Norrøna Svalbard Cotton Jacket Reviewed

Text by: Lindsey Hill

Norrona. Norrøna Svalbard Cotton Jacket Reviewed
The Svalbard Cotton Jacket is great for the person that wants it all. This jacket can be worn out on the hiking trails, out biking, running errands in town, or out for dinner with a pair of black skinny jeans. I am in love with the indigo night colour (dark blue) – it looks sharp with absolutely everything.
Our review 


  • Long back
  • Large hood
  • Lots of pockets 



  • Short arm length
  • Water-resistant, not waterproof

First Impressions

This jacket has a very classic look, yet can stand wind, rain, and light snow. It stays breathable for when you start sweating and is easy to clean with a simple wipe (even when your dog slobbers all over you). It has a long back which I love, especially for those colder months, and it has a nice big hood – great for pulling over your toque or ball cap.

Fit & Features

I did find the Svalbard to be a little short in the arms. That said, my arms are freakishly long. I went with the medium, and for reference, I stand about 5’6 and 140lbs with long arms and torso. However, the body length of the jacket is perfect for me. Another thing that I love is how many pockets this jacket offers. I have the Apple iPhone plus which is quite big, and I can easily fit this phone into all of the pockets. What girl doesn’t like her pockets?

The material of the jacket is also very durable and has a super soft outer texture. A lot of jackets can be quite stiff and noisy, but not the Svalbard Cotton Jacket. You can easily move with this jacket, making it super comfortable.


Overall Opinion

I’ve only worn my Norrøna’s Svalbard jacket a few times now, but every time I do, I get so many compliments. Everyone always asks me what brand it is and where they can find it. So thank you Altitude for always bringing in the most amazing brands, and thank you Norrona for another great piece. 

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  1. I admit, I would not have bought this jacket. In a technical review it does not score high. My wife bought me this jacket. I have worn it every day since I got it and absolutely LOVE it. Through the winter I was wearing it with a light down jacket underneath. Soft, light, breathable and without the Goretex noise. I have another ski jacket, but wear my Svalbard for most other outdoors.
    This is not a hardcore explorer jacket, but an very lovable all year around favourite jacket for any outdoorsy person. Almost dont want to take it off! Strongly recommend.

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