I might have once looked at Norrøna’s Svalbard Light Cotton Shorts and thought to myself, “those look like mom shorts.” Now that I have a pair, I think to myself, “why did I not buy these sooner?!”
Our review

  • Fastening loops on the side
  • Super comfortable
  • Options to roll up or down



  • More colours

First Impressions

A lot of shorts and bottoms, in general, tend to bag out at the waist after a few hours of wear, especially for those that have no hips like me. So the greatest thing about these shorts is the adjustable loops on the side that you can tighten, similar to a belt. They are seriously a life saver.

Fit & Features

Not only are these shorts great for everyday adventures, but they’re also great on more challenging hikes. They are breathable, durable, lightweight, and super comfortable. If the weather seems iffy and you want to start the hike off in pants, be sure to pack these bad boys in your backpack. You won’t regret it. They fold up very small, and can easily be stored away in your pack, taking very little room. I recently wore them on a long 7-hour hike through sunshine, rain, wind, and even a little snow. They held up amazing, dried incredibly fast, and gave me room to move.
The pockets in these shorts are quite large, even big enough to fit my iPhone plus, which is nice. I found the fit true to size. For reference, I stand 5’6, 140lbs with an athletic build, and I went with the medium. Another huge bonus is that they come at a great length, giving you the option to roll them up or leave them down.

Overall Opinion

The Norrøna Svalbard Light Cotton Shorts are stylish, yet very functional. These are my official adventure shorts, and I couldn’t be happier with them.
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