Finding the right winter coat can be a daunting task but it’s possibly the most important piece of your winter wardrobe. Having a warm winter coat to protect you from the frigid winter weather can be the deciding point between an enjoyable winter season and the worst one yet. With so many styles to choose from, there’s sure to be the perfect one for everyone so don’t hide away in your house wrapped in blankets all winter, find your perfect winter coat and enjoy the winter weather!

The Look

For the sophisticated gentleman looking for a sleek winter coat that looks great paired with a suit for the office or a casual sweater or shirt to take the dog for a walk, the Quartz Co. Belfort Jacket and the Canada Goose Langford Parka are the perfect match. Both coats have a clean, simple look and are versatile enough so that you look the part no matter what the occasion.

The Insulation

Adequate insulation is key to enjoying the cold winter months because when you’re cold and uncomfortable all the time, winter doesn’t rank very high on your favourite seasons list. We want to keep winter on your favourite seasons list because what’s more magical than a peaceful, untouched, snowy covered landscape? To keep your winter spirit high, why not bundle up in the Belfort or the Langford this season. Both coats are insulated with down and are sure to keep you warm and cozy so you can enjoy every minute outside even on the stormiest and coldest winter days. The Belfort has 650-fill power compared to the Langford with 625-fill power but both are rated to keep you warm in temperatures as low as -25.

The Length

If you’re looking for a longer fitting winter coat you are in luck because both the Belfort as well as the Langford have a functional length. Longer than a bomber style coat but not so long you feel your coat is nearly a dress, both coats have a mid-thigh length. You get full coverage and protection from the frigid, winter winds and a stylish coat that is an ideal length to pair with a suit jacket or blazer. For those who are looking for a coat with a specific length, the Belfort has a center back length of 81cm whereas the Langford has a center back length of 91.44 cm. If you are looking for that extra little bit of coverage, the Langford may be your winner.


The Features

Small differences between coats can be the swaying point for a buyer especially when you have your heart set on a specific feature or look. When you have that perfect coat in your mind, it’s hard not to notice when that sought-after feature is missing. The Belfort and the Langford have a very similar, clean look and share some features although there are slight differences between the two models.

At a first glance, the biggest difference between the two coats is that the Belfort has button details whereas the Langford does not. The Belfort has five large, black buttons along the front flap covering the zipper as well as one on each of the waist pockets. On the Langford, there are flap covers to the two waist pockets.

For those looking for a specific style, the Belfort has fishtail at the back compared to the Langford with the usual, straight across back. For some, the fishtail detail is an added unique feature that puts the Belfort in the lead over the Langford. For others, the adjustable draw cord at the waist in the Langford may be the winning pro.


Features that Both Coats Have:

One of the features both coats share that we are most proud of is the fact that both brands are made here in Canada. For those looking to make a purchase that not only looks great, but also supports Canada’s economy, whether you choose the Belfort or the Langford, both are a smart purchase. Quartz Co. and Canada Goose are two of the many brands we carry that produce winter coats that are made right here in Canada and use domestically sourced materials and fabrics. Support sustainable productions and shop brands made in Canada.

  • They both have fur trims on the hood but they can be removed for washing purposes or if you just simply prefer not to have it.
  • Both coats have heavy-duty two-way zippers so you can enhance your mobility if you’re sat for long periods of time.
  • Both coats have four large pockets on the front, two at the waist, two on the chest. The chest pockets on both coats are fleece-lined handwarmer pockets

Quartz Co. Belfort Jacket

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Canada Goose Langford Parka

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