The first day I put this on it felt like a warm hug. A very comforting sensation as this was going to be my main sweater during a series of multi-day hikes through the Yukon. My first impression of comfort transferred well into the field and took the edge off of those Northern nights.

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patagonia better sweater

Our review of this product
9 / 10
The pros are:

  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Form-fitting
The cons are:

  • A bit heavy

In regards to the aesthetic, I believe this sweater can work well in a casual setting but is best suited for outdoor adventures. It may not necessarily work for a hip fall fashion catalogue, but I’m more than happy to sport the look of “I just came from a hike.”

patagonia better sweater


The Patagonia Better Sweater Jacket has two zippered pockets at the perfect height for hand warmers. I found this incredibly convenient in the early mornings instead of digging through my pack for gloves that are generally hidden somewhere in the bottom.

Although it’s not waterproof, I did find it dried quickly after morning mist or perspiration and stayed warm throughout both.

An additional pocket in the upper left breast can provide extra storage, but its placement can be slightly distracting if you intend on storing anything sizeable.

patagonia better sweater

Overall Opinion

I love everything about this sweater, and only really noticed the weight/bulk to be the only downside. It is warm and flexible enough to use on any active outdoor adventure and lends itself well to day to day use. Highly recommended.

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