It was a mild winter day with a few squalls of snow. The clouds made a crown to the majestic mountain. The humidity was striking and that’s why I chose the Summit L3 Ventrix jacket, but as a lining under my shell.

Snowshoes on, we started the 2-hour climb. A few minutes later, I was suffocating with heat; I had really underestimated the power of the Ventrix jacket. So, I decided to take off my coat and continue only with the jacket and my base layer underneath. I was perfectly fine for the rest of the hike. As much in the steepest segments as during breaks to drink water, I felt just warm enough. The Ventrix jacket acted as a great insulator both at rest and during intense efforts.

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Our score out of 10

  • Adjusts to body temperature
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight

  • No ventilation under the arms
  • Not waterproof

This jacket is light and thin. Its quilted layer keeps you warm without keeping the moisture trapped. In addition, the cut of this jacket allows a good range of movement while being easily adjusted enough to prevent the cold air from entering inside. I’d like to make a special mention of the jacket’s ideal length which falls just beneath the waist. This cut is ideal because it conveniently covers the gap between my pants and top layer and eliminates any cold from penetrating the vulnerable area.

The doubled zipper also helps for a little more coverage since it rises quite high like a neck warmer. The hood encircles the face, making a hermetic barrier with the outside. Zippered pockets and a small inner pocket also keep phone or wallet safe and warm while being easy to access.

My favourite point of all is the choice of bright colors in this model. This vibrant red is beautiful and would allow any rescuer to spot me very quickly and it also pops against a snowy white backdrop.

This first ascent of Mont-Mégantic was frankly impressive and pleasant. I could take the time to admire the frosted trees and the massive structure of the observatory on the summit, as strong winds rolled in, all without ever having a chill. I am very happy to be able to count on this jacket for explorations to come.

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