Buying high-end footwear might seem like an extravagance, but never under-estimate a good pair of shoes or boots built to last. We love these five luxury footwear brands. They’re full of style, but more importantly they are built on comfort, quality and durability.

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Grenson continues to offer elegant leather shoes and boots more than 150 years after their founding in Northamptonshire, England. Infusing a touch of their British heritage in each model, the brand has an array of styles from brogues to hybrid sneakers, each with signature oversize punch detailing. Whether you choose the Archie shoe from their ‘Triple Welt’ collection, or a fine-cut boot like the Fred, Grenson makes footwear that fits beautifully.

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Italian flair shines best in luxe footwear, and there’s nothing like a pair of Diemme’s. From urban sneakers to mountain hikers, the Italian brand outfits your feet in the best of materials and construction, including deer Nappa leather, reputed to be the world’s softest. Every shoe and boot is meticulously hand-crafted in Italy, with a modern touch on classic silhouettes. And nothing compromises the comfort of the final result.

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The story of Viberg is the story of a family. Edwin Viberg left his native Sweden for Saskatchewan and in 1931 launched the military Service Boot. Forest workers were early adopters of the rugged, durable boots. Three generations later, the brand is still run by his family in Western Canada. The brand appeals to those looking for superior quality footwear, including comfort soles and their new line of street-luxe sneakers. Last fall Altitude Sports collaborated with Viberg on three exclusive boot models, 100% made in Canada.

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Wolverine is a long-standing brand with years of experience in manufacturing footwear. They go back to the end of the 19th century, in the heart of wolverine country, Michigan, where G.A. Krause started making rugged work boots. Now they offer a full range of ultra-durable, beautifully-finished footwear, but nothing encapsulates the brand like their 1000-Mile Boots. The story goes you can walk a thousand miles in a pair of them. Who’d doubt it?

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Red Wing Shoes

In 1905 Charles Beckman founded Red Wing Shoes for Minnesota miners. 114 years later they are still based in America’s heartland and make most of their products in the U.S.A. Known for their oil-tanned leather and the classic high-cut Iron Ranger series, Red Wings are an icon. Sought by fashionistas, appreciated by all, these finely-constructed leather boots are as refined as they are durable.

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Et voilà!

Making the investment is well worth treating your feet to the very best. Every footwear maker listed here has unique traits they put into their products, but they share one common denominator: superlative quality. Considering the long-lasting life and timeless looks, what’s not to love?