Merrell’s Overlook 6 Ice+ boots were incredibly comfortable from day one and didn’t need the ‘break-in’ time required by most other footwear. The first few days, I primarily wore them indoors at work in order to get used to the feel, yet found it took no more than the first few minutes of wear. As an added bonus, they ventilate well enough that I didn’t overheat even after a whole day working inside.

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Our review of this product
9 / 10
The pros are:

  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Impressive Grip
  • Waterproof
The cons are:

  • Could benefit from an extra speed hook

I wore the OVerlook 6 Ice+ boots for a series of hikes over varied terrain. The first hike was along the Atlantic coast and over many ice covered and slippery rocks. Being the graceful person I am, I figured a good test would be to slide directly into the ocean. To my pleasant surprise, the water level didn’t go above the boots and the interior stayed completely dry!

The other hikes have been more inland, through thick forest and deep snow. As a mid-height boot, they lend well to accessories. I’ve used them with gaiters, crampons, and snowshoes with great results.


The Merrell Overlook boots feature the Vibram Arctic Grip™ which has proven useful in icy conditions. As a mid-hike test, I switched boots to my summer hikers (also with Vibram grip) and there was a noticeable difference in traction. The boots manage to have a lightweight design, yet still feel rugged and true to size.

Another stand out feature is the air cushion built into the heal. The level of comfort and shock absorption reduced the perceived impact greatly, proving to be a great knee saver.

In regards to the style, I feel that they transfer well from the icy trail to city sidewalks. This is not always the case with hiking boots, but the Merrell’s match equally well with regular jeans or snow pants.

Overall Opinion

I’m quite impressed with the build quality, comfort, and durability. They’ve proven themselves in freezing, wet, and slippery conditions and I would recommend these to anyone planning winter activities. The only downside I noticed would be the personal preference of a higher cut with more speed hooks.

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