Since the arrival of my brand new set of Keen Pyrenees boots, I’ve been incredibly excited to put them to the test. This will be the second set of Keens I’ve owned (previous being winter hikers) and I am already familiar with the quality build and comfort of the brand.

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Our review of this product
The pros are:

  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Ankle Support
  • Durable
The cons are:

  • Heavy for some

After wearing them inside for a day and a few evening strolls, I figured they’d be up to the task of their first 30km hike. Nestled in southern New Brunswick is the aptly named Turtle Mountain, a shell-shaped mass of rock overlooking vast wilderness and countless lakes. This made for the perfect overnight field test.


It’s obvious to me that a lot of thought has been put into the aesthetic, gracefully blending new technology into a classically timeless boot with nods to European styling. This fits my own personal preference quite nicely. Don’t let that description fool you, they are as rugged as they are sleek.

The Keen Dry technology is a proprietary waterproof, breathable membrane. It allows moisture to escape and seals out precipitation. During a few missteps, while puddle jumping, I quickly learned that the waterproofness is exactly as advertised. No leaks and they ventilated well the whole hike.

Another interesting observation is they had a very gentle break-in, with none of the minor foot injuries (hot spots, blisters) I had come to associate with new boots. I believe this is in part due to being designed with anatomically engineered support mechanisms. Over the rocky, wet, and steep terrain they performed incredibly!

The high cut provides ankle support which is something I look for in all my hiking footwear. The drawback (for some) is the added weight that comes with a higher boot. For me, the confidence and potential for injury prevention make up for those extra few ounces every time.

Overall Opinion

These boots are exactly what I look for in a hiker. From the style, comfort, and functionality they’ve been performing exceptionally well. I look forward to clocking many kilometres and making these my constant adventure companion.

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