On the Road With Hoka One One

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Just one look and you’ll immediately recognize Hoka One One’s iconic style. If minimalist running shoes have risen in popularity over the last decade, runners are now turning to maximum cushioning and support. Enter Hoka One One—maximalist running shoes at their best.

Like Walking on Clouds

Founded in 2009 by two avid runners and a former Salomon designer, Hoka One One specializes in designing shoes for mountain and road running. Supremely comfortable, their models were rapidly embraced by marathoners and runners of all levels.

The brand’s name means “fly over the earth” in Maori, which is an almost literal interpretation of how comfortable their shoes are. Running shoes remain incredibly light while their generous cushioning makes for soft landings and cushy strides. 

Trail Running Shoes

Passionate about trail and mountain running, the brand designs some of the most efficient and appreciated shoes for running over rocky terrain. With powerful lugs and 3D printed overlays, the very popular Speedgoat rivals with all the big names on the trail, such as the Speedcross by Salomon or the Norvan by Arc’teryx.

Women Speedgoat - Hoka One One


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Road Running Shoes

Embraced by long-distance runners, Hoka One One shoes stand out in marathons. The Bondi shoes are particularly noteworthy. Combining lightness and unparalleled cushioning, this road running shoe is a favourite among runners who crave comfort.

Women Bondi - Hoka One One


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Men Bondi - Hoka One One


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Embrace Maximalism!

It won’t disappoint. Designed for every type of training, from Sunday running to ultramarathons, Hoka One One shoes have become a reference when it comes to comfort and lightness. With a particularly strong presence in ultra-trail running, this French brand stands alongside the word’s top running shoe companies.

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