Nothing is more invigorating than a multi-night winter trip. Lung-searing fresh air and clean powder can quickly dispel your winter doldrums. Luckily, tent or hut sleeping during frigid weather is less of a problem thanks to Marmot’s lineup of ultrawarm sleeping bags.

Marmot’s wide selection of sleeping bags can make for a tough choice. We’ll look at warm bags for differing cold temperatures instead of year-round activities like trekking or mountaineering. Let’s start with the deepest cold…

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1. For Extreme Cold: Col MemBrain Down Sleeping Bag -20F/-29C

The Col MemBrain is rated down to -29 Celsius. The shell is Pertex Shield Waterproof, a synthetic weave designed to keep the cold and wet outside, while breathable enough to keep you from overheating.

Marmot’s own MemBrain technology is a double-layered hydrophilic lamination that adds to waterproofing. It reduces inner condensation that causes damp chills.

The 800+ fill power goose down is packed into crossing baffles to keep the down and high loft intact. Thanks to this warmth and protection, some people have used the Col sleeping outdoors on a winter’s night under the stars, with only a sleeping mat as a companion. Impressive, and even more so that it packs tight and light.

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2. For Uncomfortably Cold: Lithium Down Sleeping Bag 0F/-18C

The Lithium’s ultra-light construction allows for higher ascents with reduced encumbrance. 800+ fill power goose down stuff the curved baffles. This keeps the down in place, important when nearing the -18 Celsius rating.

A lighter Pertex weave with the same tough weather protection makes up the shell. Ripstop buffets the facing, making it tougher and more durable. Users have woken up toasty warm despite a layer of frost on their tent.

When weight considerations take precedence on a cold alpine-weather hike, this is the sleeping bag for you.

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3. For Less Cold, But Still Cold: The Trestles 15F/-9C Sleeping Bag

Trestles 15F/-9C Sleeping Bag – Women


Trestles 15F/-9C Sleeping Bag – Men


Synthetic insulation is a winner at milder temperatures (not that a -9 Celsius rating is exactly mild). The Trestles is packed with Spirafill high loft, coming close to down insulation’s loft. But unlike down, Spirafill will keep you warm even if it gets wet.

The extra-rugged 70d poly shell is built to last and perfect when backpacking, trekking or mountaineering.

An interesting feature is a ‘wave’ construction. The top layer of the bag offers maximum warmth through a high loft design. The bottom layer is more like a blanket, with a focus on under-body comfort as well as warmth.

A big plus about the Trestles is its price point: if you’re looking for a sleeping bag that’s both performing and affordable, this bag is a winner.

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There you have it: a bag for all winter temperatures, with warmth and packing compression for any activity or altitude. If you’re looking for other Marmot gear to conquer the alpine, click the link below. Enjoy, and sweet dreams.

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