LifaLoft is the answer to those outings where mobility is crucial and warmth is essential. This light layer provides adequate warmth to keep you feeling comfortable without hindering your movements.

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How Does LifaLoft Work?

Compared to standard insulation, LifaLoft is 20% lighter thanks to its lighter fibre structure. This characteristic alone enables the insulation to provide maximum comfort and agility.

LifaLoft is also warmer. How so? If you understand how down insulation works, you’ll know that the loftier the down, the more heat it produces. This is because warm air is trapped in the air pockets and the more air pockets there are, the more warmth that can be provided. This is also the case for LifaLoft. This unique insulation creates more air pockets which in turn results in more warmth being provided to the wearer.

Is LifaLoft Right For You?

If you spend countless hours in the backcountry and are constantly searching for the newest in insulation technology to find light layers that provide exceptional warmth, Helly Hansen LifaLoft insulation is perfect for you. Whether you’re hiking in the alpine, skinning in search of the perfect line or getting out for a quick run on your lunch break, Helly Hansen’s LifaLoft products are the perfect layering piece for cold-weather outdoor adventures.

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